Mike Company               

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

RVN, 1966 -1971
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Frank Clark


themorning.jpg (35916 bytes)

From Frank Clark, the day he left for 'nam, November '66.  Bottom row, left to right, his dad, mom and Frank. Top row his sister Faye and her daughter Gail in her arms, his sister Nell and brother Charlie.

fc_gg.jpg (19133 bytes) WARNING:  GRAPHIC. (If you get upset at viewing death, don't click).

From Frank, Hard Corps NVA killed on Union I.


fc_Waiting.jpg (58565 bytes) From Frank Clark, in an assembly area waiting for choppers to kick off Operation Desoto, February, 1967. The guy looking down may be Jacque Cote.


FC_DaNang 1967.jpg (46068 bytes) Sgt Frank Clark's pictures:  From left to right, Sgt. Clark, Sgt. Sullivan, LCpl Mercurio and SSgt Rogers.

freshoffpatrol_1967.jpg (27264 bytes) 1967, Fresh Off Patrol

vietnam_1967.jpg (53162 bytes) Frank Clark, 1967