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Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

Veterans of the Vietnam War
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Donnie Tucker

2 December 1950 - 10 October 1970

Donnie Tucker's boot camp picture

Wityak Donnie Tucker.jpg (57971 bytes)

Donnie in the bush

Tucker Bronze Star Certificate.jpg (30136 bytes)

Bronze Star Certificate (click to enlarge)

Tucker Honorable Service.jpg (50289 bytes)

Certificate of Honorable Service (click to enlarge)

Tucker Purple Heart.jpg (51090 bytes)

Purple Heart (click to enlarge)

Tucker Chapman Letter.jpg (47785 bytes)

Letter from the Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Chapman to Donny's Father

(click to enlarge)

Wityak Donnie Tucker - RIP.jpg (76452 bytes)

Donnie's final resting place