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April to November, 2001


November 29, 2001

Please welcome Jerry Grant to the H&S company roster.  Jerry was with the second section of 81mm mortars in 1968-69.

November 28, 2001

We have posted the Silver Star Citation for Staff Sergeant Adam Banks, Jr.  for actions on 8 November 1967 during Operation Essex.

Uploaded George Blankenship's pictures announced yesterday (something I forgot to do). 

November 26, 2001

Please welcome Derrick Stockhausen to the Mike Company roster. Derrick was an 0311 with Bravo 2nd Platoon in 1969-70.

We've posted four pictures from George Blankenship.  One's current, of him and his family, three are in country, one with Paul Bonetti (who'se on our Wall), one with Jim Godsey, Dennis Hiatt and Brad Ellis, and one at China Beach with, of all things, a Korean Bible salesman.

We have added three names to Our Wall.  All KIA on September 11, 1968.  Though this happened after his tour, Captain Frank Pacello remembered the names of some of his troops.  We thank you.  Added are, LCpl Jerry Don Copeland from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; PFC Armando Lopez from Los Angeles, California; and LCpl Fred Concetto Spina from Woodbury, New Jersey.  

November 24, 2001

Please welcome Rick Riley to the H&S roster.  Rick came in country with October '66 with 3/1 and was with them until November '67.  After going on leave he returned and joined 106s until June of 1968.  Read his bio (around the middle of the second H&S bio page) for an interesting story on how 106s were set up.  Rick remembers Paul Bonetti and Bob Sproul, who lost their lives just prior to Rick's rotation date. 

Also please welcome Jim Fehrenbacher to the H&S roster.  Jim was with 106s also.  He came in country in March 1967 and served with Kilo Company.  In November '67 he transferred to 106s and stayed with the platoon until April '68 when he rotated.  Jim doesn't have a computer but if you need to contact him please write Rick (above). 

We've posted the Silver Star Citation for Paul Anasiewicz, KIA 18 July 1966 on Operation Hastings while with Mike Company. 

November 22, 2001

Please welcome Steve Elk (Big Ike) to the H&S roster.  Steve was with fire support team, attached to Mike and Lima from January to October 1969. He remembers Danny Bruce (MOH), who saved his life, as well as Steve Pike, Ray Hammond, Billy Pharr, Big Jones, Little Jones, Smitty, Little Smitty and Tom Cormier.  He'd like to hear from anyone on bunkers 3 or 18 in An Hoa.

Also, please welcome Kevin Kelly to the Mike Company roster. Kevin was with the company from 1966 until May 1, 1967, when he was wounded. He's kept in touch with Chuck Cummings (also on the roster), his best friend in the Marine Corps, they spent their entire hitch together. With thanks to Deb Reynolds for forwarding the info.  Deb's new email address is combatwife@home.com 

We have posted the Silver Star Citation for Corporal Peter Schrader, November 7, 1967, on Operation ESSEX.  Peter was a platoon radio operator who took command when the Platoon Commander was killed. The next day the newly assigned Platoon Commander was also killed and Peter again took over.  In leading his platoon to safety he was mortally wounded.  On this day, November 22, 2001, Thanksgiving Day, we give thanks to Peter and all our comrades on Our Wall, for being who they were, Marines, Americans and our Friends. May they be remembered forever. Semper Fidelis.

November 19, 2001

We have posted the Silver Star Citation for Corporal Stuart Tyson, serving as a Squad Leader with Mike Company, award date of 7 June 1969, the date he was killed. 

November 18, 2001

We've added PFC Owen White to our Wall.  Owen was a Fire Team Leader with Mike Company and was from Chicago, Illinois.  He was KIA on September 11, 1968, during Mameluke Thrust.  He is also a recipient of the Silver Star and we have posted his Citation here. 

There were twenty Marines killed in Quang Nam Province on September 11, 1968.  It is believed that eighteen of them were from Mike Company.  Outside of the two we have just added, White and Hoyez, we don't have unit affiliations for any of the others.  If you knew any of the following Marines, please let us know: Creed Bryant; Bruce Carter; Jerry Copeland; Bruce Crabb; Richard Daniels; Jerry Evans; Jesus Garcia; Armando Lopez; Harold Mathews; George McGee; Billy Joe Scott; Phillip Slaughter; Douglas Smith; Fred Spina; Thomas Steele; Frank Vallone; Toby Watkins; Jimmie Youngs. Thank you!

