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March to October 2002

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October 20, 2002

In honor of Hans Haupt, Company Commander, H&S Company, 1966, J.D. Murray has revised his original research on Operations Deckhouse II and Hastings, July 1966, to incorporate all of the Battalion's Companies movements during those Ops.  A list of sources, write-up and daily maps are located on the Battalion site at http://www.securenet.net/3rdbn5th/battalionops.htm

October 17, 2002

I misspelled one of our new additions yesterday.  It's Joe Frey who we added to the Mike Company roster.

Please welcome Bruce Carver to the Mike Company roster. Bruce was an 0311 with the company from 1966 to early May 1967.  He was one of the two survivors of the helicopter crash on the second chopper out to the USS Sanctuary in early May 1967. With thanks to Jack Swan for finding him.

Also please welcome Brealand Garrett to the Mike Company roster.  Brealand was with the company on Operation Hastings in 1966. With thanks to Joe Holt for finding him.

Ron Czupek (Mike Co. 1966) has email.  It is rczupek@ualogistics.com.  

We've posted another excellent story from Joe Holt, titled I wonder whatever happened to....?  A story of finding a long lost buddy.

October 16, 2002

Please welcome Joe Fry to the Mike Company roster.  Joe was with Mike Company for 9 months in 1966, including Operation Hastings.  He was an 0331 machine gunner.

Also, please welcome Tomas Puksta to the Mike Company roster.  Tomas was also with the Company during Hastings.

With major thanks to Joe Holt of India Company for finding these two Marines.

October 15, 2002

With many thanks to Jack Swan and Hans Haupt for finding them, we welcome the following two Marines to the Mike Company roster:

David Poppe, was an ammo humper with 60mm mortars from May to November 1967. Remembers a bunch of folks.  For you guys with 60 mortars who want to talk to him, please email Jack at stillagrunt@aol.com, since David doesn't have email.  He served a second tour with 81s in a different battalion.

Carlton Clark, with 2nd Platoon from May 1967 to January 1968, leaving just before Tet.  He served with the company on Operations Union, Swift and Essex.  Carlton was a 60s machine gunner. 

Folks have been looking for Lt. Michael Hayden, who served with the company from June 1967 until wounded on Operation Swift, September 14, 1967.  We are sad to report that he was KIA on 16 April 1968, but we don't know if he was serving with Mike Company at the time...probably not since it happened in Quang Tri Province.  We have added him to Our Wall.  He was from Detroit, Michigan. (This is the wrong Michael Hayden, he was with 1/9...our Mike Hayden was found alive and well and is on the roster....12/5/02)

Sgt Grit at www.grunt.com, who sells military gear, has a 3/5 patch, closer to the real thing than what we have on this site.  Thanks to Grady Rainbow for finding it.  Added a link to Sgt Grit on our links page.  I've purchased merchandise from him, no complaints so far.  

October 7, 2002

Please welcome Dan Culbertson to the Mike Company roster.  Though with Fox 2/11 between November 1967 and December 1968, he did a lot of LPs and patrols with Mike Company around An Hoa and the Pass between Da Nang and Phu Bai. Known as Crazy in country.

Bob Barone (1st Plt 66-67), has a new email address.  It's Rboutsider@aol.com.   

October 5, 2002

Added a map from JD for July 18, 1966 on Operation Hastings. (The webmaster screwed up and missed it).

October 4, 2002

Please welcome Albert Lark to the Mike Company roster.  Albert was with 3rd Squad, 1st Platoon, from September 1967 to March 1968.  With thanks to Jack Swan and Hans Haupt for finding him.

Joe Bowers has a new email address.  It's bowers279@yahoo.com.

JD Murray, as he did with the Essex and Swift Operations, has prepared daily Maps of Operation Hastings, July 19-30, 1966. Mike Company movements are traced, and significant events are noted.  Plus the locations of Kilo, Lima and India Companies are noted for July 24-27.

October 1, 2002

Please welcome the following Marines to the Mike Company roster, courtesy of Hans and Jack.

Michael Hockensmith, with 3rd Platoon in 1967-68;

Paul Coleman, an 0311 with the company for 3 months in 1967; and

Max Heywood, 1st Platoon Sergeant, December 1966 - January 1967.  

Also, if you want to see some current pictures of AnHoa, Liberty Bridge, Hill 5 and the Arizona, Randy Pelt found the following on Popasmoke's site.  Go to http://www.hml-167.com/ , click on the "USMC Quotations, Legacy, History also, USMC Books and Decals" box in the middle of the page.  That will open to Heritage Press, from there go to the Marine Corps Vietnam Era section and click on photographs of Vietnam today.

September 26, 2002

Posted to Our Wall today is the name of PFC Max Ralph Idom.  Max was KIA on 9 November 1967 on Operation Essex.  He was from Forest, Mississippi.

