August 1, 2001 to October 28, 2002

October 28, 2002

Please welcome Bruce Bryan to the roster.  Bruce was with 3rd squad 3rd Platoon from 1970 to 1971.  He came to India from Golf 2/4.  He also just got back from a visit to 'Nam.  Bruce remembers:

Corporal Bruce Arden Christensen, who was KIA on 9 February, 1971, just outside FSB Ross.  Bruce Christensen was from St. Paul, Minnesota. Added to Our Wall.

Nolan Nunnery has a new email address (actually moved back to his old one) at

We added a revised July 30, 1966 map from J. D. Murray on the Battalion site.


October 20, 2002

In honor of Hans Haupt, Company Commander, H&S Company, 1966, J.D. Murray has revised his original research on Operations Deckhouse II and Hastings, July 1966, to incorporate all of the Battalion's Companies movements during those Ops.  A list of sources, write-up and daily maps are located on the Battalion site at

October 17, 2002

We've posted another excellent story from Joe Holt, titled I wonder whatever happened to....?  A story of finding a long lost buddy.

October 15, 2002

Please welcome Ernie Fantini to the roster.  Ernie was with Bravo squad, 3rd Platoon from 4 July 1969 to January 1970.

Put up a link to Anthony Roman's one page web site.  Anthony was an India 3/5 Marine in the 1990s and is looking for folks that served with the company in those years. 

Put up a link to Sgt Grit's military gear.  He's got a 3/5 patch now, pretty good one. 

October 4, 2002

Leroy Strong has an email address.  It is

On the Mike Company site, JD Murray, as he did with the Essex and Swift Operations, has prepared daily Maps of Operation Hastings, July 19-30, 1966. Mike Company movements are traced, and significant events are noted.  Plus the locations of Kilo, Lima and India Companies are noted for July 24-27. JD was a Platoon Commander with Mike on that Op.


October 1, 2002

Please welcome Tom Simpler to the roster.  Tom was with 1st Platoon in 1966, wounded on Operation Hastings.

Also, please welcome Leroy (Chuck) Strong to the roster.  Chuck was an 0311/0341 in 1967-68. He doesn't have email yet.

September 23, 2002

We have two changed email addresses to report.  Rocco (Rock) Giambrocco's new address is  And Roger McCann's address is now

For those of you who are interested in Operations Swift and Essex (September and November 1967), JD Murray, the CO of Mike Company during Swift, has prepared daily maps of Mike Company movements for Swift and Essex.  A platoon of India was attached to one of the 2/5 companies (Hotel maybe?) on Essex and is marked on the maps.  JD prepared these based on AARs, interviews and his personal knowledge for Swift, and based on AARs and interviews for Essex.  They can be found at and

September 19, 2002

Please welcome Terry Welcher to the roster.  Terry was with the company in 1967-68.

Also we added Stephen Grey's 2nd Platoon affiliation and 0311 MOS to his roster listing. Stephen was in country in 1969.

September 18, 2002

James Strauss has a new email address.  It's or alternatively,

September 9, 2002

Nolan Nunnery has a new email address.  It is now and has been changed on the roster.

August 30, 2002

Please welcome Richard Weber to the roster.  Dick was with the company in 1966 during Operation Hastings.

Also, I fixed Jim Sloban's tour dates.  They should read 1968-69.

August 18, 2002

Please welcome Mike Ernsten to the roster.  Mike was an 0311 with 1st Platoon in 1967-1968.

August 7, 2002

Ric Lee ('67-68) has a new email address.  It is now

August 4, 2002

Please welcome Gerald Jors to the roster.  Gerald was with the company from 1967 to 1968.  He will have email soon.

Any friends of Al Wainio, KIA 5/26/67 who wish to contact his family please write his cousin, Jim Scribner at

August 1, 2002

We have added PFC Alexander Wainio to our Wall.  Alexander was KIA on 5/26/67. He was Troy, New Hampshire.  Please contact Curtis if you knew him and wish to talk to his family.

Added more information on the roster for Gary Campbell, just added a couple of days ago. He was section leader for 3rd section of guns in the weapons platoon.  When guns and rockets went to the platoons his section went to 3rd Platoon where he ended up as platoon guide for his last 6 months.  Wounded on Hastings, his tour was from June 1966 to April 1967.

July 30, 2002

Please welcome Dave Magnenat to the roster.  Dave was a corpsman with the company in 1967-68.