Jerry De Lena has a new email address on the Mike Company roster.  It is g.delena@verizon.net 

Claude Stephens, recently added to the H&S Company roster, was a 2511 with Comm Platoon. 

November 16, 2001

We've added PFC James Hoyez to Our Wall.  James was from Albany, Oregon and was KIA on 11 September 1968. He is also a recipient of the Silver Star.

We have a listing for three other Silver Star recipients from Mike Company, as well as one from Kilo and one from Lima, on the Valor page of the Battalion Home Page. They are, from Mike Company, LCpl Andrew Giordano, 9/4/67 (KIA); GySgt Lawrence Harville, 5/9/68 (KIA); PFC Ralph Howard, 2/6/68; and James Hoyez, (above).  From Kilo Company, 2nd Lt John Hewitt, 2/6/68, and from Lima Company, Sgt David Gulash, 9/12/67 (KIA).  With thanks to Billy Myers for all this information. 

November 15, 2001

Please welcome Claude Stephens to the H&S roster. Claude was with the company from 1966 to 1967 and is looking for his buddy Anthony Russo.

Added a Silver Star Citation for Sergeant Leslie Thompson, May 3, 1969.  Sgt Thompson was KIA two days later. With thanks to Billy Myers for this citation and many others to follow. 

October 11, 2001

Please welcome Ronnie Blurton to the Mike Company roster.  Ronnie was Chief Clerk from November 1967 to September 1968.

October 8, 2001

Please welcome Doctor H. Brenler to the H&S Company roster.  Doc Brenler was the Battalion Surgeon from January to August 1969.

Also, please welcome Dan Praytor to the Mike Company roster.  Dan was an 0331 with Weapons in 1967.  He was wounded on 5/26/67.

I've been offline for a while folks, so if you tried to send me stuff and it's not on here, it means I lost it, apologies tendered. Please send it again.

A word about current events.  If you ever wondered why we have a Marine Corps, or any military service, wonder no more.  Semper Fidelis and God Bless America.   

September 7, 2001

Please welcome Fred Novak to the Mike Company roster.  Fred was with the company in 1967 on Operations Shelbyville and Essex.  0311 and radio operator, good friends with Dennis Flood. 

Also, please welcome Robert Veloz to the Mike Company roster.  Robert was with the company from April of 1964 to September 1965 when the battalion went to Oki and was redesignated. 

We have added Michael John Callahan to Our Wall.  Michael was KIA on November 8, 1967.  He was from Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania.

Steve Haygood has a new email address effective today.  It's cobratoploader@aol.com. It has been changed on the roster.

Virus alert:  If you get an email from someone you know that has the title Per Your Request, do NOT open the attachment...this is a new virus that hasn't been updated on virus list databases yet.  9/5/2001

September 4, 2001

Please welcome Jerry De Lena to the Mike Company roster.  Jerry was a rifleman first and then became the Company radio operator.  He was with the company from December 1969 to December 1970.  Jerry identified one of the unknowns in Randy Pelt's picture Mike 3 above Liberty Bridge as Doc "Spud". On Randy's picture page.

Debbe Reynolds has posted pictures from Rob Whitlow, who was an AO during Operation Swift, September 1967.  He also has one hell of a write up of what he remembers at the same place.  At http://usmcwife.hypermart.net/swiftwhitlow.htm

August 31, 2001

Added five pictures to Tom Wityak's picture page.  Of his 19th Birthday in the Arizona, of Hills 65 and 52,  aerial view of An Hoa. These are also on Debbe's site. 

Two pictures were added to Donnie Tucker's Memorial page.  One is a picture of Donnie in the bush, shortly before his death.  The second is of his final resting place.  Contributed by Tom Wityak.

August 30, 2001

We've added Jack Swan's picture (1967) to a picture page.  Also, one of Brad Reynold's pictures, near the bottom of his picture page, is of Jack.  They just had a mini reunion at Brad and Deb's house!

August 27, 2001

Through the good graces of his family and of Rock Giambrocco, we have the Silver Star Citation for Doc (Harry) Bowman (KIA 5/9/68).  It's been posted in the Citation section.