September 25, 2002

Dennis Heon found us Robert Milligan, with 60mm mortars from December 1967 to May 1968.  Please welcome Robert to the Mike Company roster. And thanks, Dennis!

September 24, 2002

Courtesy of Hans and Jack please welcome 2 Marines to the Mike Company roster:

Tom Barnerd was with 1st Platoon from October 1966 to September 1967 but worked as one of Captain Murray's radiomen during Operation Swift; and

Richard Welshimer, who was an 0311 with the company from February to August 1967.

September 23, 2002

Please welcome Deon Elliott to the H&S roster.  Deon was with 106s from December 1967 to January 1969 and remembers George Blankenship, Jim Godsey.  He was with the platoon when good friend Paul Bonetti was killed.

Through the good efforts of Jack Swan and Hans Haupt, we have found four more Mike Company Marines.  Please welcome:

Herschel Burgess, an 0331 from Operation Hastings in 1966 to Union I in 1967. He rotated to Mike 3/1;

Ronald Trembaly, an 0311 from 1966 (Hastings) to March 1967 with 2nd Platoon when he was wounded. He did a second tour in 1968;

Richard Hunsucker, served with the company in 1966; and 

Robert Wineriter, also served with the company in 1966.

Also, Rocco (Rock) Giambrocco has a new email address.  It is rockg@gis.net 

Posted a picture from Craig Sullivan of Ken Lotridge, who was with S-1 in 1967-68 and a recent addition to the H&S roster.  On Craig's second picture page.

Posted 13 maps prepared by JD Murray.  These are a cover map of Operation Essex, November 6 to 16, 1967 and individual daily maps.  JD prepared these based on analysis  of AARs and interviews with a couple of the participants.  If you were a participant you are invited to provide your input, since AARs are known to be inaccurate in many instances and peoples memories can be tricky.  With major thanks to JD for the hard work of doing these for all our benefit. 


September 19, 2002

With thanks to Debbe Reynolds, who forwarded it on to us, we have posted the Silver Star Citation for Lance Corporal Jeffery Goss, for actions occurring on 7 February 1968. Jeffery later was KIA on May 24, 1968.

I jumped the gun on Kenneth Eckstrom, who was added to the roster two days ago. He was the the wrong guy, served as an engineer.  

September 17, 2002

Well, they've done it again.  We have six Marines to welcome to the Mike Company roster.  Incomplete information on some, will be added. So, please welcome:

Larry Nunez, with the company from Union I to Operation Swift, medevaced out September 12, 1967.  He was an 0311 and squad leader in 2nd Platoon;

James Zielinski, who was an 0351 with company through Operation Hastings in 1966, then reassigned to H&S 3/1;

George Gaulin, was on the original landing team with 3rd Platoon in 1966, rotated out in April 1967, then did a second tour. Retired as a Major, USMC;

Oral Collyott, was on the scout team with 3rd Platoon on Operation Hastings, wounded then.  When he returned he was assigned to Alpha 1/1;

Ron Czupek, on Operation Hastings in 1966; and

Kenneth Eckstrom, an 0331 in 1966.

September 11, 2002

JD Murray finished his maps of Swift.  We put up a cover map for September 10-14, 1967 and individual daily maps for the 11th, 12th and 13th.  On the Map page.

Please welcome Brian Fenstermacher to the Mike Company roster.  Brian was an 0331 with 3rd Platoon in 1966-67. With thanks to Jack Swan and Hans Haupt for finding him.

September 10, 2002

JD Murray, CO of Mike Company during Operation Swift in September 1967, has annotated maps of the area of the operation.  Currently, he has a cover map covering the first 10 days, plus one map per day, from September 4 to September 10 (more to follow).  Hell of a good job, JD!  For the Map page click here.

September 3, 2002

Please welcome Donald Houser to the Mike Company roster.  Don was a platoon sergeant and platoon commander with 2nd Platoon in 1970-71.  This was his 2nd tour. He retired in the late 70s as a First Sergeant with 5th Marines. 

Also, the continuing efforts of Jack Swan and Hans Haupt have resulted in locating a few more of our Marines.

Please welcome Jerry Handsel to the Mike Company roster. Jerry was an 0311 with 3rd platoon in 1967.

Also welcome Terry Eck to the Mike Company roster. Terry was 0311 with the company from May 1966 to June 1967.

And welcome John Carlen to the Mike Company roster. John was an 0311 with 2nd platoon from November 1966 to January 1967.

On a sad note we have added two Marines to our roster who have recently died. John Carlen reports that he tracked down the wife of Milburn (Berni) Riddle, who had been with Mike Company in 1966-67. He was known as Indian at the time.  He died of cancer a few years back.