Also please welcome Gary Campbell to the roster.  Gary was with the company in 1966 (and maybe later?) and was on Operation Hastings.  If you haven't visited the board lately, I encourage you to read Gary's account of his visit to the Wall recently.

July 29, 2002

Please welcome Howard Fowler to the roster.  Howard was with Mike Company in 1967 and early 1968 and came to India in June of '68.

Also please welcome Jack Garcia (I got his name wrong first time) to the roster.  Jack was with H&S as an 81s FO's radio operator attached to India Company from January 1968 to March 1969.

We have two email address changes:  Carlos Septien's address is now  And Art Green's email address is now

July 7, 2002

Please welcome Tom Paddock to the roster.  Tom was with 2nd squad, 2nd Platoon, starting in January 1970, eventually functioning as an FO and Comm Chief for periods of time.  Please see his bio on the second bio page. 

Brenda Eidson has started up a reunion web site, documenting the last 3 reunions we have and will be the place where info for the next one will be posted.  The web site address is 

June 27, 2002

We have added Lance Corporal David Albert to Our Wall.  David was from Paramus, New Jersey and was KIA on 5 September 1969.  With thanks to Tom McCracken for remembering. 

June 24, 2002

We have added Patrick Salazar to our Wall.  Patrick was from Grants, New Mexico and was KIA on December 2, 1968.

June 20, 2002

Please welcome A.W. Green to the roster. Sgt. Green served from May 1967 to June 1968.  He was TAD to Psyops for a while, got sent to Khe Sanh, came back to the company for Operations Adair, Houston II and Allenbrook. He remembers Emp, Fayola, Poteet and Hazzard the tunnel rat.  He got hit when one of his guys stepped on a tomato can.

June 16, 2002

We've posted a picture of Steve Grey (1969), preparing to leave An Hoa in April of May of 1969 before an Op. None of the others in the picture are identified. On the various picture page.

Craig Tschetter has a new email address.  It is 

June 13, 2002

Stephen Grey was with India Company from January to August 7, 1969 when he received a severe head wound and was medevaced out. He's looking for anyone who served with him, any of his buddies at all.  Please write his brother Robert at  I added him to the roster.

John Olsen has a better email address: it's and has been changed on the roster.

June 5, 2002

Added a picture from Ric Lee, of Charles Townsend who was KIA on December 23, 1967.

Added more pictures from Gil Currie. Battalion sign, 1st Platoon picture in late '67, Interrogating locals, putting on socks from home, Albert Peterson (KIA 5/21/68). On his picture page.

May 27, 2002

Please welcome Thomas McCracken to the roster.  Tom was with first platoon from 4 July to 1 November 1969. Wounded once on Durham Peak on August 13, 1969 when Platoon Sergeant John Valdez was KIA.  Remembers Spanky Norris well (who we just honored at our Reunion). 

We've just posted a few pictures from our Reunion at LaGrange, Georgia.  They're on the Battalion site at More to come.

May 22, 2002

Please welcome Jim Crossin to the roster.  Jim was with India from 1959 to 1961, 3rd Platoon.  You may see his bio on the first bio page. (They're in alphabetical order).

Also, we added a bio for Nolan Nunnery ('67-68) on the first bio page

May 20, 2002

We have added four names to Our Wall.

KIA on 24 September 1969 were PFC Charles Westley Ellis Jr. from Widener, AR; PFC Frederick Ralph Clark from Jewett City, Connecticut; and PFC Kenneth David Costanza from Rochester, NY.   KIA on 17 January 1970 was Lance Corporal Kenneth Alan Stewart from Whiteford, Maryland.

These names were remembered by Marines who attended our recent reunion (ended yesterday).  The reunion was outstanding and will be reported on in the near future. 

On my to do list is adding more pictures from Gil Currie...thanks for your patience, Gil, I've had these for a while.

April 21, 2002

Please welcome Leo E. Zikomski to the roster.  Leo was a squad leader with 1st Platoon, 1st Squad.  He served with India from November 1968 to December 1969.

Please welcome Tom Wolf to the roster. Tom was with 2nd Platoon from April 1968 to May 1969. 

April 16, 2002

We've posted two more stories from Joe Holt. 

My Shot Card Is Up To Date. 'Nuff said.

Jayne Mansfield.  Want to go to a USO show?

March 29, 2002

Added a picture from Joe Holt, of him and Ed Crisp, recently.  On Joe's picture page.

