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1966-1971, RVN

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What's new on the site.  

June 16, 2008

Gary Turner's email address is Gary was recently added to the roster, 1969-70 with 1st platoon.  Here is what he sent me recently:

I was only in the bush about 3 months as an squad leader/ 0331 with 1st platoon. I came into country after a year in GTMO,Cuba. I was a Corporal when I got to Nam. I was placed over perimeter watch on the far side of the runway in An Hoa, I can't remember how many bunkers there were but I had to make sure they were manned. I had to get guys back into the field that had been on R&R recovered from wounds along with all the other muddy, shitty jobs that had to be done. My e-mail address is

June 3, 2008

Edward Peruta (1968)'s new email address is

June 1, 2008 (additional)

Please welcome Joel Rousseau to the roster.  Joel was 3rd Plt. Sgt and acting Plt. Commander during parts of 1967 and received the Silver Star on Operation Swift. His email is

June 1, 2008

Please welcome Gary Turner to the company roster.  Gary served with the company in 1969-70. We don't have an email address for him yet.

Gary gave us the name of John Lee Burton from Baltimore, MD, KIA on 9/24/69 to be added to our Wall. PFC Burton came in country on 9/1/69.

Ron Taylor went through boot camp with Johnny Johnson, who was killed on Operation Maui Peak on 10/19/1968. Johnny was from Cleveland. He's been added to Our Wall along with the following India Company Marines, also KIA on the same day:

LCpl Edward Thibodeaux from Greenwell Springs, LA;

PFC James Raiolo from St Paul, MN; and

PFC Charles Strafello from Avon, MA.

May 28, 2008

In no particular order the following changes and additions have been made:

John McGaughey has a new email address at

Added LCpl Patrick Herron to Our Wall, he was KIA on Operation Swift on 9/6/67 and is remembered by his classmate William Van Leuven.

Added the platoons that J.T. Worthen served with in 1969-1970 (2nd and 3rd platoons).

Added Richard Gresko to the roster (no email).  He won a Navy Cross while with H&S in March of 1970 but was originally with 3rd Platoon of India.  Contact J.T. Worthen above who requested his addition here if you want to contact Richard.


January 28, 2007

Please welcome David King to the roster.  David was with the company in 1969-1970.

Also please welcome Melvin Earle to the company roster.  Melvin was an 0331 with 2nd platoon from December 1966 to January 1968.

And welcome Fred Shelton to the company roster.  Fred was with the company from late 1968 to late 1969.

Please welcome Chuck Cardinal to the roster.  He was with 3rd platoon in 1970.

And welcome Henry (Hank) Connolly to the company.  He was a radioman from 1968 to 1969.

Sadly, we need to report that Greg Coe died on 12/22/2006. He'd been with the company from 1968 to 1970.

January 31, 2006

Please welcome Michael R. Zakrzewski to the roster.  Doc Ski, as he was known, was a corpsman with the company in 1967-68.

And please welcome John Fulk to the roster.  John was an 0311 in 1967-68. 

Also please welcome Dale Hettmansperger, who was with the company in 1967.

Sgt. Glowa's email address was wrong, it's Also he was an FAO in '68-69.

January 24, 2006

Please welcome Paul Poyhonen to the roster.  Paul was an 0141 with the company from the Fall of 1966 to early January 1967, when he was transferred to 7th Comm Bn. Originally he was with the battalion's S-1 shop, came over on the USS Renville.

Also please welcome Bruce (Butch) Glowa to the roster. Butch  was with the company in 1968-69 and was a radio operator.

Here are a couple of email address changes (also changed on the roster):

Banyon Ford is now at

Vic Perez is now at

August 31, 2005

Please welcome Paul Goens to the company roster.  Known as Groovy he was with the company on Operations Union I and Union II.  Eventually he transferred to H&S company as a Supply Sergeant. He doesn't have email yet, but will soon.

July 31, 2005

Added Tom Saal's email address to the roster:

We have added PFC Harry David Kellar to Our Wall.  Harry was KIA on 25 February 1969 and was from Westminster, British Columbia.  With thanks to Vic Vilionis for forwarding the information on to us.