Sadly also, Corporal John Molloy, an 0141 with the company in 1966-67 died of cancer two years ago. 

September 1, 2002

Back in November 2000, we added David Mortensen to the Mike roster. David had been the Arty FO's radio operator from May 1967 to June 1967.  He hadn't been found at the time, but had been remembered by Byron Hill with the hope that eventually we would find him.  Hans Haupt and Jack Swan did find him.  So, welcome David! 

We have added over 100 pictures on different pages from Jack Murray. With major thanks to Gary Bolen for processing them.  Many of these are also on Debbe Reynold's site. The pictures are of Operations Hastings, Colorado, Desoto, DeckhouseII, Swift, Jackson, Cortez plus others of ChuLai, TamKy, many people, platoon pictures. 

August 29, 2002

Please welcome Jim Taylor to the H&S roster.  Jim was with Battalion Supply from 1966 at Pendleton until February 1967.  We have an entry for him on the second H&S bio page, please check it out.

Also, to the Mike Company roster, courtesy of Jack Swan and Hans Haupt, please welcome:

Daniel Riely, who served as an 0311 from September 1967 to ?; and

James Marbury, who served as an 0369 in 2nd Platoon from December 1966 to December 1967.

We have posted the Navy Commendation citation received by Dennis Heon, Mike Company 1967-68, on December 27, 1967.  Thanks for sharing, Dennis.

Steve Lovejoy has a new email address.  It is now salusmc@yahoo.com. Also, we have posted a picture from Steve, standing in front of the Battalion bulletin board.

Corrected Lyle Leonard's email address, I had it wrong for a long time...apologies Lyle.  It is spice1@chartermi.net 

August 25, 2002

We've added 8 pictures from Jim Treadwell, all from February to June 1969 when he was the Second Platoon commander, Mike Company.  They include pictures of Captain Burns, PFC Zukoff <sp>, Chris Belmont, Christianson, Herb Butcher, Lankalis among others. 

Added two pictures from Vince Egan, late '69 to early '70.  One is of Pruitt with a Kit Carson scout.

We had John Lolatte's email address wrong.  It is bearlolatte2000@yahoo.com

August 24, 2002

Again, with thanks to Hans and Swanie, we have two Marines to add to the Mike Company roster. Please welcome:    

John Jarek, who was an 0351 with Weapons Platoon (rockets) from 1966 to 1967 (including Hastings);

John Jaworski, who was an 0331 with the company in November 1967.

Neither have computers so you can contact them through Jack Swan at stillagrunt@aol.com 

August 23, 2002

Please welcome Kenneth Lotridge to the H&S roster. Ken was with the Battalion S-1 shop from May 1967 to June 1968.

August 21, 2002

Please welcome John Lolatte to the Mike Company roster.  John was in 60mm mortars from November 1967 to December 1968. Thanks again to Swanie for finding him (as well as the guys posted on the 19th).

August 19, 2002

Sorry to say that the Jerry Peck that we found earlier and put on the roster was not ours.  Has since been removed.

We've added four Marines to the Mike Company roster.

One, Lance Corporal Henry Dumas, we are sad to report that he was killed in a car accident in 1975.  Anyone who remembers him and wishes to contact his wife please write Jack Swan at stillagrunt@aol.com.

Please welcome:

2. Douglas Wilcox, was an 0369 with 2nd Platoon in 1966;

3. Carl Matlock, who was an 0311 in 1966 with 3rd Platoon and who wants to know where the hell everyone's been for 35 years; and

4. Samuel Sanford, was an 0311 with the gun squad, weapons platoon from January 1967 to March, 1968.

August 18, 2002

We've posted a scan of Fred Riddle's Tam Ky Operations map with his markings on it. We've got a lower resolution image of the entire plus have divided it into four quadrants at higher resolution.  All five images will take 4 minutes each to load with a 28k modem, faster with better connections.  Fred was an FO with Mike Company during Operation Swift and other operations.  Rob Whitlow had the map scanned. Our thanks to both. 

August 17, 2002

Please welcome Charles Bagstad to the H&S Company roster.  Charles was the S&C clerk (classified documents) for the battalion from August 1967 to August 1968.

Also, I posted 37 pictures from Steve Howsmon a couple of days ago but I haven't been able to match up the captions yet.  Steve was with Mike Co in 67-68.  These are the same pictures that are on Deb Reynold's site. 

August 12, 2002

Please welcome 5 more Marines to the Mike Company roster, with thanks to Jack and Hans.

James Schuh, who was an 0311 with 2nd Platoon February 1966 to 1967;

John Lobur, who was an 0311/0351 and radioman with 2nd Platoon from April 1967 to May 1968;

Jerry Peck, (we'll be adding information from Jerry later);

Ronald Baldrige, who was an 0341 from early 1966 to 1967; and

Donald Sundin, who was an 0311 in 3rd Platoon from 1966 to 1967.

