July - October, 2000

October 29, 2000

Posted two pictures of Melecio Ortiz, Silver Star holder, KIA 5/13/67.  These pictures were kindly given to us by his niece.

October 28, 2000

Posted 14 outstanding pictures from Vic "Doc" Perez, of corpsmen at work.

October 20, 2000

Having graciously given us permission to publish her cover letter which accompanied the Silver Star Citation for Melecio Ortiz, we have posted Kristie's letter on the Silver Star page.  She eloquently shows us what we have here my friends, seen through the eyes of a perceptive family member of one of our own.

October 18, 2000

With many thanks to his niece, Kristie Rabago, we posted the Silver Star Citation for Corporal Melecio Ortiz tonight.  May 13, 1967.  We've asked permission to share her heart warming letter to us. When received we'll post it. 

October 16, 2000

Added a link to an outstanding site from 5th Marines, Scout Snipers. On the links page.

October 14, 2000

Added a link to Golf Company 2/26, 2nd and Weapons Platoons.  On the links page.

October 13, 2000

Please welcome William Pruett to the roster.  He was Platoon Sergeant for 2nd Platoon, 1967-68.

October 11, 2000

Please welcome Patrick Shannon to the roster. Pat was with India in 1966, an 0351 with 1st squad, 2nd Platoon.

We've added four Navy Cross Citations to the Table of Awards on the Battalion page. Curtis Baggett and Christopher Mosher from Kilo Company, and Daniel Hayes and Jose Rivera from Lima Company.

October 10, 2000

Please welcome Craig Tschetter to the roster. Craig was an 0311 with 2nd Platoon from 67 to 68. Starting as Platoon radioman he eventually the Company radioman. We've also added a picture of Craig.

Under the Table of Awards on the Battalion home page we've added 6 Silver Star citations. Colonel Davis who was the Regimental CO; From Kilo Company Robert Tilley and Joseph Tenney; From Lima Company Donald Vogelgesang, Lester Konrady and Lee Anderson. 

October 9, 2000

We've posted five pictures from Mike Mannell.  Two are taken in RVN near Hue in the spring of '72, one at ITR in 9/71, one with India in 73 and with a trophy sheep out West.  On his picture page.

October 7, 2000

Please welcome Jimmie Christy to the roster. Jimmie was an 0311 with 2nd squad, 1st Platoon in 1969.

We have added 2nd Lieutenant William Rawson to Our Wall.  William was from Lake Forest, Illinois and was KIA on June 2, 1967. He was awarded a Silver Star.

We have also added 2nd Lieutenant Vincent Lee to Our Wall.  Vincent was from Lawrence, Massachussets and was KIA on November 23, 1969. He was awarded a Silver Star.

October 6, 2000

Reorganized the citation awards for Navy Crosses and Silver Stars, one to a page now, in order to link to them from the Table of Awards on the Battalion Home Page.

October 5, 2000

Please welcome Mike Mannell to the roster. Mike was the 2nd Squad Leader, 2nd Platoon, in 1972-73. Please read his bio, taken from his guestbook entry.  

October 3, 2000

Please welcome Randy Pelt to the roster.  Randy was a platoon commander with India from August to November 1969. Wounded then, when he returned he transferred to Mike Company and eventually was CO of Mike from July to September of 1970. A brief bio is included on Mike Company's site.

Since putting up the awards table on the battalion pointer site we've added 13 more names to the Silver Star table, 10 from Lima and 3 from Mike.  With thanks to Robert Henry, Denny Dinota and Randy Pelt. You may see it at Battalion Home Page.

We invite you to please see the message from Col. Sinnott, the new CO of 3/5.  On the message board.

September 29, 2000

On the Battalion Home Page we've listed awards given to members of the Battalion from 1965-1971.  They encompass every Medal of Honor and Navy Cross. The Silver Star list is incomplete (there is no master list).  If you know of an award of a Silver Star not listed here, please let us know so that we may add it.  The incredible research done to be able to identify these Marines and Corpsmen by unit was performed by Billy L. Myers and we've compiled it from an appendix from his book Honor the Warrior.  He has graciously allowed us to use his research for this purpose. There are 4 Medals of Honor, 15 Navy Crosses and 67 Silver Stars.  The dates, if you peruse them carefully will scream out Operations Hastings, Union I, Union II, Swift, Taylor Common and Tet, among many others. 

