Mike Company               

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

RVN, 1966 -1971
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Paul O'Connell

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LeslieThompson.jpg (21384 bytes)

Platoon Sergeant Leslie Thompson, Silver Star, KIA 3/5/69 on Operation Taylor Common

OConnell Browder.jpg (31295 bytes)

Paul and Ed Browder last month, when Ed was visiting Massachusetts.

po_Pralicz2.jpg (41706 bytes)

A picture of a marine whose last name was Pracliz (spelling may be off) and myself taken in December 1968 at the beginning of Operation Taylor Common. I went through ITR and Staging with Pracliz. He later was wounded during Operation Pipestone Canyon.

Paul in RVN 1990.jpg (49414 bytes)

This is one of Paul's pictures from his trip to Vietnam in 1990. This one is north of the 17th parallel.

po-OwensandWagner.jpg (67129 bytes)

Staff Sgt Wagner is on the left. On the right in the back is Corporal Glenn. In the front, the radio operator is Amby Owens. Photo was taken on Go Noi Island during Operation Pipestone Canyon May 1969. I believe SSGT Wagner was the PLT CO as Lt Williams was wounded on May 27, 1969, right after John Kirschner was blown away.

po_Meinse~1.jpg (106821 bytes)

From Paul O'Connell:  me in Sea Tiger............. The arrow points to me...... Terry Householter is the Marine to my right who has glasses on. We got hot chow flown out to us on Go Noi Island. Terry would be dead in less than a few weeks after this picture was taken. This was probably his last hot meal other than C-rats.

po_Seatig~1.jpg (115991 bytes)

Paul O'Connell's copy of Sea Tiger from late 68 telling about Operation Taylor Common


PO_Terry.jpg (64253 bytes)                                      PO_lvanhoalz.jpg (28679 bytes)                                          PO_paulvn.jpg (38539 bytes)

Paul O'Connell's pictures, from left to right:

1) In memory of LCpl Terry Householter (standing), KIA on 6/23/69, a week or so after this picture was taken.  The Marine in the middle, sitting, last name was Lopez.

2)Spring, 1969.  LZ at AnHoa for troop transport.  Mike company's HQ was not far from here and with good eyesight you might be able to make out the red mailbags waiting to go out to the grunts in the field.

3) Left: Don Collier, Center: Paul O'Connell, Right: Ryan.  Paul writes he would love to hear from Don or Ryan. Picture taken in March 1969 after surviving 103 days in the bush during Operation Taylor Common.  There weren't many Marines left from 1st Platoon after that operation.


Paul&I.jpg (30431 bytes)

Ed McCurry, H&S '70, left, and Paul O'Connell, Mike Co. '68-69, at the Iwo Jima Memorial, 11/10/98.