August 10, 2002

Another 5 Marines are added to the Mike Company roster, again courtesy of Jack Swan and Hans Haupt. Please welcome:

John Bowers, 2 tours with Mike Company, 1966-1968. He was a machine gunner, grunt and radioman at various times.

James Vanderlin, served as 0311 in 1967;

Michael Leslie, was an 0341 assigned to rockets in 1966-1967. He ended up being radio man to two COs, Capts. Pettengil and McCelroy;

Thomas Hoying, was an 0341 assigned to rockets in 1967-1968; and

Bert Watkins, was an 0331 in 1966-1967.


August 7, 2002

Please welcome Vincent Egan to the Mike Company roster.  Vince was an FO from Echo 2/11 attached to Mike from November 1969 to February 1970.  Then transferred to Kilo.

Also Jack Swan and Hans Haupt have located 8 more Marines for the Mike Roster (those 2 guys must have gone to recruiting school!....outstanding)

Please welcome:

Lawrence K. Blair, an 0369 in 1967-68 with 3rd platoon;

Wrent Dade, an 0311 with 2nd platoon from September 1967 to 1968;

Theo Eddins, an 0311 with 1st platoon from February 1966 on to ?;

Richard Hipp, 1967-68;

Lary Lukens, with 1st platoon in 1967, he was Ed Combs' radioman;

Lee Schismenos an 0141 in 1967;

James Slebodnic, 0331 in 1967; and 

Fredrick Sterzick was an 0311 but I don't know which year(s). 

Those having email addresses on the roster are Blair, Eddins, Lukens and Sterzick. You may write Swanie if you want to contact the other Mike Company guys.

August 4, 2002

Please welcome Jack Levy to the Mike Company roster.  Jack was with 60mm mortars in 1967-68.  With thanks to Dennis Heon for encouraging him to come on board.

August 3, 2002

Please welcome four more Marines to the Mike Company roster, courtesy of Jack Swan.

Tomas Haga, who was an 0311 in 1967 with 1st platoon;

Allen Hottinger who was an 0311 in 1965-66 with 2nd platoon;

Paul Leturgez who was an 0311 with 1st platoon in 1967, was the radioman; and

Gregory York who was an 0311 with 3rd platoon in 1965-66.

Also, we fixed James Romball's email address.

August 1, 2002

We've added 12 email addresses for some of the new additions to the Mike Company roster.  They are for Dennis Heon, Willis Barger, Roy Dickert, Gary Guthridge, Jerry Laundreville, Richard Rainone, Bart Roraff, James Romball, Andrew Ryal, Tomas Schwind, Conrad Vierow and Neal Zuehl. 

July 30, 2002

Please welcome Donald Wotring to the Mike Company roster. He was with the company in 1966-67 and was wounded on Operation Union in April 1967.  

Also, we have added Ralf Ausura to the Mike Company roster. He was with 1st Platoon in 1967. We are sad to report that Ralf died in 1993. He was from Norristown, PA.

July 29, 2002

We have added PFC Everett Austin Currence to Our Wall.  Everett died of Malaria on July 26, 1966. He was from Rock Cave, West Virginia.

We have an email address change for Carlos Septien (1966). It is now cmjlc@bellsouth.net. It has been corrected on the roster.

We have many Marines to add to our rosters today.  Please welcome to the H&S Company roster Jack Garcia (I got his name wrong first time around) who was an 81s FO Radio Operator from January 1968 to March 1969, attached to India Company.

To the Mike Company roster please welcome Howard Fowler.  He was with the company from 1967 to June 1968 when he transferred to India Company.  With thanks to Curtis Eidson for finding him.

Also please welcome Bernie Lavoie. He was with the Company from 1966 to 1967 and was with CP group.  He doesn't have email so please email Steve Cottrell, who found him, if you want to contact him.

Jack Swan has found 16 Marines from Mike Company to be added, with help from Hans Haupt.  Sadly, one, Cpl Larry G Thormeyer (1967) was killed on a construction site in 1993.  His brother Terry wishes to thank all Marines who served with Larry. 

Please welcome the following Marines (we don't have email for them yet but if you wish to contact them please write Jack Swan):

Willis Barger, 1966-67 in 3rd Platoon;

Royston Dickert, 1966-67 in 1st Platoon;

Gary Guthridge, 1966-67, in 1st Platoon;

Franklin Hollins, 1967;

Douglas Hutchins, 1966-67, in 1st Platoon;

Jerry Launderville, 1966-67, in 3rd Platoon;

Richard Rainone, 1967-68, in 2nd Platoon;

Carl Riggens, 1967-68, with 60mm mortars;

Bart Roraff;

James Romball, 1966-67, with 2nd Platoon;

Andrew Ryal, 1966-67, in 1st Platoon;

Tomas Schwind, 1966-67, in 1st Platoon;

John Trentler, 1967-68, in 3rd Platoon;

Conrad Vierow, 1967-68, in 1st Platoon; and

Neal Zuehl, 1966-67.

