Mike Company               

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

RVN, 1966 -1971
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Various Pictures, Mike Company 

Lovejoy.jpg (25240 bytes)

Steve Lovejoy in front of the battalion bulletin board

Egan.jpg (6025 bytes) Egan_Pruitt_KCScout.jpg (8590 bytes)

From Vince Egan (late '69, early '70), the one on the right is Pruitt with a Kit Carson scout. The river on left looks like the Vu Gia along Rte 4.

bradhowsmon.jpg (34899 bytes)

Steve Howsmon's picture of him on the right and Brad Reynolds on the left. (click to enlarge)

Kevin Titsworth, San Jose, California, KIA 16 February 1967 during Operation Desoto

Panel 15E, Line 52

Uebel Platoon pic Mike 1 Aug 70.jpg (38880 bytes) Uebel October 70.jpg (18743 bytes)

Picture from Tom Uebel, of Mike 1 in August 1970. First Platoon was running road security off Hill 37 at the time.  Tom is in shadows at top right.

On mountain top in October 1970.

Big John Clair_staff Oneil & Washington_ Nappi.jpg (36783 bytes)

From Lt. Nappi:  John Clair (CO of Mike Company in 1969, after Pat Burns and before Ted Lewis), O'Neill, Washington, Nappi.

unknown DontShootM3-5.jpg (11364 bytes)

This picture came from the archives of Golf 2/7 and is captioned as being a Mike 3/5 Marine. Does anyone know who this is (time frame unknown).  Note the writing on the helmet. (Michael (Turk) Wears identified the guy with the "Stop! Don't shoot, I'm short" on his helmet as Gary Wells, on patrol sometime in February or March 1968).


jerrytrent1.jpg (13640 bytes)

Jerry Trent and daughter Rachelle when she was in 8th grade.


frank.gif (80147 bytes)

Frank Ambrose, boot camp picture.


 vidler.jpg (93826 bytes)

PFC Dean Vidler, Mike Co. 13 October - 19 December, 1967 (KIA).



Vn-1.jpg (30936 bytes)

Picture from J.D. Steward (Blondie, on the right), Lima Company, 1st squad, 1st Platoon when not walking point for the  company.  Picture was taken at BAS in An Hoa, July, '68...a bunch of guys recuperating from minor shrapnel wounds, waiting transport back to the Dodge City Area.  Most of the guys on this picture died.  Sleep well, Marines and Semper Fi!