Mike & H&S Companies 

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

Veterans of the Vietnam War
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JD Murray Testimonial

Captain Joseph L. Mirgeaux Jr., U.S.M.C., Ret.

(Editor note: Joe Mirgeaux was grievously wounded on Operation Hastings in July 1966 while leading a platoon of Mike Company 3/5.  He was medically retired in February 1967. Many years and multiple operations later, he died from his wounds. His family has tried, for years, to have his name added to the Wall, with no success.  This is a letter his sister left at the Wall. The price of his service is still being paid)

Died October 8, 1988

My Dear Brother,


I came here today knowing that I would not find your name in this honored place, so I am leaving a testament to your incredible sacrifice. it is the very least that I can do for you.


All the years of pain and suffering that you endured after your return from Viet Nam should not be in vain.  You must know that we, your family, loved you beyond words.  Our hearts broke as we watched you suffer with every surgery – as little by little your once strong and proud body was whittled away by doctors.  We couldn’t imagine how all that you went through affected your once proud marine determination.  Every time that you were near death, and there were many, we prayed that your suffering would end.  Not because we didn’t love you or want you to be with us, but because witnessing your slow road to the end was almost unbearable for all of us – especially Mom & Dad.  They loved you as no Mother or Father has ever loved their child.  Their hearts broke with every setback and as parents, felt helpless – there was nothing they could do to ease your suffering.


Nothing would make us prouder Joe than to see your name rightfully engraved on this monument, but in leaving this letter to you, this is our way of honoring you with our love and appreciation for not only defending this country, but for sacrificing everything for your family.


    You and Mom are together now – I think of you both everyday and know         that you are watching over all of us.  You are both happy and free of           any     worries or pain – finally at peace.


    Until we meet again Joey….I leave my love here with you.

    Your Sister,


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