Mike Company               

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

RVN, 1966 -1971
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Gary Bolen

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Bill Craig thought it would be a good idea to get matching mohawk haircuts
for good luck.While I wasn't looking he put a San Miguel beer in front of me and summoned his Fillipino friends over to have our picture taken....See what happens
when you listen to your friends.

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From left:

Picture 1:  Christmas 1966, left to right: Romball, Jim Danner, Gary Bolen, Carl Matlock and Bill Craig.

Picture 2: Left to right, back: Craig, not remembered, Gary Bolen.  Left to right, front: Romball, Jim Danner, not remembered. Gary says he had nothing to do with the drinking, he just stepped in to have his picture taken.   Right, Gary <g>

Picture 3: Bolen ID

Picture 4: Ron Czupek

Picture 5:  I think this is Gary (he didn't give us a caption for this one).

Picture 6:  Sgt. Travis Barlow.

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Gary Bolen, Mike Co, left, and Joe Holt, India, had an impromptu reunion in San Jose. 

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Gary Lee Bolen, now.