Mike Company               

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

RVN, 1966 -1971
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J.C. Bowers


bowers dec67   plt sgt front left_  plt lt front right    behind  unknown.jpg (15841 bytes) bowers left  is lcpl swan jcbowers center cpl vandergrif standing right.jpg (14985 bytes) BowersGroup.jpg (20200 bytes) bowers me at  2bn recon  onslo beach  camp lejeune n.c.   1967.jpg (6140 bytes)

Left picture, December 1967, at bottom left is the platoon sergeant, at right is the platoon Lt. The others are unknown.

The next picture has LCpl Swan at left, J.C. Bowers at center, Cpl Vandergriff (Found!!) at right.

Do you know anyone in the group picture? Terry Otell writes that he's in the first row, second from left. Next to him on left is Sq Leader Rich ? (from Boston), then UNK, then Sgt Blair (from Boston). On 2nd row from left Bill Russell (Valley Forge), Trowese (Chelsea, Boston), Unk, John Hercinko (Pittsburgh), Unk, Lt Richard (Rashard) (New Orleans).


Bowers at Onslo Beach in 1967, 2nd Bn Recon.

bowers bottom pic   f4 phantom taken at danang 67.jpg (6964 bytes) bowers top pic  crusader  taken at danang 67.jpg (7861 bytes) bowers otter.jpg (11910 bytes)

On left, F-4 at DaNang

Center, Crusader at DaNang

At right, an Otter (amphib vehicle)

jb1_base cam lz nov 67.jpg (6848 bytes) jb2_base cam lz nov 67.jpg (6967 bytes) jb3_base cam lz nov 67.jpg (6767 bytes)

Three pictures from the base camp lz, November '67?

jb_lcpl faison.jpg (20171 bytes) jb_workman-bowers-lucibello rear left.jpg (20864 bytes) jb_what will we shoot that commie with next.jpg (10835 bytes)

On left, LCpl Faison

Center picture, rear left, Workman, Bowers, Lucibello, others are unknown. Terry Otell is second from left, second row. 

Right picture, 'What will we shoot those commies with next?"


bowers1.jpg (16864 bytes)

J.C. Bowers with mohawk.

jb_01.jpg (30117 bytes)4 Photos by J. C. Bowers. From left to right:   Montgomery, Workman and Lucibello.  Probably around TET '68. (Richard Dudley, an engineer from 1st MAW, knew Montgomery, both in high school and in Vietnam...if anyone knows his whereabouts or any other info about him, please email Dick at rich.dudley@nhpeas.ang.af.mil)

jb_marcias.jpg (36150 bytes)Marcias,  Mike 3/5.

DL_bowers.jpg (30767 bytes)David Langston, Mike 3/5

.JCBSS.jpg (28487 bytes)J.C. Bowers, Mike 3/5, '67-'68.