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Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

RVN, 1966 -1971
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Due to the number of pictures we have, this page has been reorganized.   Each person who has contributed more than one picture has their own page.   Click on any of names on the left to see their pictures.  The Various page has one picture each from different individuals.  The table below will give you an indication of the year and location (if applicable) of some of the pictures we have.

Ed McCurry '70 Hills 37, 52, plus equipment, Mike Krall, Dan Dunsmore, Henry Wood and others.
Tom Mullen '69-70 An Hoa plus Tom's Bronze Star article
Mark DeSciscio '69-70 Hill 65, An Hoa, Charlie Ridge, Present
Art Hicks '69-70 H&S Comm platoon
John Cameron '69-70 (H&S 1/5) Liberty Bridge, Hill 65, Charlie Ridge
Bill Shipley '70-71 Hill 190, Camp Roberts
Bob Clabaugh '70 Hill 37, Hill 52, 81s
Confey Maldonado '70 106s,  Ross, Baldy, Hill 953, General Simmons, USO shows, Julio Martinez
Mike Wilson '68 Outside the comm platoon tent at AnHoa, 10/68, plus Chuck Shimkus and Jim Partain.
Joe Anchondo '67-68 81s crew members and a couple with Kilo Company and John Graves.
Jim Bisesi '68 1968 In country,  1974 in uniform, Jim and Josie
Mike Krall '70 3/5 HQ sign in 1970 (AnHoa?), Curt Munson, Patrol on Charlie Ridge, POW, K-rats in the field, many more.
Dick Sneltzer '67-68 6 pictures of engineers, Kromko, Baker, Tepski, Conners, Rourke, Smitty.
George Blankenship '68 2 Western Union telegrams sent to his sister in '68 when George had malaria. Plus eleven pictures, Jim Godsey, Dennis Hiatt, Brad Ellis, Paul Bonetti, Art Mosher, Jimenez, Bill Vesper, An Hoa, Dai Loc Pass, more.
Jim Blankenheim '68-69 Frank Hay, Lt. Clements, Jim, Rodney Dean, Marv Rich,  USMC Ball, NVA chieu hoi leaflets.
Colonel Rockey 1968 Colonel Bill Rockey, Sgt Major Hanson, CWO Bisesi, Captain Marnell
Byron Hill 67-68 13 pictures from Byron, Arty and helicopter and R&R in Hawaii
Hans Haupt 1966 16 pictures, most uncaptioned.  Doc Gatenby, Toth, Chalmers, Gy Sgt Chapman, more.
Various From Keith Hansford, George Blankenship, Hans Haupt, Dave Waggoner, Pete Morales, plus a picture of Joe Siciliano who is on our Wall, plus a captured picture from T.J. Patton, and a picture of Joe Anchondo. Also, a picture of Paul Kegley, '81s