(Webmaster note:  I have a ton of pictures to be added and it's slow going at the moment...don't have much time available so I attempt to get all roster and Wall additions as soon as I can, first.  This has also caused me to lose track, sometimes, of people that should have been added that got lost in the shuffle.  If you have requested to be added to the roster(s) and you're not up please email me at hebmc@aol.com. Thanks for your patience and understanding guys).  


July 23, 2002

Again, with thanks to Jack Swan and Hans Haupt, we have found eight more of our brothers from Mike Company, and extra information for a lot more.  Please Welcome:

Earl Chisholm, with 3rd Platoon from August 67 into 1968;

Harry Coddington, with 1st Platoon from November 67 into 1968;

Darwin Fullmer, in 1967;

Dennis Heon, with 60mm attached to 3rd Platoon from May 1967 to Tet;

Richard Hodory, from January 67 until wounded on Union II, May 27, 1967;

Robert Kevorkian, from 67-68;

Gordon Seablom, with 1st Platoon in 1967; and

Drake Willoughby, in 1966 on Operation Hastings.

Additional information is provided for the following Marines: 

Donald Baima, William Brazitis and Perry Hyler now have email; added additional info for Robert Cabebe, Reynaldo Leyva and Eric Neidhart.  


July 22, 2002

Please welcome Stu Hurrin to the Mike Company roster.  Stu was a squad leader with up until March/April 1967 when he became the 2nd Platoon Sergeant.  He was wounded on Operation Union in May and never came back to the company. 

Also please welcome Charlie Blair to the Mike Company roster.  Charlie was with 3rd Platoon from February of 1970 to January of 1971.

July 17, 2002

I am saddened to report that Gary Shaffer, with 81s in 1970, died recently from complications from cancer.  (Webmaster note: Gary was a friend of mine, we served in the same mortar section (2nd) for four + months and I've got numerous pictures of him and me. He was A-gunner on Gun One, and real good at his job...a damned good Marine.  One of the Lima guys found him for me a couple of years ago and I talked to him once and exchanged a couple of emails.  I swore I'd make an attempt to expand the contact.  Didn't and now it's too late.  This one hurts a bunch).

Please welcome Richard Rockhill to the H&S Company roster. Rocky was with 106s in February and March 1969 then transferred to Kilo Company and was with rockets there.  He came to 106s with Theo Collins, who was KIA in a rocket attack in March 1969.  The Wall records state that a Theotis Collins was KIA in August 1968, first day in country, and he is the only one of that name on the Wall. Rocky says he and Theo were in the U.S. at the time so the Wall data must be wrong (not the first time).  Does anyone remember Theo?  Thanks.

We have a number of roster additions for Mike Company, through the good graces of Hans Haupt and Jack Swan.  Most of these guys don't have computers but if you want to contact them please write Jack Swan at Stillagrunt@aol.com. We are still gathering information for roster info but we wanted to put them on even if incomplete at this point.

Please welcome Robert Cabebe to the Mike Company roster, who was with 3rd Platoon. 

Also please welcome Reynaldo Leyva, also 3rd Platoon, April 1967 to late December 1967.  Reynaldo asked if we could find Ricardo Moya...so Hans and Jack found him:

Please welcome Ricardo Moya, 3rd Platoon, 1967 at least.

Also please welcome another 3rd Platooner, Eric Neidhart.

And 1st Platoon Sergeant William Brazitis, came in September 5, 1967, probably replacing Craig Sullivan who was wounded on the 4th. (Actually, Craig didn't leave the platoon until November, and then it was take the S-3 Chief job at Battalion). 

Also please welcome Wolfgang Ludge, 1st Platoon from May 1967 to July 1968.

We are attempting to identify one of our KIAs (Mike Company), a Marine named Richard Powell.  There are two on the Wall but we believe that Richard Allen Powell, KIA September 19, 1966 in Quang Nam Province was ours. He was from Boise, Idaho. Does anyone remember him, to confirm that he is ours?  Thanks.

Keith Hansford has a new email address.  It is krh@bellsouth.net.  Changed on the H&S roster.

Brenda Eidson has started a Reunion web site, which includes pictures from past reunions and information on upcoming ones.  The url is http://www.usmcvietvet.org/Index.html (If this doesn't work please write Brenda at turtletrax@aol.com).


July 8, 2002

We have added Lance Corporal John Howard Reeves to Our Wall.  John was from Canada and died on December 23, 1966.  He is believed to have drowned and he is listed as being Missing in Action.