Please welcome Lt. Tom Saal to the roster.  Tom was the 2nd Platoon CO from December 1967 to February 1968 when he was wounded and sent home.

JD Murray has acquired the 3/5 Wall from Curtis and has all four sections professionally attached.  This is the heavy paper Wall we produce every year in conjunction with the reunion.  JD is offering use of the Wall to anyone who wants to honor our Vietnam Heroes, the only cost is the shipping to and from his home.  Please contact JD at if you're interested.

Also, A gentleman going by the handle of Lightning wrote a database program a few years back that took the names on the Wall and made it searchable by last name, date of death or hometown.  He also added a field for comments so that a user could tag names and add relevant or remembrance information.  The program, named VietWar, was available for free some time back but I don't know if it's still out there.  To make a long story short I have the program and database.  I've added comment tags on all India, Mike and H&S 3/5 KIAs, some 380 plus names.  I'm making it available to anyone what wants it, I'll just email it to you.  Zipped, it's about 3 meg.  You don't need to install, just unzip all files into a new folder and it should run just fine.  Email me at if you want it.

June 25, 2005

Dan Milsop remembers the following Marines, who have just been added to Our Wall:

Lance Corporal Leonard Peter Deinlein from Northampton, MA, KIA on 1 March 1969; PFC Eric Thomas Duffer from Gallatin, TN, KIA on 1 March 1969; and Lance Corporal Arthur Norman Welch from Bossier, LA, KIA on 14 November 1969.

Please welcome the following Marines to the company roster:

JT Worthen, with the company in 1969-70;

Steve Manning, an 0331 also with the company in 1969-70, nicknamed Red.

James Spalding, an 0351 attached to 1st Plt in 1967-68, nicknamed Hollywood.

Greg Eggleston, an 0351 with 3rd Plt in 1970-71 before transferring to H&S Company. 

Listen up:  The Operation Hastings crew of India Company is holding their 40th reunion in Colorado Springs from July 20 to July 23, 2006 in Colorado Springs.  All 3/5 companies are invited.  Please contact


April 24, 2005

Please welcome Jim Griffin to the Roster.  Jim was with the company in 1970 - 71.

Also please welcome William T. Linchner to the roster.  Terry was an 0311 with the company in 1968-69.

And welcome John Hulsizer to the roster.  John was with 1st Platoon in 1967.

We have added Tom Rudisilli (3rd platoon 1970) to the roster.  Bill Tapper reports that Tom died last November 14 of kidney failure.  Semper Fidelis Tom and RIP.

We have added Jim Gravino to the roster, he was with the company during Operation Hastings.  Joe Holt reports died last December 28th last.  Semper Fidelis Jim and RIP.

January 17, 2005

Please welcome John Reeves to the Roster.  John was an 0311 with the company in 1968.

Also, Stan Kulak was an 0331 with Weapons platoon, this corrects the original info we had posted on him.

November 10, 2004

We are saddened to report that Tom Larson, an FO with India in 1968, died of a heart attack on October 31, 2004.  There is a guestbook setup in his memory at 

Please welcome Donny Stahl to the roster. Donny was an 0331 with 2nd platoon in 1967-1968.

Also please welcome Doug Disbrow to the roster. Doug was an 0311 in 1967-1968.

And please welcome Larry Dickerson to the roster. Larry was in 2nd platoon in 1967-1968.

And please welcome Richard Dixon to the roster.  Richard was a corpsman with the company and Kilo company also in 1966-1967.  From Union and Union II to Swift.

We added Clyde Hatton Jr to the roster, who was in 3rd platoon in 1967-68.  Sadly, Clyde died in 2000 but his memory is still with us.

Happy Birthday Marines!

August 28, 2004

Please welcome B. J. West to the company roster.  He was with India in 1966 and 1967, spending time with both 1st and 2nd platoons.  He doesn't have email yet.

August 23, 2004

Please welcome Walter Herman to the company roster.  Walt was a radio operator for 81s attached to India from 1967 to 1968,  Operations Union II through TET 68.

Roy Bowles email address has changed.  It is now 

August 1, 2004

We have added Michael Lee Poletti to Our Wall.  Michael was KIA on 10 September 1968. He was from Pocatello, Idaho.

