Mike Company               

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

RVN, 1966 -1971
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4 pictures of Henry (Roby) Wood, when he was section leader on Hill 52, June and July 1970. Includes pictures of John Fielding and Gary Shaffer.

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Me, sitting on a painted rock in the 81s compound at FSB Ross, October 1970. 3/7 must have been the painters.

McCurryShaffer_Hill52.jpg (30874 bytes) hem Hill52.jpg (12333 bytes)

Ed McCurry and Gary Shaffer, Hill 52 overlooking the Vu Gia river, summer of '70.

McCurry, after 3 months of eating C Rats (not often enough) and no barber on Hill 52, late summer of 1970.

mk_IWAKUNI.jpg (44568 bytes) hm_3Amigos.jpg (45963 bytes)

This is sort of a before and after shot.  The left picture was taken by Mike Krall in Iwakuni, Japan, in a two man room in our barracks (the Wing knows how to live), in 1969.  Standing, Mike Morin, Mike Krall and me from left to right.  Almost a year later, the picture on the right, same three guys,  Krall, Morin and me at my domicile on Hill 52.  Morin and Krall came to visit, Morin from Da Nang and Krall was an RO for 81s FO with Mike Company. I, for one, got skinnier and dirtier in my only set of utilities.  

hm_MeandDunsmore.jpg (42276 bytes)

FSB Ross, October '70, me on left and LCpl Dan Dunsmore on right, both radio operators with H&S, me with 81s and Dan with an 81s FO (he worked with Curt Munson also).

FSBRoss.jpg (68564 bytes)

FSB Ross, October of '70.  3/5 moved here in September after the 7th Marines went home.  This was about the southernmost point of the Marines' AO, the Americal's 196th Brigade was just south and some of their arty and dusters were located here too.  This is the watchtower and a 106 on a smaller tower next to it....slighthly exposed!  This is taken in the vicinity of the 81s pits.

duster.jpg (112228 bytes)                 ky_38.jpg (97588 bytes)

Two of mine.  The one on the left is of an Army Duster outside FSB Ross, the mountains in the background are the Que Sons. Taken in October 1970.    The one on the right is a close up of my radio gear, taken during one of many dull moments. KY-38 is the top unit and the PRC-77 on the bottom, complete with speaker and handset.  The PRC-77 was an updated PRC-25, built to handle being attached to the KY-38, a scrambler....Go Green being the code word for both parties to switch to the scrambler.  The tips of my boots are visible, I still have those suckers, never cleaned them, still has red dust in the crevices.  Holy.


me_37.jpg (45220 bytes)

This Page's author, Hill 37 by the District Capital of Dai Loc in Quang Nam, spring of '70. Sitting on the parapet at my living and working quarters, 81s FDC, callsign Whiskey 2.


Lv_52.jpg (73189 bytes)

One of mine, leaving Hill 52 for the last time, on or about 18 September 1970.  Western Quang Nam Province.  We were on our way to FSB Ross, to replace the departing 7th Marines.


106_52.jpg (49193 bytes)

Standing next to a 106RR on Hill 52, looking east, in summer of '70.   I believe Mike Company was on the hill at this time.


Howitzer_52.jpg (60491 bytes)

On Hill 52, looking south over the Vu Gia river.  Taken from the mortar pits, looking at what looks like 8 inch self propelled howitzers.  The mountain opposite shows evidence of F-4 napalm strikes, areas from which rocket attacks came from. 


52FrmAir1.jpg (94284 bytes)

  This is a picture I took in the summer of 70, flying over the northern edge of the Arizona.  That's the Vu Gia river and the locations of the two hills was kindly added by Terry Dixon (he has a copy of this picture on his fine page at his home page, a tribute to India 3/7 in 1967.)  Hill 65 would be four or five clicks north of where this picture was taken from and a couple of clicks further east.