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Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

RVN, 1966 -1971
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Brad Reynolds

BradReynoldsToolsoftheTrade.jpg (30286 bytes)

Brad with tools of the trade

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1. Brad with pack and Hipp in front, Oct/Nov of 1967.  (Hipp was just found!)

2. Brad with friend, does anyone remember him? (Rock recognized him: Bob "Sugarbear" Bryant).

3. Brad recording a cassette to send home.

4. Nameless friend, does anyone remember him?

5. Brad at the tower at An Hoa.

6. Recent reunion, Brad and Debbe Reynolds, and J.C. Bowers.

br bradbunker.jpg (17728 bytes) Brad in front of hooch.

brad1x1.jpg (45313 bytes) Brad Reynolds, coming off Operation Essex, November 1967

briggs1x1.jpg (51546 bytes) Brad Reynolds' best friend, Thomas Briggs, KIA February 8, 1968.


Brad4.jpg (36064 bytes)             Brad5.jpg (33765 bytes)                    Brad6.jpg (35575 bytes)             Brad7.jpg (28103 bytes)

These four pictures, above, and the three below are by Brad Reynolds, '67-68.  They were all friends of Brad's. Most are dead.  If you know their names please let us know.  It's important. (The bottom middle picture is a friend that Brad thinks was still alive when Brad was medevaced on June 14, 1968.) (August 30, 2001....the middle picture below is of Jack Swan, on our roster and who has just visited Brad and Debbe!) (February 1, 2002...Marine on the cot is Steve Howsmon, just added to the roster today!)


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Brad_R.jpg (46753 bytes)Brad Reynolds, 1967-68