Please welcome Bill Tapper to the company roster.  Bill was with 3rd Platoon in 1970-71.

Also please welcome Gary Bloom to the roster.  Gary was with the Arty FO team from January to May 1970.  His parent unit was Delta Battery 2/11.

May 21, 2004

Please welcome Kerry Ganza to the roster.  Kerry was a Corpsman with the company from 1969 to 1971.

Also please welcome James "Boone" Myers to the roster.  James was with 3rd Platoon from February to June 1970, WIA on June 17.

You will be happy to hear that Jim Moss, who suffered a heart attack at our reunion last week, is recovering nicely.

March 26, 2004

Please welcome Gary Peterson to the roster.  Gary was with the company during 1967 and 1968.  You can see a picture on Roy Bowles' picture page.

Art Genzler has email:  it's

Got Dale Gunnell's rank wrong.  He was a Corporal.

March 25, 2004

We have added Corporal Dale Alan Gunnell to Our Wall.  Dale was KIA on September 6, 1967 during Operation Swift.  He was from Winston Salem, North Carolina.

Please welcome Art Genzler to the roster.  Art was with 2nd platoon in 1967-68.

We have posted 8 more pictures from Roy Bowles.  These include pictures of Dale Gunnell and Art Genzler (above); as well as pictures of Gary Peterson, Earnest Smith (Smitty), Al Campos, Al Dean, Goshorn and a corpsman with first name of Jack.  On his picture page.


March 14, 2004

Please welcome Robert Parker to the roster.  Robert was with 1st Platoon, 2nd Squad, 3rd Fireteam in 1966, on Operations Deckhouse I, Hastings and on the SLF.

February 23, 2004

Please welcome Joseph Plezia to the roster.  Joe was with 3rd Platoon in 1970-71 and was a squad and platoon radio man.

February 21, 2004

Please Robert Cleland to the roster.  Robert was with 2nd Platoon in 1969-70. He doesn't have email yet, but will shortly.

February 19, 2004

Ken Godkin has a new email address, now at  Also Lonnie Ashley has a new email address at

We added a link to the Military Order of the Purple Heart.  At

February 16, 2004

Please welcome Robert Chapa to the roster. Robert was in 3rd Platoon from January to October 1970.

We have 3 email address changes:  Tom McCracken has been without internet access for four months, but has just regained it.  His new email address is; Gordon Albro's new email is; and Ruben Salazar's new email is (thanks for your patience, Ruben).

Debbe Reynolds has built a very fine memorial page for Hans Haupt.  You may find it at


January 19, 2004

Please welcome Thomas Rupp to the roster.  Tom was with the company from 1968 to 1969.

On the battalion site we've posted 19 graphics from J D Murray on Operation Cortez, December 5 - 12, 1966.  These involved Mike and Kilo companies.  The graphics are daily maps and AAR pages covering those dates. At 

January 17, 2004

Please welcome Tony (Speedy) Gunzalas to the roster.  Tony was an 0311 with the company from 1968-1970.

Posted 4 pictures from Richard Townsend (1966).  One is of Lt. Carey, 1stSgt Chapman and Ballog. The other 3 are unidentified (as yet) Marines.  On his picture page.

Hans Haupt's obituary is in Thursday's January 15 obituary page of the Napa News. is the url and if it's not in the current page you can check the archives.  A copy will be available shortly on the Mike Company site.

January 11, 2004

Please welcome  Richard Townsend to the roster.  Richard was an 0311 with the company in 1966.

January 9, 2004

We are greatly saddened to report that Hans Haupt, H&S Company Commander in 1966, died of heart failure last Wednesday, January 7.  He was at his computer communicating with his Marine friends when he died, peacefully.  Graveside services with military honors will be held at Tulocay cemetery in Napa, California on January 22nd (if the 22nd is not available they will be held on the 23rd). The family requests that in lieu of flowers that donations in Hans name be made to the American Heart Association or your choice of charity.  More info will be provided as it comes in. 

December 26, 2003

Please welcome David Flad to the company roster.  David was with 2nd Platoon in 1967 to 1968.

Also please welcome Stan Berry to the roster.  Stan was an 0311 with the company in 1967.