June 24, 2002

Please welcome Tom McCracken to the H&S roster.  Tom transferred from India Company in November 1969 and left on June 28, 1970.  He's also looking for his best buddy, Red Groves (R.W. Groves), originally from Sugar Grove, Ohio.  Red was with Motor T and it was his fourth tour.

We have fixed a couple of captions on Randy Pelt's picture page.  Doc "Spud" has been identified as Dale Sears; and one of the lieutenants in Yokosuka Hospital was Lt. Delvando.

We have a listing for the Silver Star award to LCpl William G. Hatzfield on the Valor page of the Battalion site.  J D Murray has a picture of the medal being award to LCpl Hatzfield.

June 16, 2002

Through an oversight on my part, Tony Stovall was never added to the H&S roster many moons ago when he first contacted us.  My apologies to Tony.  He was the Battalion Admin Chief from April of 1967 to May of 1968.  He also has a new email address for those of you who have him in your address book. It is trusmc@msn.com 

June 13, 2002

We have added Michael Rex Smith to Our Wall.  Michael was KIA on July 18, 1966 on Operation Hastings.  He was from Red Bluff, California.

Please welcome K. P. Tolbert to the H&S roster.  He was with the company from mid 1969 to early 1970 and was with Supply, serving on Hills 65, maybe 55 and FSB Ross. He remembers his buddies Smitty, Chambers and Lovelady.

Steve Cottrell has a new email address.  It's stevecottrell@earthlink.net and has been changed on the roster. 

June 6, 2002

We've posted seven pictures from Lt. Ed Combs (July to September 4, 1967).  Of Sgt Simms' 2nd Squad (including Jones, Simms, Pruett, Rolon, Briggs, Komers, Metgig, Hooley, Fileds, Richards, Ausura);  Sgt Sullivan, L/Cpl Mecurieo, Cpl Duncan, Cpl. Matson, PFC Rolon, SSgt Rogers (KIA on Essex), more.  On his picture page.

June 2, 2002

Please welcome Dave Davis to the Mike Company roster.  Dave, or Trip as he was known then, was a machine gunner with 1st Platoon from April to September 1969. He's just gotten a computer and doesn't have email yet but will shortly.  In the meantime give me a yell if you know him and would like to contact him.

May 27, 2002

We've added a few pictures from the reunion at LaGrange, just held.  They're on the Battalion page at http://www.securenet.net/3rdbn5th/reunion2002.htm    

May 23, 2002

Please welcome Bill Fischer to the H&S roster.  Bill was in Comm Platoon from October of 1965 to August of 1967, then transferred to H&S 1/5 until October of '67. He also informed us that Navy Cross winner Chris Mosher, listed under Kilo Company on the battalion valor page, was a FAC with H&S and was attached to Kilo at the time. He was later hit and permanently paralyzed.  I'll be updating our pages soon to reflect Chris' H&S service. 

Also, Bill would like to know what the gird coordinates for the Battalion CP were, on Operation Nathan Hale.  Can anyone help him out?  Thanks. 

May 22, 2002

Added a picture of Platoon Sergeant Leslie Thompson, Silver Star, KIA 3/5/69 on Operation Taylor Common.  On Paul O'Connell's picture page.

May 20, 2002

We have added two more names to Our Wall (for H&S Company, at the bottom of that page).

KIA on June 9, 1967 was Sgt Howard Ernest Swann from Kansas City, Missouri.  He was an 0341 with 81s.

KIA on February 7, 1969 was Corporal Charles Willard Miller, Jr. from St Mary's, West Virginia. (This one needs to be checked out though....he was supposed to be an S-2 Scout but the database shows him as aircrew...if anyone remembers him please let us know...thanks). 

These names were provided by folks who attended our reunion, just ended.  It was outstanding and we will report on it in a short time.

May 14, 2002

Please welcome Bill Mulcrevy to the Mike Company roster.  Bill was an 0311 with 1st Platoon in 1966. He was wounded on August 11, 1966.

A message was left on our guestbook from Cheryl Fisher, sister-in-law of Tom Fisher, KIA 9/4/67, looking for anyone who knew Tom and might have pictures of him.  Tom was awarded the Navy Cross.  Her email address is pbrmommy@rcn.com 

We have a message from Dale Loudin, nephew and namesake of Dale Loudin, who was a second lieutenant with Mike Company and KIA on 11/7/67.  He is looking for anyone who knew his uncle. His email address is dale1313@aol.com

May 12, 2002

We are deeply saddened to report that Larry Searight, Mike Company, 3rd Platoon in 1968, died of a massive heart attack on May 10, 2002, while visiting his daughter. He was on his trip to our reunion in Georgia when he died.  The funeral will be in Michigan on the 24th of May. Details are sketchy but will be forwarded when we learn more.