March 20, 2002

Added three more pictures from Jake Bortscheller.  One belonging to Larry Vaught, of Larry, Jake and Thelbert; another of an air strike on Operation Swift; the third of the Hungry I company sign at Phu Bai in '68, picture taken by Craig Tschetter.  Also replaced the Hill 63 picture with a better one. On his picture page.

March 18, 2002, 2100 hours

Please welcome Ric Lee to the roster.  Ric was in Lt. Duckworth's platoon and remembers Bill Pruett as his platoon sergeant.  Served from February 1967 to March 1968. He just retired from the Sheriff's department in his hometown.

March 18, 2002

Please welcome Bob Wunderlich to the roster.  Bob was with 2nd platoon from February 1968 until June, then, after a month in language school was reassigned as the Company driver.  He left country in March 1969.  We've added bio for him on the second bio page.

We have added five names to Our Wall.

PFC Dwight Wayne Carroll, KIA 24 May 1968, from Springfield, Tennessee.

LCpl John Dennis Leary, KIA 27 April 1969, from Collingswood, New Jersey.

PFC David R. Binns, KIA 15 May 1968, from Reseda, California.

PFC Robert A. Cuccinelli, KIA 17 July 1968, from Ridgefield Park, New Jersey.

PFC Robert J. Twist, KIA 26 August, 1968, from Baltimore, Maryland.

John Leary is remembered by Ed Livingston. Dwight Carroll, David Binns, Robert Cuccinelli and Robert Twist are remembered by Bob Wunderlich.  Thank you both!

Note: Both Robert Cuccinelli and Robert Twist were with India Company and then transferred to CAG, where they subsequently lost their lives.  We remember and honor them here because they were our brothers.  

On the picture we added to Joe Holt's page, more folks are identified: Cpls Dupree, Czarnowski, Zaidinski, First Sgt Thorpe.

Added a second copy of the picture of Captains Smith and Kolakowski, a brighter version. I would like your opinion at which one is easier to will help with the processing of future pictures to be put up. Thanks.

March 15, 2002

7 more pictures from Gil Currie, by Haivan Pass, over China Beach, Lt. Duckworth, Howard Kiser, Sunday Service.  On his picture page

Added a picture from Joe Holt, of India's Headquarter's group on Oki just prior to shipping out to 'nam.  The three folks Joe recognizes are Sgt. Fletcher, Lt. Kopfler and Gunny Walters.  Anyone recognize any of the others?  On his picture page.

Put up a page for Earl Gerheim: A series of published stories by Earl Gerheim, Marine combat correspondent: about Operation Alamo;  Scout, about Howard Staudt: and a story written by someone else about Bill Pruett's capture of a VC.  On the cover page is a picture of Fred Smith, Kilo CO and Henry Kolakowski, India CO.

March 12, 2002

Please welcome Edwin Livingston to the roster.  Ed was with the company in 1968-69.

March 10, 2002

We've added Herman Gibson to Our Wall. Herman was from Hurricane, West Virginia and was KIA on November 6, 1969.  His brother John is on our point of contact roster (at the bottom of the India roster). 

March 6, 2002

Eddie Garcia has a new email address.  It's  Also, got the middle initial wrong for Richard B. Jackson and fixed it.

February 28, 2002

We've added the widow of S/Sgt Richard Jackson, KIA 9/6/67, to our roster of family and friends.  Please welcome her at  At the bottom of the roster page.

February 16, 2002

Added four more pictures from Gil Currie.  A squad pic, a group picture with Jerry Bain, a picture of George Coletti, Ed Liet and Rick Spaniol.

February 15, 2002

We've posted a letter that Tom Gainer wrote to the mother of Phillip Pierce (KIA 7/22/66). Tom returned dog tags to his mother. Also, a picture of the shadow box is included.  Excellent letter, encourage you to read it, we do take care of our own. 

February 14, 2002

We've added as a point of contact on the roster page, Matthew Davis, son of James Davis, KIA 8/13/69. (Family contacts are at the bottom of the page).

We have more pictures from Gil Currie that we are processing and hope to have them up tomorrow night. Thanks for your patience. 

February 12, 2002

We've posted 8 pictures from Gil Currie (67-68).  Of Captain Kolakowski, Lt. Duckworth, Gary Painter, R. Peterson, Jerry Bain, a squad picture and others. On his picture page.

February 8, 2002

Please welcome Milan (Chunky) Stonebreaker to the roster. Chunky was mostly with 1st Platoon from 1967 to 1968.  He doesn't have an email account yet, but will soon. 

February 4, 2002

Please welcome Ronald Moore to the roster. Ron was an 0351 with the company from 1967 to 1968 and was in 2nd squad, third platoon.