We've added links to Kilo 3/7's website and to Mike (Gomer) Pyle's site, a tribute to 3/9. On the links page. 

August 23, 2001

We've made a memorial page for Donny Tucker, KIA on October 10, 1970.  It includes his boot camp picture, Certificates for his Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart, Honorable Service and a letter from General Chapman, the Commandant to Donny's Father.  Donny's brother Ronnie (who was with Mike 3/1 at the same time) attended our last reunion.  Also attending were folks who knew Donny, like Tom Wityak.  If you knew Donny and would like to add a remembrance, we would be happy to add it. 

On Randy Pelt's picture page, we've corrected some of the captions. Identifications of Donald Weger, Lt. Martinez, Doc Tollefson, Lt Hall, Lt Delvando and Lt Duemling. 

Jim Breeden (81s 1967-68, on the H&S roster) has an email address now. It is jbesh@aol.com 

August 19, 2001

Please welcome Bob Barone to the Mike Company roster.  Bob was with guns, 1st Platoon from December 1966 to December 1967.

August 16, 2001

Please welcome Ron Pizana to the Mike Company roster. Ron joined Mike Company in March 67 and was in 2nd Platoon then Weapons as a Squad Leader until wounded in February 1968 near Phu Loc 2. Please see his bio for more details.   (Ron signed up quite a while ago but your brain dead webmaster put him on India's roster).

August 14, 2001

Please welcome Terry (Hippie) Lanyi to the H&S roster.  Terry was a mortarman with the company from in the 1967-69 period.

Bob Spano (Mike Company) email address is now Bob35stinger@netscape.net 

On the battalion home page we posted the Silver Star citation for David Stinson (July 22, 1966) while he was with Lima Company. Subsequently, David was a platoon sergeant then platoon commander with India.

August 12, 2001

We posted 50 pictures from our last reunion from Jim Bisesi on the battalion page. 

August 7, 2001

Please welcome Lt. Blecksmith to the Mike Company roster. The Lt was 2nd platoon CO from July to November 1967. If you wish to contact him you should write Ray Harton. 

We've got a couple of email address changes. Lyle Leonard is now at spice1@chartemi.net and Joe Bowers is at Bowers279@hotmail.com.

We have posted 23 pictures of the 2001 reunion from Jake Bortscheller on the battalion pointer site. We have a substantial archive of pictures and expect to get many of them up over the next few days, weeks etc.  It's located at http://www.securenet.net/3rdbn5th/2001_reunion.htm 

James Kirschke's book, Not Going Home Alone, has finally hit the publishers.  I received my copy today from Amazon.com. Jim was the 81s platoon commander in 1966 and was with Hotel 2/5 in 1967 where he was grievously wounded.  This book is about those times.  When I finish reading it I'll give you all a review. I've read a few paragraphs of it just to get a feel and it is very well written...as you would expect since Jim is a Professor of English at Villanova University.  The cost is 6.75 and shipping was 4.48.

August 5, 2001

Jimmy Bramlage (FAC 66-67) has a new email address.  It is L_Bramlage@prodigy.net 

Added 50 pictures in 10 collections from Vernon Ford, 1966-67 Mike Company.  On his picture page.

Added a picture from Raul Vasquez of Ken Deverex, Ray Harton, Bill Casey and Raul at the Iwo Jima last year. On his picture page.

August 3, 2001

We've posted a number of pictures from Raul Vasquez. They are, of Hasting guys,  Costas, Bliss,  Woody Watrous, Randy Summers, an adopted Vietnamese family, Ontos on Hill 69, Col Esllinger now, Raul and family, and many others. On his picture page.

July 31, 2001

Please welcome Billy Joe Simms to the Mike Company roster.  Billy was with the company from 67 to 68, was a rifle squad leader and was wounded on Operation Swift. He doesn't have a computer yet, so no email.

Bob Marnell has left the land of kangaroos and is now in the U.S.  His new email address is bmarnell@aristocrat-inc.com.  On the H&S roster.