And also welcome Eldon (Ed) Weaver to the roster.  Ed was with the company during Operation Hastings and later transferred to Bravo 1/5.

We are also honored to add Victor Retana to the roster.  Victor is the current First Sergeant of India 3/5.  He's got a CD of photos that were taken during India's tour in Iraq and we're hoping to add a few pictures to the site when we get a copy.

Also Patrick Shannon has a new email address, 

Thank you all for your patience in waiting for the posting of these updates.

November 16, 2003

Posted 7 pictures from Terry Welcher 1966-67.  One of him and Avery plus many unknowns.  I've had these for a few months and overlooked them, apologies to Terry.

November 15, 2003

We've posted 7 pictures from Banyon Ford, 1968-1969.  Four pictures of Banyon plus a picture of Hernandez (KIA 1969), a group picture including Ford, Redsey, McMeecham, Grasshopper, Chunky Stonebreaker and Bob Wunderlich, and another with Ed Spoon,  Rutherford and some of the same folks.  On his picture page.

November 12, 2003

Please welcome Ron Carson to the Company roster.  Ron was a radio operator for the CO between 1968 and 1970.

November 10, 2003

Mark Hanley's address has changed.  It is now 

Fixed a caption on one of Roy Bowles' pictures.  The correct name is Gary Petersen. 

Today is the 228th Birthday of the United States Marine Corps

October 3, 2003

Amended Roy Bowles roster info and picture captions for my errors.  Roy came in country in 1966 and he was an 0351/0311.  Other than correcting identifications on the pictures, additional people named on the 3rd platoon picture are Lt. Duckworth and Corporals Boots and Smith (Smitty).

September 29, 2003

Please welcome Roy Bowles to the roster.  Roy was in 3rd Platoon from 1966 to 1968. We've also posted four pictures from Roy.  They are of him, Gary Peterson, Sgt Richardson, Welcher and 3rd Platoon.

September 9, 2003

We have added Lance Corporal Jerry D. Johnson to Our Wall.  Jerry was from Wheatland, Oregon and was KIA on November 22, 1967.

Posted 3 pictures from Rusty Whitt (68-69).  Folks in the pictures are Carrauthers, Whitt, McClary, Tony Garcia, Jack, Red and J.P.

Also, we have two email address changes:  Jim Blankenheim is now at; and Rob Wunderlich is now at

August 1, 2003

Please welcome James Collins to the roster.  James was with the company from December 1965 to July 1966 where he was wounded on Hastings.  You may also read his bio on the first bio page (in alpha order).

July 19, 2003

Tom Hoey has a new email address.  It is now (what was given me didn't have the c in uncle, so if this doesn't work, try that).

Posted a picture from Forrest Knisely who was with HMM 364 in 1965 - 66.  This was taken on May 31, 1966 in PI, ashore from the USS Princeton and he's trying to identify a friend of his, ground element Marine, maybe 3/5. Forrest's email is 

July 6, 2003

We have two email address changes.  Gil Currie is at Willis Ford is at

New message board is up at  Type in 3rdbn5th at the login screen.

June 22, 2003

Buck Boehm's email address is

June 18, 2003

Please welcome Buck Boehm to the roster.  Buck was an 0311 with 3rd Platoon in 1968.

June 16, 2003

Denny Dinota, Mike 3/5, 1966-67, died last night at 2320.  More details will be provided when available.  He will be greatly missed.  Those of us who served with him or had the good fortune to meet him at a few of the reunions knew him to be an outstanding person and a great Marine.  

1031 update: Viewing and gravesite services will be on Wednesday in Jacksonville, NC. More details will be provided as they come in.

1850 update:  Following is a letter from J. R. McElroy

For all,

         Our beloved fellow Marine and grunt Denny passed away in the late evening on 15 June 2003. He passed peacefully and in no pain as the result of rapidly spreading cancer. He is now with thousands of his fellow Marines from throughout the history of our Corps.
         Jones Funeral Home,Jacksonville,NC is in charge of funeral details. Visitation is from 10-11a.m.,Wednesday 18 June 2003 followed by burial at 11a.m., Wednesday 18 June 2003 at North Carolina Veterans Cemetary, just off LeJeune Blvd.[Hwy 24] by the main gate to Camp Johnson [Camp LeJeune complex].
         For those desiring to express condolences to the next of kin, the names and addresses will be provided later.
         Bill Vandergriff and I will attend the services.
         It is requested that Debbi and Brad, and Curtis use their computer lists to notify all of Denny's death. Thanks.

