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Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

RVN, 1966 -1971
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Chris Belmont


Following is a series of 12 pictures from Chris Belmont, 2nd Platoon '69.

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From left to right:

1. Chris Belmont, Go Noi Island, June '69.

2. Left to right: Richard Lanklas, Chris Belmont and Dennis Mahilo (who is also on the roster).

3. Chris Belmont, Go Noi Island, June '69.

4. Second from left is Dennis Mahilo. May '69 at the compound outside An Hoa. If you remember any of the other guys please let us know.

5. The fire team at the same compound.  Dennis is taking the picture of Chris Belmont, Paul Brunick, Richard Lanklas and name not remembered.

6. Paul Brunick and "Rabbit", near Black Mountain, January '69.

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From Left to right:

7. Chris standing near the air strip at An Hoa, September '69.

8. Lt. LeClair, June '69 west of An Hoa in the Nui Son Ga foot hills.  Chris says the lieutenant is one of the best he served under. This is actually a picture of Jim Treadwell, Platoon Commander

9. Chris on flank security, March '69 while Mike Company crossed the Song Thu Bong on a big log. Some good people drowned that day.

10. Same river, a squad leader name Williams and two other guys, just after recovering 2 of the drowned Marines.  "A real waste" says Chris.

11. January '69 in the mountains. Paul Brunick, Chris and "Rabbit".

12. Chris standing by the lookout tower at Mike Company HQ in An Hoa, September '69.