Larry Buzzelli was a Doc with Mike Company in 69 and maybe in 70.  He died recently and his wife and 17 year old son are looking for anyone who might have known him. His wife's email address is iswaltner@hotmail.com 

July 21, 2001

Please welcome George Brick to both the Mike and H&S Company rosters. George was with 3/5 from April 1968 to May 1969. While nominally with Comm Platoon he spent his tour with Mike Co as a FAC/10.  Please see his bio on one of the Mike Co bio pages.  Also, has anyone heard from or know where the Comm Chief, Gunny Jones;  the Mike, then H&S Company Gunny Banks; or Dennis Welsh are? 

July 19, 2001

Added 8 pictures from Craig Sullivan, of the bomb crater on Swift where the wounded were put, VC prisoners captured in March 1968, Radio operators Luke and Mercurio, Swan, Odom and Schjolle.  On his picture page. 

July 18, 2001

Please welcome Bob Hanson to the Mike Company roster.  An 0331, Bob was with the company from November 1967 to August 1968.

Doc Bowman (KIA 5/9/68) was awarded a Silver Star which we have added to the table of awards on the battalion pointer site.

July 16, 2001

We are adding lost brothers to our rosters if they have family members or friends who wish to be contacted.  Today, we added Doc Bowman (KIA 5/9/68) to the Mike Company roster with a link to his niece Leslie's email address.  You may also read Leslie's message on the message board. 

We also have an email address for Skipper McElroy.  On the roster

July 12, 2001

Please welcome Antonio Martinez to the Mike Company roster. Tony was with the company from August 1967 until December in 1967 when he was wounded.  He was in Sgt. Peters' platoon when Sgt. Pete lost his life on Swift.  Tony was a pointman and then a squad leader.  Anyone who remembers Tony is invited to write him.

Tony remembers the following two Marines who were KIA on Essex and are now on Our Wall:

LCpl James Lee Navarro from Nashville, Georgia was KIA on November 8, 1967, on that trail where many others died where the company was pinned down.  He had his Bowie knife pulled as his rifle had malfunctioned when he was face to face with the NVA who had the company pinned down..

Cpl Richard John Giebe from Granite City, Illinois.  KIA on November 9, 1967. Thanks for remembering, Tony.

Also, Dave Heafner (H&S) has a new email address.  It is now dave@heafner.org

July 11, 2001

Please welcome William Vandergriff to the Mike Company roster.  Bill (also known as Indian sometimes) was point man then squad leader with 1st Squad, 1st Platoon from December 1966 to December 1967. Jack Swan found him last week.  I think Joe Bowers has a picture of Bill on his picture page.

For your next reunion plans, in LaGrange, Georgia to be held on May 16-19, 2002, please see the reunion page on the battalion site.

July 10, 2001

Please welcome Carlton Green to the Mike Company roster.  Carl was Mike Company in 1970 but was an old Seagoing buddy of Joe Holt's earlier.  Thanks Joe for finding him.  Carl doesn't have email yet but if you guys remember him we have his phone number and address.

Also please welcome Ronald Clabough to the Mike Company roster. Ron was with the company in 1967 and was an 0341. The email address attached to his name belongs to his wife, Linda. 

Rick Golbeck wrote Joe Holt a real nice letter that we want to share with you.  It's on the message board at http://venus.beseen.com/boardroom/c/30679).  With thanks to Debbe Reynolds for forwarding it on.  You might also visit her site for a beautiful memorial page to Rick's wife Shirley. 

July 8, 2001

Please welcome Frank Pacello to the Mike Company roster.  Frank was the CO of Mike Company from March to September 1968.

Also please welcome Thomas Larson to the H&S Company roster.  Tom was an FO with 81s from February to June 1968.  Serving with India Company (and he's on India's roster too) he was wounded 3 times, the last time June 15 when Captain Kolakowski was killed.

July 5, 2001

We are saddened to report that Rick Golbeck's wife, Shirley, died early yesterday.  A memorial service will be held at their house on Saturday. You can see pictures of Rick and Shirley in happier times on Deb's site at: http://usmcwife.hypermart.net/mmgolbeck.htm.  Rick's email address is bvblackduck@yahoo.com

We have posted 13 of Byron Hill's pictures on his picture page. He was an FO with Mike Co. in 1967.

We have two email address changes to announce.  Travis Barlow (Mike Co. 1966-67) is at barlowtwb@home.com. Gene Bowers (Operations Officer 1967-68) is at genewbowers@home.com

July 2, 2001

Please welcome Jack Swan to the Mike Company roster.  Jack was with company from May to December 1967.

