Mike Company               

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

RVN, 1966 -1971
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Tony Goodrich (1969-70)


GoodrichScrip1.jpg (93414 bytes) GoodrichScrip2.jpg (91638 bytes)

Front and back of some Vietnamese scrip, signed by members of 1st Platoon around Operation Durham Peak, 8/8/69

GoodrichGuns35.jpg (28100 bytes) 

Taken in summer or early fall of 1969. Tony Goodrich top left with M-16, to his right is Jim Cloherty (Fat Albert) pointing the .45, bottom left is Frank Sonnema holding the M-60, Tom Wityak on the bottom right looking bored.

GoodrichSonnemaAZ.jpg (33355 bytes)

Taken in late summer early fall of 1969 in the Arizona.  Frank Sonnema setting up the M-60 position for the night. Down to the right at the bottom of the hill may be Newbold setting up a claymore. 

tg_cridge.jpg (35817 bytes)


An ominous June of 1970 look at Charlie Ridge, from Hill 52, far western end of 3/5's AO.


tg_fireball.jpg (49335 bytes)

A Tony Goodrich picture taken in the summer of 1970.  Looking south across the Vu Gia river from Hill 52 at a fireball from a strike on an enemy pos.


tg_anhoa.jpg (117110 bytes)                               

   This is Tony Goodrich's,  first platoon '69-70, overhead shot of AnHoa.


tg_strike.jpg (46905 bytes)

A phantom strike on enemy movement west of Hill 52, summer of 1970.  Photo by Tony Goodrich.  He caught the fireball on this shot.  The brown patch on the far right at the base of the mountain was the Thuong Duc Special Forces camp.  They'd get hit at night and you could watch the fireworks from the incoming and outgoing.


tg_106.jpg (38304 bytes)

Another of Tony's pictures, this one of a 106RR on a combat mission on Hill 52.   Check out the dust kicked out by the backblast on the right. The rifle looks to be mounted on a mule.