         J.R. McElroy        

June 15, 2003

Please welcome Dewight Farrell to the roster.  Dewight was an 0311 with the company in 1968.

Also, please welcome Lonny Ashley to the roster.  Lonny was an 0311 with 2nd Platoon in 1968.

June 11, 2003

Please welcome Thomas Abendroth to the roster.  He was 81s radio man and served with the company from January 1968 to January 1969.  With thanks to Tom Larson for finding him.  Tom has a new email address: 

June 8, 2003

Please welcome Luke J. Tuttle to the roster.  Luke was with 3rd Platoon in 1968-69.

June 6, 2003

We added Rod's nickname to his roster listing.  He was known as "The Kid".

We added a picture of Weapons Platoon, circa 1966. On the picture page. Thank you, Joe Holt.

For this last May's reunion pictures please visit 

May 26, 2003

Please welcome Rod Whitt to the roster.  Rod was a machine gunner with 3rd platoon in 1968 to 1969.

Also, Arthur McGinley has a new email address.  It is

And Marko Whiteley has a new email address as well.  It is

May 13, 2003

Tom Larson was the FO from Tet to June 15th, 1968.  He's looking for his radioman, Tommy Abendroth and then Tom Miller (who may have been KIA the day after June 15...if it's the same guy).  If you the whereabouts of either please write Tom at

Veterans of the Hastings Operation will be holding a reunion in Las Vegas in June.  Following are the particulars:

Hastings Marines and Corpsmen of BLT 3/5,

All the men who served with the Third Battalion, Fifth Marine Regiment during Operation Hastings are invited to participate in a reunion.  One of the fellas from India Company has organized a reunion to take place in Las Vegas in June of 2003.  We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to finally get the entire battalion together, so this is your official invitation to participate in the India Company reunion.
This reunion will celebrate our time together, not just Hastings, but every memory we share.  If you unclog your memory just a bit you know how valuable our memories are.  Remember pulling out of Long Beach on the USS Renville?  How about liberty in Olongapo?
       India Company had a reunion a few years ago.  It was amazing how old and ugly everybody had become ('cept me, of course.), but it only took a moment for all the years to fall away as we understood how close we once were to one another.  We still are. 
None of us are getting any younger.  None of us should miss this opportunity to sit down and shoot the breeze with the only men who share these same memories.  We are each other's only witnesses to the outrageous events of our time in 3/5.  Sometimes it's been so long ago you aren't really sure any of it ever really happened.  Believe me, it did.
Bring your pictures.  Bring any memories.  It will be worth it.
The reunion will be in Las Vegas on June 20th through the 22nd.  We'll be at the Circus Circus hotel and casino.  Rooms are $74 a night (single or double occupancy).  Kids under 18 are free.  We India guys are making this a family affair.  We have fifty rooms reserved and it's first come, first served.  The phone number for the hotel is 1-800-634-3450.  Give them the group code. D06INDI-India Company.
India Company is planning a banquet for Saturday, June 21st.  If we're lucky enough to get a potfull of the 3/5 guys to attend, this may very well be the best reunion ever.  Contact as many of your buds as you know.

Semper Fidelis,  The men of India Company 3/5 (Hastings)


May 6, 2003

Please welcome Captain Michael Gurrola to the roster.  He was the Company CO in late 1968 to early 1969.  Pictures will be posted soon.

April 24, 2003

Please welcome Stan Kulak to the roster.  Stan was with 2nd Platoon in 1968-69.  This was his 3rd tour.

Also please welcome Clifford Colby to the roster.  He was the Company First Sergeant in 1968.

Also, I got Edward Johnson's name wrong initially, had him listed as Nelson.  It's been fixed.