Rick Golbeck is hurting some, my friends.  His wife is in not so good shape.  If you'd like to drop a line his email address is bvblackduck@yahoo.com 

June 30, 2001

Please welcome Mike Doucette to the H&S roster.  Mike was a radio operator with 81s, serving with FOs in the bush with Kilo and Lima from December 1969 to December 1970.

June 24, 2001

Please welcome Wayne Vines to the H&S roster.  Wayne was with 81s in 1966-67 and went from ammo humper to FO.  He's also in contact with Louie Poole, Sgt. Reed and L/Cpl Hill, who we hope to add to the roster soon. 

Also please welcome Bob Wuorenma to the H&S roster.  Bob was a combat engineer attached to BLT 3/5 during Deckhouse I, Nathan Hale, Deckhouse II, Hastings, Colorado.  He was wounded on Deckhouse I.

June 17, 2001

I thought my good friend Tony Goodrich (Mike 69-70) had dropped off the face of the earth.  Not true! He's just got a new email address. It's tgoodrich@earthlink.net Been changed on the roster too. 

June 14, 2001

Today is the anniversary of Brad Reynolds and Art Diabo being wounded, Brad for the 3rd time.  You are in our thoughts.

More to come, thanks for your patience

June 13, 2001

Please welcome Sgt. Bob Lindsey to the H&S roster.  Bob was with the battalion from May 1967 to June 1968 and was the CO's radio operator. He remembers Father Capodanno, saw him 10 minutes before he lost his life. 

Added a bio from Jim Denney on the H&S bio page.

Fixed Craig Sullivan's email address on the H&S roster.

Dave Martinez is looking for anyone who might have known John DeNava, KIA 1/15/68 while serving with Mike Company.  Dave was with H&S. 

Added a news item in bits and pieces submitted by Dane Brown from itsjustanamthing.com, about how two Marines, high school students, were not allowed to attend their own graduation because they were wearing Dress Blues. It's called disrespect.  Also added a response from the Superintendent of Schools on the same page.  Who to believe? 

Five of us were at the dedication of the chapel at the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany, Georgia, this past weekend, to Father Capodanno, MOH Mike 3/5.  We'll be working on a report and pictures to share with you. 

June 6, 2001 (DDay 1944)

Please welcome Bryan Krueger to the H&S roster. Bryan was with the 3rd section of 81s from November 1967 to December 1969 and was wounded in September 1968.

Also, please welcome Retired GySgt Jim Denney to the H&S roster. Jim was with the company in 1966 on the Princeton.

Fixed Craig Sullivan's email address.  Also, Mike Wilson has a new email address at seaside10a@worldnet.att.net 

We're still working on a reunion recap....loads of very fine pictures to sort through.  Also, we have incountry pictures from Byron Hill, Craig Sullivan and Vernon Ford to put up...many of them (I'll be putting them up as I can...thanks for your patience). 

May 28, 2001

We wish you a calm, reflective and peaceful Memorial Day

We have added Corporal Leonard Ray Saint Clair to Our Wall, this Memorial Day.  Leonard was from Beaumont, Texas and was KIA on 26 February 1967.  He is remembered by Vernon Ford.  

We've added Frank Ambrose to the H&S Company roster. Frank, on the Mike roster already, was with H&S prior to coming to Mike. 

We've added information to Tom Wityak's Mike Company roster listing.  Tom was with the 1st and Weapons Platoons and was an 0311/0331.

Posted an account of visiting the North Carolina Vietnam Veteran's Memorial on May 17.  Happened upon it accidentally.

The following poem was scribbled today by Grady Rainbow.  It is too good not share with you.  Thank you Grady

To all our honored brothers on this day of remembrance....


That all who served before will be graced with honor....

To those who have borne the wounds of combat....

To the loved ones left behind...

May the earth grace your presence, and heaven gather you up....

May you be in heaven five minutes before the devil knows you're dead...

You have spent your time in hell, that we may live in peace..


Memorial Day, 2001


May 25, 2001

Please welcome John Brasier to the Mike Company roster.  John was a Corpsman with the company from 1966-67. 

