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• Proofreading & editing

I work as a freelance editor and copywriter but also offer some design services. The Canadian History Time Line grew out of a writing–design project for the year 2000 which was intended for school-aged students. It is updated regularly for dead links.

The pages in French link to Patrick Couture's site about Quebec history, some of which are available in English—links are provided in the English Introduction. I hope to offer a French translation of the Canadian History Time Line soon.

The Moosonee In Pictures pages grew out of a multimedia project which is on permanent loan to the Collège de Maisonneuve in Montreal as thanks for the great multimedia and DTP courses they offer. If you have visited the Moosonee region, you are welcome to send me stories and photos. I'll post them and you will be credited for all materials submitted.

Moose River area in 2000

Where is Moosonee?


Moose Factory

The Weather Station


Nature & Ship Sands Island

Art in stone & wood

Polar Bear in Gypsum by John Ivan Etherington of Moosonee