April 8, 2003

Please welcome the following Marines to the roster:

Bill R. Standridge, 1968, with 2nd platoon;

Leon G. Rendeiro, 1968, with 1st platoon;

Clarence E. Spoon, Jr. 1968, with 1st platoon; and

Ervin C. Spann, 1967-68, with 1st platoon.

Also we have posted James William Castor's (KIA 8/13/69) niece, email address at the bottom of the roster page.  If you knew James Castor you may wish to contact her. 

March 15, 2003

We have added PFC Robert J. Costa to Our Wall.  Robert was from Somerville, Massachussets.  He was KIA on March 1, 1969.

We have also PFC Jerry H. Heizer to Our Wall.  Jerry was from Staunton, Virgina and was KIA September 6, 1967.

Through the good graces of many phone calls by Curtis all over the country, we've added numerous of our old friends to the roster.  They are:

Robert L. McDuffie, 1st Platoon, 1968; Kerry Luedtke, 1968, an 0341;    Michael R. Ishop, 1968;  John B. Hatfield, 1968;    Bruce A. Hildenbrand 1967-68;    Geo MacClary, 1st Platoon 1968-69;      Jerry R. Marshall, 1st Platoon 1968-69;        William Harner, 1967-68, 1st Platoon;       Ervin C. Spann, 1st Platoon 1967-68;   James K. Rutherford, 3rd Platoon 1968;        Bill R. Standridge, 2nd Platoon 1968; Robert B. Fulford, 1968;    Alfred R. Garavaglia, 1968;    Wayne Gent, 1967-68;     Ernest A. Hanley, 1967-68;    Leroy H. Courtois, 1968;   Michael D. Collier, 1968; Michael Hines, 1968;     James E. Moss, 1968;    R.J. Ogle, 1968;     James W. Osborne, 1967-68, 2nd Platoon;       Richard D. Sharts Jr, 1968, came from Mike Company; Andrew W. Petty, 1967-68;         Billy G. Payton, 1967-68;    Willis B. Ford, 1968-69; James R. Lewzader, 1967-68;     and James E. Hawley, 1968.

Also, Vic Scheeler has a new email address, it is 

February 24, 2003

Please welcome John H. Krachenberger to the roster.  John was with 60mm mortars in 1968-69.

We've had a lot of guys on our lists from before this website was born.  Through oversight we've never actually added them to the roster.  That's just been rectified.  Too many to list here but we've added 86 Marines to the company roster.  20 of them have email addresses listed.  I've listed all of them as 1966 only though many served into later years.  

February 23, 2003

Please welcome to the Company roster:

Dwight J. Farrell, 1968

Walter R. Hall, 1967-68

Nelson L. Johnson, 1967-68

Nelson S. Jenkins, 1967-68

Howard L. Johnson, 1967-68 and 

Larry W. Jones, 1967-68

February 22, 2003

We have 12 new friends to add the roster.  They were found by Curtis working from an MPR (Monthly Personnel Report).  Please welcome 

Steven B. French, 1967-68

Dan P. Fields, 1967-68

Robert G. Delto, 1968

Dennis R. Davis, 1968

Berl D. Henson, 1967-68

Gregory R. Coe, 1968-70

John F. Crowe, 1967-68

Lyle Buss, 1968

Charles W. Calef, 1967-68 (First Sgt in 1968)

Chester M. Carrauthers, 1967-68

Gordon E. Albro, 1968  and

David R. Ball, 1968


February 20, 2003

We have added Lance Corporal James L. Coleman to Our Wall.  James was from Deport, Texas.  He was KIA on July 27, 1969 on Operation Durham Peak.

Please welcome John E. Anderson to our Roster.  John was a lieutenant with the company in 1968, he was XO right after Captain Kolakowski was killed.  He later transferred to Fox 2/26.

Also, please welcome Robert J. Pleis to the roster.  Robert was a lieutenant with the company in 1968, later transferring to Kilo.

JD Murray informed us that HQ USMC and Historical and Museums Branch now has Battalion Command Chronologies, with some AARs attached, available on CD (this is now the only way to get these, they no longer provide paper copies).  I have added a new page with JD's information and the letter from HQ USMC with instructions on how to order. Click here to go that page : Military Records. There are 108 CDs available.  The main one that is relevant to 3/5 is CD #49 (it has command chronologies from 1966 to 1971 for 2/5 and 3/5 plus extra stuff).  