September 21, 2000

Please welcome Ted Duckworth to the roster.  Ted was Platoon Commander for 1st Platoon in 1967-68. He doesn't have a computer yet but says he will soon.

September 14. 2000

Curtis Eidson is going to throw another mini-reunion again next May, in La Grange, Georgia.  Details, as well as pictures from last year's reunion, can be found on the pointer site at http://www.securenet.net/3rdbn5th.  It'll be open to all 3/5ers but space is limited so if you want to go, check it out now.  Last year's was outstanding!

September 12, 2000

Added five pictures from Jake Bortscheller, from 1967.  On hill 63,  with M-60, with George Colletti and Corporal Ayres with Arvns.

September 11, 2000

Please welcome Carrel L. Bostian to the roster.  He was with India from January to November 1966, wounded on Hastings on 7/24.  After coming back from the hospital (twelve weeks) and a few more weeks with India, he was transferred to Alpha 1/5.  While with India Carrel was platoon radioman for a couple of months, with 3rd Platoon.  His squad leader was Sgt. Smith, KIA 7/22/66.  Platoon commander was Lt. Carey.

September 1, 2000

We've posted a summary account of the San Diego reunion, kindly provided by John Olsen, as well as pictures!  If anyone else has pictures they want to share with us, by all means send 'em in.

August 28, 2000

We've posted a story from Joe Holt, a reminiscence about Sgt. Hailey, Platoon Right Guide for 2nd Platoon, on the USS Pickaway.  Sgt. Hailey lost his life on Hastings.

August 22, 2000

We've added another powerful poem by Marko Whiteley, this one titled M.I.A. (missing in America).  Three of Marko's poems that we've already posted were meant to be a trilogy and these were put on their own page.  On that page also are two pictures of the Vietnam memorial at Hyde Park, you'll see why when you read the third poem in the trilogy, Where's the Band. We've added two pictures from Marko, one then and one now.  Then, was 1965, providing security on China Beach with 3/9.  

August 8, 2000

We've added the 7th and final installment of Yukon John Harris' remembrance of Operation Hastings at its 34th anniversary.  To reiterate, John was with Lima Company during the relief of India on that Op. This installment covers his medivac out and an extensive afterword.  Thank you for sharing with us John.  Semper Fi!

July 31, 2000

Please welcome Ralph Green to the roster.  Ralph was with 1st squad, 1st Platoon from January 69 to February 70.  He doesn't have a computer yet, the email address attached to his name on the roster is of a friend, who will relay.

We have added Lieutenant James D. Jones from Pontiac, Michigan to Our Wall.  Lt. Jones was KIA on November 30, 1970.

July 29, 2000

We've posted from Gunny Gunderson, a remembrance of January 30, 1968, the beginning of TET. He calls it Battle for an Unnamed Island, or Operation Alamo, an unofficial name for the op given by the India's grunts. 

Marko Whiteley says "I met this veteran while treating combat veterans from all the services. The subject of this poem was an Army tunnel rat who was my client years ago and now a dear friend and comrade. When he told me he found a box of Uncle Ben's Rice in a Vietnamese tunnel I grabbed my notebook and wrote this.  Uncle Ben and the Tunnel Rat, a poem."

July 26, 2000

Added Thoughts of War, the second poem Marko Whiteley ever wrote. It's about Hastings and most powerful.  Also added two stories from Marko,  Burgers and Beers in the Bush, a story of survival training in the Philippines, and Harry Still Gives me the Finger, or what happens when you do a favor for a friend.  

We have so many pages on this site that we've added an automatically generated Table of Contents page.

July 24, 2000

Posted Marko Whiteley's third poem in his trilogy, Where's the Band.  At the bottom of the poems page.

