Mike Company               

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

RVN, 1966 -1971
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Rick Golbeck

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MikeCo_66.jpg (165877 bytes)

All of Mike Company, early 1966, on Okinawa, approximately the same time frame as the picture of 1st Platoon, below (This picture is quite large so it will take about a minute to load at with a 28.8 modem...less with a faster modem)

1stPlatoon_Mike.jpg (108326 bytes)

This is a picture of 1st Platoon, Mike Company on Okinawa, April 1966.

Rick remembers some of the names, so here we go:

It'll be front row, left to right, and if I dont know who someone is I'll put a question mark followed by a comma.

Front row left to right:

    Corpsman Youngblood, Cpl. Travis Barlow, ?, Cpl. Griffith, Sgt. Royce, Lt.
    Murray, Ssgt B.T. Turner, Sgt. Ross, Cpl. Herrin, ?.

2nd Row: Vernon Ford, Herrera, Rick Golbeck!!, ? , ? , Saint Clair*,  Theo Eddins,
LaNore*, ? .

    3rd Row: ? , ? , Toal,  Nattie Abromowitz, William Mattson, ? , ? , Joseph.

  4th Row: Greg York, Carl E. Matlock, ? , Thompson, Garcia, ? , ? , Dennis Romball, Leo (Bill) Lett.

    5th Row: ? , Schuh, Hubbel, Sundin, ? , ? , ? , Corpsman Janiak.

* denotes K.I.A.