May 5, 2002

Please welcome Frank Jurney to the Mike Company roster.  Frank was with 1st platoon from November 1966 to mid 1967 then was a company driver.  We have previously placed some of his pictures on a picture page shared with Steve Cottrell.

May 2, 2002

Added MOS info for Steve Cottrell's roster entry...he was an 0311.

Identified one of the men in the unknown pictures on Steve Cottrell's and Frank Jurney's picture page.  Craig Sullivan remembers the S-3 Chief, whom he replaced, as Gunny Marion.

Mike Jones (MMJonez@yahoo.com) would like to correspond with anyone who remembers his brother, Brian Jones, who was with Mike Company from late '67 to early '68.  Brian died in the early '70s.  

April 30, 2002

Please welcome Albert Davis to the H&S Company roster.  Al was in Comm platoon in 1967-68, humping radios for the Battalion COs and S-3.  He doesn't have email yet but will soon.  

Also, please welcome Axel Christiansen to the H&S Company roster.  Axel was with HQ and 81s in 1970-71.  This was his second tour.  Previous tour was spent with 3/1 and as an MP with III MAF.

April 29, 2002

Added an excellent bio from Steve Cottrell, on the first bio page.

We've added 12 more pictures from Steve Cottrell and Frank Jurney.  Of Steve and Frank, Reilly, Kevin Kelly, Roger Daoust, Mike Leslie, J.D. Murray (and maybe Lt. Hayden), others.  At the bottom of the their picture page.

Added 10 more pictures from Randy Pelt.  Cookout on Hill 52, Air strikes and arty strikes from the same hill, the French Fort at Hill 37, Top Baney, Friendlies at Liberty Bridge, Football Island in September '69 with India,  December '69 in the QueSons with Mike Company, more. At the top of his picture page.

We added Bill Gee to the roster, posthumously.  Bill died of complications from MS in May of last year.  He was wounded on February 3, 1967 during Operation Desoto, while serving with 1st Squad, 3rd Platoon of Mike Company.  His sister, Kathy Vallade would like to speak with anyone who knew Bill.  Her email address is vallade@totalink.net

I am still working on getting Steve Howsmon's pictures up on the site....thanks for your patience, Steve. 

April 23, 2002

We added Captain Joseph Mirgeaux (a memorial page was added for him yesterday) to the Mike Company roster.

We've had a request to help find out which Battalion Michael Rex Smith belonged to. He was KIA on July 18, 1966 on Operation Hastings.  Another Marine, Floyd Cooper was wounded at that time also.  Does either name ring a bell with you?  If it does, please let us know.  Thanks.

April 22, 2002

We have added a memorial page for Captain Joseph Mirgeaux, who died on October 3, 1988, as a result of wounds he received in July 1966, on Operation Hastings, while leading a platoon of Mike Company Marines.  This is a letter from his sister Alice, placed at the Wall in Washington D.C.

We added seven more pictures to Steve Cottrell/Frank Jurney's picture page.  They are all unidentified.  If you know any of these Marines please let us know.  Thanks!

April 21, 2002

We have added 18 pictures from Steve Cottrell and Frank Jurney (most of them are Frank's) covering the period November 1966 to December 1967.  They are of people, 7 of them include Michael Callahan, KIA on Essex in November 1967. Other folks include Barnerd, Sullivan, Goebel, Hatfield, Reynolds, Reilly, Daoust, Doc Dawson, Frank Clark, Captain McElroy and Steve Cottrell and Frank Jurney.  On their picture page. Debbe Reynolds has a memorial page for Michael Callahan on her site.

April 15, 2002

Please welcome Ed Combs to the Mike Company Roster.  Ed was the First Platoon Commander in 1967.  He was found by Jack Swan.  Since his computer is down you can reach him through Craig Sullivan. 

We posted the Navy Commendation Citation for Steve Cottrell, awarded for actions on November 8, 1967 during Operation Essex.  Thanks Steve, this is the fourth Navy Commendation we've posted...keep 'em coming guys. 

April 13, 2002

Please welcome Steve Cottrell to the Mike Company Roster.  Steve was the Company Radio Operator from November 1966 to December 1967.

April 10, 2002

Posted the Silver Star Citation for Captain McElroy, May 13, 1967 during Operation Union. 

April 2, 2002

Please welcome Ron Eckert to the H&S roster.  Ron was with 81s in '65, came over with the company to Okinawa and got left behind when the battalion went to 'nam. 

We have added George Leslie Tucker, Jr. to the H&S Wall (at the bottom of the page where the Mike Company Wall is located).  Known as Tommy, he was KIA on June 8, 1970.  The four members of the jeep on the way from the CUPP unit to Hill 65, including Tommy, were killed by a command detonated mine.  He was from Wheeling, West Virginia and is remembered by Dennis Waite.  Thanks Dennis. 