February 3, 2002

Fixed Carl's family picture (I chopped it accidentally). 

January 31, 2002

We've added a caption on the picture of Carl Blankenship's family picture.

We've switched message boards since the old one was buggy. You may find it at:  (Click the link to jump there and save it as a bookmark).

January 30, 2002

Posted 3 pictures from Carl Blankenship ('67-68), of his family now, Mortar crew then, and one of Billy Bolton, J.R. Webb, Slick Mowery and Carl in '67. On his picture page.

January 27, 2002

We have added PFC James W. Davis to Our Wall. James was from Ypsilanti, Michigan and was KIA on August 13, 1969.

Please welcome Arthur McGinley to the roster.  Arthur was 3rd Platoon Commander from May to September 1968, when he was wounded. 

Our message board isn't working and Curtis Eidson wanted to pass on the following message:

It is with great sorrow that I post this message. I have just found out that our friend Chuck Strong passed away some 10 years ago. I talked to the niece of Chuck and she told me about the loss. Friends this is why it is so important for us to have our reunions. If we had been in contact with each other in past years, losses like this would not be so grave. I am not saying that we would not have our losses but at least we could have a chance to say "good-by" to people that are close to us. It grieved me greatly when we lost Doc. Parlee, and still does. However, We had our times together before this happened and I have Terry (doc's wife) in my heart as a legacy for Doc. We will not forget Doc Parlee nor will I forget Terry. 

January 23, 2002

Please welcome Carl Blankenship (Pee Wee) to the roster.  Carl was an 0341 with the company in 1967-68.

January 21, 2002

We've added LCpl O'Neal Wright, from Rochelle, New York to Our Wall.  O'Neal was KIA on January 31, 1968.

January 18, 2002

Mark Rader's email address has changed.  It is now: Has also been changed on the roster.

January 17, 2002

We've posted three of Craig Sullivan's reunion pictures on the reunion page, battalion site. 

We failed to mention yesterday that Gil Currie was the platoon radioman, 1st Platoon, then became one of the company radiomen, along with Jerry Bain.

January 16, 2002


Please welcome Gilbert Currie to the roster.  Gil was with 1st Squad, 1st Platoon from September 1967 to June 1968.  A picture of Gil is on Jerry Bain's picture page.

Please take a look on the Mike Co.'s site What's New page for a story about what Mike Wilson (H&S 3/5...1968)'s  daughter Kelly did for Veteran's Day. (If you were at the reunion you'll remember her rendition of the song Earl).   At's.htm  

January 13, 2002

We have added Corporal Joseph B. Crowder to Our Wall. Cpl Crowder was from Norfolk, Virginia and was KIA on 12 August 1966.  Stan Watson was his friend and remembers that he was n 0311, first with 2/7 at Pulgas in '64, went to Oki when that unit became 3/9, made the 8 March 1965 landing, in July '65 went to 2/5 for four months and then transferred to India 3/5.

Mike Mannell is looking for friends he served with in India, in '72 and '73.  Specifically, Richard Fennel, Platoon Sergeant, originally from Hattiesburg, Mississippi; George Simon, platoon radioman, originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan; and Chuck Malone from Corpus Christi, Texas.  

January 10, 2002

Jerry Bain visited DC on Veteran's Day, 2001.  While there the following of him and his Dad was taken

JerryBainwEinstein.jpg (28106 bytes)

(click to enlarge)

We've posted 18 more May 2001 reunion pictures from Jerry Bain and Curtis Eidson.  On the battalion page at

January 7, 2002

We've added a memorial page for Corporal James Castor, KIA 8/13/69, Silver Star which has his obituary, kindly sent in by Dennis Tenety (thanks Dennis).

We've posted 11 reunion pictures from Mike Wilson on the battalion page.  Http://  (January 9th: fixed the link).

January 4, 2002

We've added two pictures from Ed Crisp taken at Camp Margarita in early 1966.  One is of the India Company office.  The other is the gun emplacement in front of Battalion Headquarters.  On Joe Holt's picture page....thanks for sending them in Joe. 

Also a picture from Bobby Brewton, possibly of 2nd Platoon in 1970. On the various picture page.

December 31, 2001

Please welcome Bobby Brewton to the roster.  Bobby was a corpsman with 2nd Platoon from '70 to '71 and was senior corpsman for a time for the company.

Also, please welcome Joe Dodson to the roster. Joe was a squad leader with 2nd Platoon from 1966-1967 and was known by his nickname of Sgt. Rock.   

