Mike Company               

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

RVN, 1966 -1971
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Grady Rainbow

DivHill.jpg (48074 bytes) From Grady Rainbow, Division Hill, Da Nang.


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Grady Rainbow pictures: Left: Corporals Boren, Fargo (aka "Flower Child"), Labaday and Tyson.  Tyson was KIA shortly thereafter.   This picture was taken at 11th Motors coming back from a body ID detail to Da Nang.   Right: Cpl Smith, "Smitty". He saved my butt the first time I got hit in April, 1969. Center: Kit Carson Scout Da', picture taken on operation Pipestone Canyon.  He was murdered by the VC in 1970 along with his family.


gr_cpl69.jpg (41746 bytes)Grady Rainbow picture of when he made Corporal in Nov 69, the officers are Lt. Shaffer (Aide-de-Camp) and BGen. Charles S. Robertson. This was his Combat Meritorious promotion after he got out of the hospital and was stationed at Division HQ.  He later received a similar promotion to Sergeant (picture below with Colonel Noble Beck (5th Marines Regiment CO) and Brigadier General William F. Doehler, the 1st Division ADC.

GR_sgt70.jpg (25802 bytes)

Grady_Wife.jpg (24113 bytes)Grady Rainbow and his lovely wife.