Please welcome Gordon Odom to the H&S Company roster. Gordon was a sergeant with the battalion in 1967-68 and remembers Tony Stovall and Craig Sullivan among others.  Please see his bio entry on one of the bio pages. 

Also, please welcome Colonel Dean Esslinger (Ret.) to the H&S roster. Col. Esslinger was the Battalion Co from December 1966 to May 1967. Raul Vasquez met with the Colonel two weeks ago in Chicago and gave me the opportunity beforehand to write a letter and send a 3/5 shirt to give him on our behalf.  We received a very nice thank you note from Col Esslinger, saying that he'd worn the shirt for luck.  Got a note from Raul tonight saying that he'd won a rare round of golf wearing his lucky 3/5 shirt.  

We've added Craig Sullivan to the H&S roster (he's already on the Mike roster). Also added a bio entry for him there.  Craig was the S-3 Chief with H&S from after Tet to June of 1968. Prior to that he was Platoon Sergeant and Platoon Commander of 1st Platoon, Mike Company. 

Vernon Ford has a new email address. It is sgtvford@bellsouth.net 

We've posted A Story of Two Vietnam Marines and a Camera.  It's an incredible story about Frank Ambrose and Ken Fields from Mike Company.  The story has been submitted to Leatherneck Magazine and will be published there. (Frank and Ken were both at the reunion recently and we'll have pictures of that shortly). 

Jim Kirschke, 81s platoon commander in '66, then with Hotel 2/5 in '66 and '67 until he was wounded has written a book entitled Not Going Home Alone and is about 3/5 and 2/5 during those years.  It is available for preordering through Random House. Go to amazon.com and search by title or author and order it if you wish to get it. Enough orders go through and Random House won't drag their feet and might publish it earlier than the July scheduled date. Hans Haupt says it is an excellent book. And I have met Jim and heard him lecture...he's got a lot to say. 

We're still working on our reunion report, lots of pictures to sort through...if you have some you'd like to send in, by all means please do. For a teaser look at the what's new page on India's site.

Also, there have been a number of messages posted on the message board about the reunion.  You can read them at http://venus.beseen.com/boardroom/c/30679 and add your own thoughts and memories.

May 21, 2001

Dear Friends, our second Reunion at LaGrange is over, too soon.  You will have a reporting of it on the India pages in the next few days, we will announce it here too (There were Mike, India, H&S and Lima guys there). 

May 14, 2001

We've added Terry Otell's excellent biography.  On a Mike Company bio page (they're in alphabetical order there....the roster eventually will be too).

May 9, 2001

Please welcome Tom Walsh to the H&S Company roster.  Tom was a radio operator from 1967-68 with the company, serving as first, Colonel Webster's operator, then Colonel Rockey's. We've also added a bio for Tom on one of the bio pages.

Also, please welcome Major Victor Hobbs (Ret.) to the H&S roster. He was the Air Officer at An Hoa for 5th Marines from late 1968 to early 1969.  We've added a bio for Vic to one of the bio pages

We've posted a picture from Tom Uebel (Mike '70-71) of Mike 1 in August 1970.

Also added a picture of Paul O'Connell and Ed Browder who had themselves a mini reunion last month in

We've also posted another picture of Tom Mullen (5th Marines, then 3/5, 69-70).  Also added a picture of Tom receiving his award of a Bronze Star recently.  The story of his actions ' 69 and how he eventually was awarded the medal is also included in two image files of newspaper report.  On his picture page


May 3, 2001

 David Lopez (81s, 67-68) went in for a routine stress test 10 days ago and his heart stopped.  He was revived and it was determined that he didn't have a heart attack.  Rather it was clogged arteries and he had quadruple bypass surgery on Monday morning and he's doing fine! Way to go Marine.  If you want to send him an e-card or message you can write his brother Ray at yukon@classicnet.net. If you'd rather send a snail mail card write us for his address.  

We've added four pictures from Art Diabo, Mike Co. '68.  Russell and Stolldorf and Art during Operation Houston, Mike Zang, Ambush site in the Arizona and a strike fireball.  On his picture page.

May 2, 2001

Added 2 pictures from Raul Vasquez, from 1967 and a current family picture. On his picture page.