H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R,  M A R I N E S

December 26, 2001

The picture we had on this page a couple of days ago was of Delaney (it said so right on the picture...duh) and was taken by McNinch.  We've added another of McNinch's pictures, this one in Bangkok on R&R, of Delaney, Bob Mowery and McNinch.  On Slick's picture page.

December 23, 2001

We've posted the Silver Star citation for Staff Sergeant Charles Strickland, for actions on 19 June 1969, 8 miles east of An Hoa, while serving as platoon commander.

We've posted a number of other company silver stars in the past few days, including Battalion Commander Bill Rockey....on the Valor page of the Battalion site.  With many thanks to Billy Myers for providing the additional 31 citations that we have just completed posting.  We have 72 posted out of the 93 Silver Stars listed. 

December 20, 2001

We've been added to the 1st Marine Division Association WebRing.  At the bottom of the home page.

December 14, 2001

Please welcome Korean War Vet Vern Allred to the roster.  Vern was with 2nd Squad, 1st Platoon of "I" Company from 7 May 1951 to 25 April 1952.

We've posted 2nd Lieutenant Vincent Lee's Silver Star Citation to the site. Vincent's award is posthumous, dated the date of his death, 23 November 1969 while serving as a platoon commander.

We've posted various citations, from all the companies, on the Battalion site.  Of interest is the one for the Battalion CO during Operation Union, Colonel Esslinger's. 

December 7, 2001

Because of the demise of Excite@home many folks email addresses are going to change.  Here are two that have been updated on the roster:  Vic Scheeler, now at and Fred Muller at 

We've added a picture of Jerry Bain, Sgt type, one each, in blues to his picture page.  

On the Battalion page, we've joined a couple of web rings.  One is the First Marine Division Association web ring, and the other is the Brothers of Nam web ring.  By the way, the First Marine Division Association site is highly recommended for a visit, if you haven't seen it in a couple of months. The URL is

December 3, 2001

Ken Fredrick wrote the following message in the guestbook:

K. J. Fredrick
Homepage Title:
Homepage URL: http://
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Location: Minneapolis MN
Comments: I served with K 3/5. I am trying to track down a guy named Morris who was with I 3/5. We were both later transfered to L 3/1 where we became good friends. Such good friends that I don't even know his 1st name, but isn't that the way things were then. He is a Canadian who lived in Queens NY at the time. I have a picture of him on operation Hastings that made the national news. I think he might want it. I can scan it and send it to you if you want it for your sight. There are several other India company personel in it also.

IndiaMorrisHastings.jpg (72200 bytes)

(thumbnailed, click to enlarge)

Morris is the upper left guy in this AP photo taken on Hastings.

Also, John McGaughey's email address was changed incorrectly.  Fixed it a couple of days ago. It's 

November 28, 2001

We have two pictures below we'd like you to look at to see if you recognize anyone. After a few days these pictures will be moved to the various page.

IndiaUnknowns.jpg (58869 bytes) IndiaUnknowns2.jpg (43306 bytes)

(thumbnailed, click to see full zize)

November 25, 2001

Please welcome Nolan Nunnery to the Company roster.  Nolan was a machine gunner with 1st Platoon from June 1967 to September 1968.

We have posted the Silver Star Citation for Corporal James W. Castor, for actions occurring on 13 August 1969.  He is on our Wall, KIA on that date.

November 23, 2001

Mike Carey has a new email address.  It is It has been changed on the roster. 

We have posted the Silver Star Citation for Second Lieutenant William Rawson.  It is for actions on 2 June 1967, Operation UNION II. Lieutenant Rawson is on Our Wall, KIA on that date. 

We have posted the Silver Star Citation for Captain Henry Kolakowski, the CO, for actions occurring on 30 January 1968 (Tet). Captain Ski is on Our Wall, KIA on 15 June 1968.

November 20, 2001

We have posted the Silver Star Citation for Sergeant John Ben Valdez, for action on 19 June 1969.  John is on our Wall, KIA 8/13/69.

November 17, 2001

We have posted the Silver Star citation for Corporal Durward Timmons. It was awarded to him for actions on 10 September 1968, on Operation Mameluke Thrust

November 16, 2001

We have added HN E.D. Drohosky to Our Wall.  Dan was from Gary, Indiana and was KIA on May 26, 1967 on Union.  According to a letter received by his family from Colonel Webster he was killed by small arms fire while aiding a wounded Marine.  

