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Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

Veterans of the Vietnam War
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This is the cover page for those Marines with Mike and H&S who earned the Navy Commendation Medal.  In our continuing effort to ensure that the records of these actions are not lost in the mists of time, we encourage any of you guys to submit yours.  Chuck Goebel's is the first we've posted, and we thank him for letting us use it, despite his embarrassment.  This one was for actions during the first day of Operation Swift, September 4, 1967.

The second one is for Fate Warren, for the period 23 June 1968 to 27 April 1969. Thanks for sharing, Fate.

The third is for Harvey Ellis for the period 16 July 1970 to 27 May 1971, while serving with Mike Company and with 2/5.

The fourth is for Steve Cottrell,  8 November 1967 during Operation Essex.

The fifth is for Dennis Heon, 27 December 1967, just prior to Operation Auburn.

The sixth is for Everett Wood, May 10 1968, on Operation Houston.

The seventh is for Dave Burnham, May 8, 1968, on Operation Houston.

The eight is for Gordon Seablom, June 2, 1967, on Operation Union II