February 5, 2003

We've posted 8 pictures from Tom Evitts. Of 2nd Squad 3rd Platoon in early 1970, at AnHoa, in the Arizona, on Hill 55, On Hill 881.

February 3, 2003

Robin Arnold's (KIA 7/24/66) brother Dave has a new email address. It is  Also you may see a tribute to Robin on

We have added a listing on the family and friends roster (at the bottom of the page of the regular roster) for the sister of Charles (Doc) Mariskanish (KIA 5/9/68, Silver Star). Her name is Cate and her email address is  Anyone who knew Doc and wishes to share memories with his family is invited to write. 

For reunion information for this coming May please visit

Added a number of pictures I've had for quite a while...thanks for your patience.

Two from Curtis Eidson, group pictures of the mortar crew, 1968.  Includes Carl Blankenship, Larry Vaught, Hall, Youngst, Chuck Strong, Jack Miller, Lundberg, Dansby, Webb, Bolton, Bradford, Mark Handley, Gary Callahan, Hervy Beckham, Edwards, Johnson and B.J. Hilliard.

Pictures from Ed Groves, of him and Albert Peterson, Gil Currie and Gary Painter.

Three from Chuck Strong, one current and two from 1968 including Hanley.

Eight from Ken Godkin, 1968, of him and various scenes.

January 24, 2003

Please welcome Vic Manget to the roster.  Vic was a corpsman with the company during Operation Hastings.

Also please welcome Tom Evitts to the roster.  Tom was a squad leader, 2nd squad, 3rd Platoon from April 1969 to April 1970.  Wounded twice, in March and September.



January 21, 2003

Please welcome Kenneth Godkin to the roster. Ken was with the company from December 1967 to February 1968 when he was wounded for the second time. He sent us some pictures which will be up soon (right after I get Ed Groves' pictures up).

Billy Myers has identified 3 Corpsmen who were awarded the Silver Star posthumously who served with the Regiment.  We do not know which Battalion and Company they served with.  If you remember any of these men please let us know. 

HM3 Donald A. Kirkham, KIA 2/1/68 from multiple fragmentation wounds. He was from Brookfield, Wisconsin;

HM2 Andrew C. Rackow, KIA 8/6/68 from small arms fire.  He was from University Park, Colorado;

HM2 Donald E. Schon, KIA 5/26/67 from small arms fire.  He was from Portland, Oregon. 

January 14, 2003

We have added Lance Corporal Larry Douglas Ledbetter to Our Wall.  Larry was from Bellflower, California and was KIA on 11 September 1969.  Ernie Fantini remembers him thusly: "I was with Larry Ledbetter when he died, he was putting himself in danger dragging wounded men back to our position, this was typical of his character throughout the time I knew him.  He was the noblest person I ever knew."

Please welcome Ernesto (Marty) Martinez to the roster, who was with the company from September 1967 to March of 1968.

Jerome Czarnowski has a new email address.  It is now 

December 16, 2002

We have added Corporal Charles J. Glenn III to Our Wall.  Charles was from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was KIA on July 7, 1967.

Please welcome the following Marines to our roster:

Bruce Reddish, who served with the company as an 0331 in 1966-67;

Jim Temple, who served with 1st squad, 1st Platoon from August, 1970 to January 21, 1971.  He transferred to 3/1 and remained in 'nam until May 7, 1971 when all ground Marine Corps combat operations were terminated;

James Mitchell, who was CO of the company in 1968 (and of Mike Company in late 1967 and early 1968);

Forrest McKay, who was an S-2 scout with the battalion from January 1967 to January 1968, spending a bit of time with India Company;

Michael L. Hayden, who was with the company in 1967 before transferring to Mike Co (and I believe wounded on Operation Swift);

The following folks have been online for a good while, we overlooked adding them to the roster, and more information will be provided later.  But for now, please welcome

Ed Crisp,

Ed Groves,

Larry Messmore, and

Bill Shipley (who was with 81s in 1970-71, attached to India).

Also, Ruben Salazar has an email address at And Vic "Doc" Perez has a new email address at