Mike Company               

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

RVN, 1966 -1971
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Captain Pat Burns

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Memorial Graphic made for us by Vic Vilionis of 7th Marines

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At age 23, entering military service.

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This is  Liberty Bridge, after the buildup.  The next picture shows it as it was being built up. (May be Liberty Road).

pb_patat35.jpg (35408 bytes)

Captain Burns and Lt. Tom Williams under the Mike 3/5 Banner.  Standing behind them is Staff Sgt. Wagner, the 1st Platoon Sgt.  Captain Burns kept this flag folded up on his nightstand next to his bed for the rest of his life.

 pb_patcake35.jpg (48325 bytes)

Captain Burns holding a Marine Corps birthday cake, with one of his troops


pb_patdanang.jpg (64639 bytes)

Captain Burns in Da Nang, with,  top row, left to right, Dean Halton, Tom Mahlum and Jim Treadwell.  The man on the bottom left is Ted Lewis.

 pb_taiwan.jpg (37285 bytes)

Captain Burns, in Taiwan.