We have two new email address changes made on the roster.  They are John McGaughey, now at and John Olsen at 

October 25, 2001

We have added Doc James O'Reilly to Our Wall.  Doc was from Brighton, Massachussets and was KIA on September 4, 1967.  With thanks to Hap Hazzard for remembering.

We have added a point of contact for James A. Jones, KIA 9/7/68, to the roster.  That would be Dick Rivett ( who is in contact with family members of James' also.

We've also added a point of contact for Jerry Markoski, KIA 1/31/68, to the roster.  That is Richard Hartman at 

Because we have so many, the roster for the points of contact for our fallen brothers has been consolidated separately at the bottom of the roster page.

Finally, I've been assured that the following link is no joke:  Essentially, these folks are offering a free dinner to vets and military personnel on veterans day.  Check it out. 

October 11, 2001

Please welcome Jim Sloban to the roster.  Jim was an 0331 with Weapons platoon (even though the company roster for the period has him with Second platoon.  He was with the company from September 1967 to July 1968.

October 8, 2001

Please welcome Fred Muller to the roster.  Fred was with 2nd Platoon between March and July 1967.

Also, please welcome Ken Poteet to the roster. Ken was with India in 1967-68.

We have a couple of email address changes.  Bill Callahan's new address is and Craig Tschetter's new address is  They've been changed on the roster. 

September 7, 2001

Bill Maseman has a different email address that should be used instead of his old one.  It's 

September 2, 2001

Please welcome Jerry Bain as your new point of contact for India Company.  He's replacing Curtis Eidson, who has his hands full with ongoing reunion plans.  With humongous thanks to Curtis for his two plus years of unflagging energy, enthusiasm and dedication in supporting our efforts here. 

August 30, 2001

We've posted Paul Smith's Silver Star Citation for when he was a squad leader on 11 September 1969.  Also placed a link to it on the Table of Awards on the battalion site (There are now 86 Silver Stars listed for the battalion).

August 26, 2001

Please welcome Paul Smith to the roster. Paul was a squad leader with 1st Platoon, 1969-70. He holds a Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart.  He went Mustang and retired as a Major in 1990.

We've posted a picture of Melicio Ortiz (KIA 5/13/67) and five other Marines.  Can you identify any of them?

August 23, 2001

Posted a couple of pictures from Randy Pelt, who was a platoon commander in 1969.  These were both taken in October 1969, in the Arizona, one is of Randy and one of 3 POWS.  There are a zillion of Randy's pics on the Mike site, where he was exec officer and then CO of the company for a while in 1970. 

August 22, 2001

Please welcome Ed Mason to the roster.  Ed was with the company from January 1969 to January 1970, 1st Squad, 1st Platoon.

Also, please welcome Carlos Septien to the roster.  Carlos was with the company in 1966, during Hastings. 

August 20, 2001

We have opened a new section, called Bits and Pieces, with items that don't fit our general categories (if you've seen Mike Co.'s site then you know what this is).  The first item is a letter received today from Sgt Coles of Marine Barracks on his reaction to this site.  We think you'll like and encourage you to read and respond to it.  Thanks. 

August 19, 2001

Please welcome Joe McNinch to the roster.  Joe was an 0311 in 2nd Platoon in 1967-68. 

We have added James "Spanky" Norris (KIA 8/13/69) to our roster and posted an email address for his mother and fiance.  If you knew Spanky, please get in contact.  Thank you. 

August 14, 2001

On the battalion home page we posted the Silver Star citation for David Stinson (July 22, 1966) while he was with Lima Company. Subsequently, David was a platoon sergeant then platoon commander with India.

August 12, 2001

We posted 50 pictures from our last reunion from Jim Bisesi on the battalion page.

August 7, 2001

We posted a poem written in 1991 by Dennis Tenety (1969).  Called The Longest Night, about the first night in the bush. It's very good.

We corrected Mark Hanley's email address. It's

We have posted 23 pictures of the 2001 reunion from Jake Bortscheller on the battalion pointer site. We have a substantial archive of pictures and expect to get many of them up over the next few days, weeks etc.  It's located at

James Kirschke's book, Not Going Home Alone, has finally hit the publishers.  I received my copy today from Jim was the 81s platoon commander in 1966 and was with Hotel 2/5 in 1967 where he was grievously wounded.  This book is about those times.  When I finish reading it I'll give you all a review. I've read a few paragraphs of it just to get a feel and it is very well you would expect since Jim is a Professor of English at Villanova University.  The cost is 6.75 and shipping was 4.48.