March 31, 2002

Added another picture from Eddie Shoe, of a USO show on FSB Ross in 1970. On his picture page.

March 30, 2002

Please welcome Eddie Shoe to the Mike Company roster.  Eddie transferred over from Hotel 2/7, when 7th Marines went home in late '70.  I had a picture of his up since March of '99, of LZ Ryder but lost contact.  He just found us again.  Put up another picture of his team:  Wells, Adler, Lausberry (sp), Larry Helm and Eddie. Also a picture of the hooch on Ryder where the Arty spotter and a sniper team lived, and a picture of Eddie with his M-60. On his picture page.

March 29, 2002

Added twelve pictures from Fate Warren ('68-69). Of Fate, Rick Arthur, Lynn Putnam, Dan Hignight, Captain Burns at Maxwell, river crossing, in the bush, Phu Bai. On his picture page.

Keith Hansford (H&S) has a new email address. It's manofpsalm23@aol.com

March 25, 2002

Please welcome Dennis Waite to the H&S roster.  Dennis joined the CUPP platoon in February 1970.

Added four pictures from Chuck Goebel of a recent reunion of four Marines in Southern California.  These guys hadn't seen each other in over 30 years.  Chuck, Jack Swan, Ed Blecksmith and J.D. Murray.  On Chuck's picture page.

March 18, 2002

Please welcome Robert Hamilton the H&S roster.  Robert was with 81s from 1966 to 1967, mostly attached to Kilo and Lima.  In 1968 and 69, he was with 2/26 81s.

March 17, 2002

We've added two Marines to the H&S Wall (on the same page as the Mike Co. Wall, at the bottom).  LCpl Charles Dean Myers Jr. from Durate, California, was KIA on June 15, 1967.  Cpl Alan Everett Pilon from Dove Creek, Colorado, was KIA on September 12, 1967. Both were with 81s Platoon. With thanks to Bill Modesitt for remembering.  We've added a short bio for Bill, on the second bio page for H&S Company.  It includes a picture of his helmet cover on which he lists all the ops he was on. 

We've added a detailed bio for Norman Carr, Mike Company 1966, on the second Mike Co. bio page...(Webmaster note: I meant to put this up long since and it slipped through the cracks...my apologies to Norman).

Received the following request, can anyone help? (We got Ken's name for our Wall through the diaries that Bob Matteson obtained).  

"Ken Suzuki was kia in December of 1966. I was a good friend of his, we rode to Camp
Pendleton from Santa Monica Ca. many times. I was is 1/5 at the same time on hill 54 just up the road. Do you have any info you might share with me about Ken?


Jim Schwider schwider@chouteautel.com (Schwider)

March 16, 2002

Please welcome Bill Modesitt to the H&S Company roster.  Bill was with 81s from October 1966 to November 1967 and spent most of his time attached to Mike Company.

March 12, 2002

Please welcome Michael Konieczki to the H&S Company roster.  Michael was with supply in 1970-71 and with the battalion when it finally left 'nam.

March 10. 2002

Please welcome Norman Carr to the Mike Company roster.  Norman was the M-79 man with 1st squad, 3rd Platoon in 1966, wounded on Operation Hastings.  He remembers Doc Braiser, Doc Hunter, Steve Staley, Don Reardon, Charles Greene, Cpl. Perez (KIA), Sgt. Ortiz, Lt. Lindbloom, Collyot, Cpl. Craft, Juan Sanchez (KIA), Posewanet (KIA), Bell (KIA) among others.  He is looking for his friends, and platoon sergeant Mickey Finn, Lt. Marigold <sp> who was seriously wounded, and Drake Willoughby.

March 5, 2002

Added a third Navy Commendation Medal citation, for Harvey Ellis for the period July 1970 to May 1971, while serving as Grenadier with Mike Company and a Reconnaissance Scout with 2/5. Thank you Harvey. 

March 1, 2002

Please welcome Lloyd Jeffries to the H&S roster.  Lloyd (or Jeffers or Jethro as he was known in country) was with the battalion from March 1967 to November 7, 1967, when he was wounded.  A radio operator, he served with Fred Riddle and Tom Adams in both Mike and India Companies.  Looking for anyone who remembers him.

Added a second Navy Commendation Medal, this one submitted by Fate Warren, covering the period June 1968 to April 1969.  Thanks Fate.

The following email addresses have changed, all on the Mike Company roster:

Jerry Lomax: haivanpass@comcast.net

Curtis Batten: batt9212@bellsouth.net

Chuck Greene: acs0585@pacbell.net

I still have a whole load of pictures to process and put up, from Steve Howsmon, Fate Warren and one from Steve Lovejoy.  Thanks for your patience guys.