Posted Part 5 of John Harris' recollection of Hastings at 34, covering July 22 and 23.  And Part 6, covering July 24 and the relief of India Company on Hill 362.

July 23, 2000

We've added HM3 Charles Mariskanish from Barnesoboro, Pennsylvania to Our Wall. Charles was KIA on May 9, 1968.

Added two pictures from John Harris from Lima Company.  The 2 December 1965 X Company 3rd Battalion 2nd ITR picture at Camp Pendleton and the 1965 Boot Camp picture of Platoon 373 at San Diego.  These are large pictures to preserve the detail. Do you recognize anyone? On the various picture page. 

July 22, 2000

Parts 3 and 4 of Hastings at 34 have been posted, covering July 20 - 22, 1966 have been posted.  Click here for Part 3 and here for Part 4.

Added a poem about Hastings from Marko Whitely.  (It's at the bottom of that page).

July 20, 2000

Part 2 of Hastings at 34, by John Harris (Yukon81147@aol.com)  covering July 19 and 20, 1966 has been posted.  

Added a bio from Marko Whitely on the second bio page (at the bottom of that page).

Listen up, Marines.  One of our own is in trouble. Rock (Rocco Giambrocco, serving with Mike Company first, and then as an S-2 scout with 3/5 with Mike and India in 68-69), was in the midst of fulfilling one of his dreams last month, intending to ride his Harley all around the lower 48.  After 32 years he'd found us through this website, and was planning to meet up with a lot of us.  In Fargo, North Dakota, a semi ran him off the road, into a cement wall.  He was in Intensive Care (ICU) for at least 3 days, one arm broken and one leg "pulverized", as one of his sons put it.  After ICU he was laid up in the hospital in Fargo.  In order to return home, an air ambulance was needed at a cost of approximately $8,000. His insurance company informed him they would not cover it...where have we seen this scenario before....Rock had to max out his debt in order to get an air ambulance and get moved back to Ashby, Massachusetts.  Rock's in line for at least four surgeries, if not more, on his leg. Going to be laid up for at least a year.  His doctors told him he'll never ride a bike again.  He told me that he's going to prove them wrong, he's going to finish the trip.  Needless to say, his family is in financial difficulty.  To that end, to help him out, a relief fund has been set up.  If you can, please help, in any amount.  Checks should be made out to "The Relief Fund For The Benefit of Rocco Giambrocco-#3446" and sent to: The Relief Fund For The Benefit of Rocco Giambrocco, c/o Leominster Employees Federal Credit Union,  24 Church Street, Leominster, MA 01453. Marines take care of their own...thank you and Semper Fi! Note: this message is also on Mike Company's site.


July 19, 2000

From John Harris of Lima Company, on the 34th anniversary of Hastings, we are honored to be posting his day by day remembrance of his experiences on that operation.  Each day, or couple of days will be posted separately in serial form as he submits them.  Today, July 19, 2000, we have posted his introduction and the events of July 18, 1966.  In all probability these will be also available on the Lima Company site.  

On the poems page, we've added a poem by Marko Whiteley, called Sgt. Andy about Steve Kittle.  Marko also forwarded us a poem written by Harry Geibus when India was on the way to Okinawa...it's probably a parody of Barry Sadler's Ballad of the Green Berets,  Harry called it Ballad of the 5th Marines (it's a riot).

July 17, 2000

Please welcome Marko Whiteley to the roster.  Marko was a mortar section leader with India, when it formed at Camp Marguerita and was the company for Operation Hastings.  He transferred to 2/5 in September 1966.

July 11, 2000

We've added two more names to Our Wall.  Both KIA on September 6, 1967 (Operation Swift). PFC James T. Peppers from Elk River, Minnesota and LCpl George S. Spak, Jr. from Akron, Ohio. 

We've added two pictures from Gunny Gunderson from 1968.  One of him and one of a group, including Doc Olson, Gus Howard, Michael Hulsey, Boyd Chegup, Eddie Garcia and Charles Stonebreaker.