Added 21 pictures from Curtis Batten ('67-68). They are of him, Willie Riveria, choppers on an Op; an Ontos on Essex, Hill 1192 (May 68), Haivanpass, Vietnamese...kids and families, a K-9. On his picture page. 


April 30, 2001

Please welcome Wilton Davis to the Mike Company roster. Wilton was a radio operator with Mike-3 from November 1969 to November 1970. He's bought a computer, but it isn't hooked up yet so he doesn't have email yet. Thanks to Randy Pelt for finding him.  Also we're still looking for Alvin Davis, also a radio operator from the same time period.

April 26, 2001

We've added four pictures from Robert Montgomery '67-68 (one of the CP during an Op, two of Sgt Reed, and one current one with son Shane of India 3/5); and two from Tom Wityak '69-70, from Sea Tiger (one of Marines of 3/5 on patrol and the other a Real Tiger story).

April 24, 2001

Debbe Reynolds has put a place on her site for you guys from Union I and II.  It has a message board, history and stories.  We've added it to our links.  To go there jump to  http://usmcwife.hypermart.net/unionIandII.htm 

April 23, 2001

Please welcome David Martinez to the H&S roster. David was with the scout-sniper platoon in 1967-68.  His cousin, John Denava, was with Mike Company and was KIA on 15 January 1968.  He has been added to Our Wall.  If anyone served with John, David sure would like to talk to you.  He would also like to know if anyone knows the whereabouts of SSgt McElroy or Devisio. 

We've added a link to an article about Agent Orange and a particular form of Leukemia.  On our links page.  With thanks to George Blankenship for forwarding the info. 

Also, Terry Otell has identified some folks, including himself, on some of J.C. Bowers pictures.  I've identified the new info in green ink.

More to come folks, lots of pictures to prep, thanks for your patience. 


April 20, 2001

Please welcome Mario Deludos to the Mike Company roster.  Mario was an 0331 with the company from June of '70 to March of '71.

Also please welcome Captain James McElroy to the roster.  He was the CO of the company from late 66 to early 67.  He doesn't have email but you can reach him through Denny Dinota. 

We've constructed a small memorial for Doc Parlee on India's site.  Details of the services and interment are included. You can jump there by clicking the following link: http://www.securenet.net/3rdbn5th/india35/doc_parlee.htm

Randy Pelt wrote the following message in our guestbook:  If you were with Mike when Doc Kempel was KIA in Aug70, please contact me. I have resubmitted a sliver star recommendation for Kempel and a bronze star for Joe Boydell. These were never awarded. I need one other witness for Kempel and two for Boydell. Can anyone help me???  Randy's email address is pelt@vt.edu 

More tomorrow. 

April 19, 2001

Thank you for your patience in waiting for updates during this tax season (ugh). A lot of material to be added, over the next week or so.

We have added a name to Our Wall.  On the Mike Company Wall, LCpl Donny Lynn Tucker from Stanfield, North Carolina, KIA  on October 10, 1970. He is remembered by Tom Wityak.

Also, Bill Casey remembers Cpl John Jacobs who was KIA on Feb 7, 1968. John was with 106s as is on the H&S Wall.  Point of info: The Mike and H&S company Walls of Honor are on the same page.  The H&S Wall follows the Mike Wall.  Mike Company names are in Red, H&S names in Yellow (Marine Corps colors).

We are happy that more folks have found us and we've added them to our roster. Please welcome:

1. D.C. Burback who was with 3rd squad, 3rd Platoon in 1966-67.  He doesn't have email but you can write his friend Lani (I've attached his email address to his roster listing).

2. Arthur Diabo

3. Thomas Wityak, who served with Mike from September 69 to September 70. He was point man, tunnel rat, demo and M-60 gunner.

4. Tom Zippo, who was with Mike from September 66 to May 67 when he was wounded on Operation Houston.

We have two email address changes for you. They've been made on the roster:

Frank Clark is now at fatwallet1940@home.com

Vernon Ford is now at sgtvrnfordmikeco@aol.com

We are saddened to report that Doc Parlee from India Company died last week, from pneumonia. He was at last year's Georgia reunion and we were looking forward to seeing him and wife Terry again in May at this year's reunion.  Memorial services will be in Redding, California April 27, details will follow tomorrow.  He will interred at a national cemetery in Medford, Oregon. We miss you Doc.

More tomorrow.