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Veterans of the Vietnam War
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George Blankenship

George Blankenship Godsey, Maedgen George.jpg (11179 bytes) George Blankenship Jimenez An Hoa July 1968.jpg (7314 bytes) George Blankenship Mosher Ellis August 68 Dai Loc Pass.jpg (11169 bytes) George Blankenship Vesper Mosher GB Godsey Aug 68 Dai Loc Pass.jpg (11323 bytes)

George on a Mule Aug 68 Dai Loc Pass.jpg (16681 bytes) George Blankenship Sept 68 An Hoa CH53.jpg (10233 bytes) George Blankenship June 11 68 Goi Noi Island.jpg (16209 bytes)

Top Left: Jim Godsey, James "Scuz" Maedgen, and George at Phu Bai, July 6, 1968.

Second Left: Jimenez, An Hoa July 1968.

Third Left: Art Mosher and Brad Ellis, August 1968, Dai Loc Pass.

Far Right: Bill Vesper, Art Mosher, George, Jim Godsey, August 1968 at Dai Loc Pass

Bottom Left: George on a "mule" at Dai Loc Pass, August 1968.

Middle Bottom: From the north side of An Hoa, September 1968

Bottom Right: George, Goi Noi Island, June 11, 1968.

George Blankenship Current Family.jpg (33105 bytes) GeorgeBlankBonetti.jpg (18799 bytes) GeorgeBlankGodseyHiattEllis.jpg (14517 bytes) GeorgeBlankKoreanBibleSalesman.jpg (16640 bytes)

From Left to Right.

1. Current family, from left to right, Wife Gloria, George, grandson Kyle, son Warren (also a former Marine), grandson Brandon and daughter in law Donna.

2. Paul Bonetti and George, taken April-May, 1968, Dia Loc Pass. Bonetti was KIA 6/13/68.

3. At Phu Bai, 7/5/68.  Top left is George, next to him is Jim Godsey. Lower left is Dennis Hiatt and right is Brad Ellis.

4. At China Beach, in country R&R, George in Jeep borrowed from the Korean Bible salesman standing next to the Jeep. 


Western Union 12-21-68.gif (20793 bytes)         Western Union 12-27-68.gif (13734 bytes)

These two Western Union Telegram's was sent to my sister a week apart, notice in 12-21-68 gram I was a Sr. and in the 12-27-68 gram I'm a Jr. Actually neither was true at the time, I dropped Jr. from my name when my father died in 1952. The piece of trivia I want to share with you is on the bottom line of the 12-21-68 gram, notice who the commandant of the Corps was, none other than than the "Three Star Grunt" himself, Gen.Lewis Walt