Mike & H&S Companies 

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

Veterans of the Vietnam War
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PeltAirStrikesAcrossfromHill52.jpg (8435 bytes) PeltShootingArty-Hill52.jpg (8516 bytes) PeltPaPa-San-betweenHills52and65.jpg (9509 bytes) PeltMikeinQuesansDec69.jpg (5348 bytes) PeltLastDay-withTopBaneySept70Hill37.jpg (10430 bytes)

Air strikes across from Hill 52

Shooting Arty from Hill 52

PaPaSan between Hills 52 and 65 (Rte4)

Mike Company in the QueSons, December 1969

Last day with Top Baney, September 1970.

PeltFriendlyaboveLibertyBridge.jpg (12982 bytes) PeltFriendliesaboveLibertyBridge.jpg (7493 bytes) PeltFootballIslandSept69.jpg (9158 bytes) PeltCookoutonHill52.jpg (8067 bytes) PeltFrenchFtatHill37.jpg (7034 bytes)

Friendly above Liberty Bridge

Friendlies above Liberty Bridge

September 1969 Football Island with India Company

Cookout on Hill 52

French Fort on Hill 37

Pelt4 3-5 Sign- An Hoa.jpg (9293 bytes) Pelt4 Indigenous Personnel.jpg (7582 bytes) Pelt4 Lt Lewis CO- An Hoa Apr70.jpg (7009 bytes)

Battalion sign at An Hoa

Indigenous personnel at An Hoa (a huge rat)

Lt. Lewis, Mike Company CO, April 1970, An Hoa

Pelt4 Pelt-Quesons Dec69.jpg (5620 bytes) Pelt4 Registering Artillery-Quesons.jpg (5616 bytes) Pelt4 Self Propelled 155.jpg (6274 bytes) Pelt 4 Self Propelled 175.jpg (7879 bytes)

Lt. Pelt, Que Sons, December 1969

Registering arty in the Que Sons, December 1969

Self Propelled 155mm Howitzer, An Hoa, April 1970

Self Propelled 175mm Howitzer, An Hoa, April 1970

Pelt3Air strike Hill 52 MayJune 70.jpg (13925 bytes) Pelt 3 Goi Noi.jpg (14297 bytes) Pelt 3 Inserting into the Arizona-Feb70.jpg (12555 bytes)

Left to right: Air strike on hill across from Hill 52, May/June 1970 where 3 or 4 122mm rockets had been fired on the hill.

Goi Noi Island, from the air.

Inserting into the Arizona, February 1970.

Pelt 3 Lee-Best PF Charlie Ridge.jpg (26134 bytes) Pelt 3 NVApics Arizona Feb Mar 70.jpg (27105 bytes) Pelt 3 POW Arizona- India Co Oct69.jpg (26393 bytes) Pelt 3 French Fort-Hill 37.jpg (29403 bytes)

Left to right: PF nickname Lee, on Charlie Ridge (the best PF Lt. Pelt ever worked with).

Personal pictures taken off dead NVA in the Arizona, February/March 1970.

POWs in the Arizona, October 1969, while with India Company.

French fort on Hill 37.

Marines in the 60's.jpg (53071 bytes)

Attached is a picture I (Randy Pelt) scanned from a publication entitled
"Marines in the '60's." This is a shot of the Mike Company 60MM Mortar
Section in the Quesons- I think in December 69. The guy in the T-shirt
looking at the camera is named Wiebengay. The guy with his back to the camera is Donald Weger. If my memory serves me right, he may have ended up as the
company supply clerk.

Pelt The 3 Amigos.jpg (22126 bytes) Pelt M Co Quesons Dec69.jpg (8012 bytes) Pelt M Co Returning to An Hoi.jpg (19726 bytes)

From Left to right:

3 amigos, Lt. I.A. Martinez, Lt. Roger Lesegang and Lt. Pelt, July 70 on Hill 37

Mike Company in the Que Sons, December 69

Humping back to An Hoa from the Que Sons


Pelt (2) Co Area An Hoa-Mar70.jpg (7117 bytes) Pelt (2) Liberty Bridge Apr70.jpg (9829 bytes) Pelt An Hoa Feb70.jpg (15223 bytes)

From Left to Right:

Mike Company area, AnHoa, March 1970

April 1970 Liberty Bridge

An Hoa February 1970

Pelt Dudd RPG Apr70.jpg (14766 bytes) Pelt Gunny Houser-July70.jpg (11913 bytes) Pelt- Hill 37-French Fort.jpg (12085 bytes)

A Dud RPG round (April 1970) exactly the way it fell

Gunny Houser, July 1970

Lieutenant Pelt, on Hill 37 at the French Fort

Pelt Hill 52 May70.jpg (15214 bytes) Pelt Hill 65 June70.jpg (15841 bytes) Pelt Hooch above Liberty Bridge.jpg (16588 bytes)

Hill 52, May 1970

Hill 65, June 1970

Hootch above Liberty Bridge

Pelt Mike 3 in the Arizona May70.jpg (11610 bytes) Pelt Mike Company Office Hill 37.jpg (9856 bytes) Pelt On Charlie Ridge 2 Jun70.jpg (17704 bytes)

Mike 3 above Liberty Bridge. Doc Tollefson on the left, Randy on the right, 2nd from left is Doc "Spud" identified just lately as Dale Sears. (thanks to Jerry De Lena for identifying Doc)

Mike Company office on Hill 37

June 1970 on Charlie Ridge

Pelt Mike staging for the bush from Hill 37 2.jpg (12836 bytes) Pelt Mike staging for the bush from Hill 37.jpg (13827 bytes) Pelt On Charlie Ridge Jun70.jpg (25912 bytes)

2 pictures of staging from Hill 37

Another picture from Charlie Ridge June 1970

Pelt Resupply - Arizona May70.jpg (10898 bytes)

Resupply in the Arizona, May 1970

Pelt Airstrike off Hill 52.jpg (7581 bytes) Pelt Artillery in the Phu Nhuan.jpg (16883 bytes) Pelt Artillery2-Phu Nhaun.jpg (15676 bytes)

Left to right:

1. Same picture of airstrike as Tony Goodrich's but a different side of Hill 52.

Pictures 2 and 3: Artillery strikes in the Phu Nhuans.

Pelt Co Area An Hoa-Mar70.jpg (10143 bytes) Pelt Hill 52 Apr70.jpg (15345 bytes) Pelt Hill52.jpg (34010 bytes)

4. Mike Company area at An Hoa

5. Hill 52 in April 1970

6. Picture of Hill 52 taken while on patrol on Charlie Ridge.

Pelt Lt Col Geston-Quesonsdec69.jpg (19828 bytes) Pelt Lt Pat Nappi.jpg (7301 bytes) Pelt Me and 3 Lt's-Yokosuska1969.jpg (24834 bytes)

7. Lt Col Gestson, the Battalion CO, in the Que Sons, December of 1969.

8. Lt. Pat Nappi in the Que Sons in early December 1969, the Acting S-3. A former Platoon Commander with Mike, he was awarded a Silver Star for actions during Operation Durham Peak.

9. Lt Pelt with three other lieutenants in Yokosuka, Japan. The other three are Lt Hall (KIA w/7th Marines), Lt. Delvendo and Lt. Duemling (KIA with MAG 16)

Pelt Me Looking busy.jpg (21970 bytes) Pelt Medivac off Charlie Ridge.jpg (3764 bytes) Pelt Me-Monsoon Oct69.jpg (12885 bytes)

10. Lt. Pelt, looking busy.

11. Medivac off of Charlie Ridge.

12. Lt. Pelt, in a monsoon, October 1969 (while with India Company).

Pelt OffHill55.jpg (93273 bytes) Pelt OutofAnHoi-1969.jpg (31260 bytes) Pelt POW in the Arizona-Mar70.jpg (28737 bytes)

13. The picture off hill 55- was taken in the spring of 70. I had to take Mike 3 to Hill 55 for a couple of weeks because there was a high threat period for an attack on the hill where a Marine artillery battery was based. (It never came.)

14. An Hoa from the air.

15. POW in the Arizona.

Lt Pelt on HIll 52.jpg (14528 bytes) Pelt WIA Charlie Ridge May70.jpg (13023 bytes) TheArizonaRVN.jpg (34070 bytes)

16. Lt. Pelt on Hill 52.

17. WIA on Charlie Ridge.

18. Mike 3 in the Arizona, April/May 1970