Mike & H&S Companies 

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

Veterans of the Vietnam War
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Jim Blankenheim

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Left picture:  Cpl Frank O. Hay. He was Pacello's company radio operator
on operation Marmeluke Thrust and Sussex Bay. He got wounded there when he stepped over a rice paddy dike and a booby trap went off. He went back to Hawaii and his sister wrote me around Christmas time 68' that they had to do skin grafts on him but that he would be okay.

Middle: Lt. Clements?

Right: Captain Pacello and Gunny Ski. At 
least I think his name was Ski. He was the company Gunny after Hai Van Pass.

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From left to right

1. Rodney Dean (Dino), Jim, Marv Rich (Pigpen). Dino too was at Hai Van Pass and I think he blew a gook out of a tree with an M79 blooper. He was from Eureka, California.

2 and 3. Jim Blankenheim, 1968

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4. Jim and Phyllis Blankenheim at a Marine Corps Ball 1999.  This was their 30 year anniversary they met at a Marine Corps Ball.

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5. and 6.  Front and back of a VC (NVA?) leaflet....their version of a chieu hoi.