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January - April 2000 updates

April 30, 2000

Added a biography of Lynwood Scott (Scotty) who was a radio operator for H&S Company, on FAC teams, during all of 1967.

Reorganized the Mike Company biographies, they're now in alphabetical order on two different pages, A through L, and M through Z.

April 27, 2000

We've added Cpl Stuart H. Tyson to Our Wall.  No, that's not a mistake.  Mike Company had two Corporal Tysons killed two weeks apart. Charles, who we added yesterday was with 1st Platoon.  Stuart was KIA on June 7, 1969 on the berm on Goi Noi, with 3rd Herd. Mike McFerrin believes he was in the same hole as Pralicz, who was wounded then.  Thanks for remembering, Mike.  Stuart was from Norfolk, VA.

Jim Blankenheim's email address has changed.  It is now Jim.Blankenheim@weirslurrygroup.com (where do you guys get these? <g>) 

There will be more coming...thanks for waiting guys. 

April 26, 2000

Please welcome Bruce Bodenstein to the H&S roster.  Bruce was with Motor T from January 1967 to February 1968.

Also, please welcome Larry Nelson to the Mike Company roster.  Now here's an interesting piece of history. How many of you know that the original 3/5 left San Diego in September 1965 on the USS Mitchell and was redesignated in Okinawa as 1/3 (Mike became Charlie or Delta). That's the way the Marine Corps operated in those days. Larry was with that unit but spent his time in 'nam with the renamed 1/3.

Added Cpl William Petrossi Jr. to the H&S Wall (bottom of the page). He was from Palos Park, IL and died December 29, 1967. Thanks to Dan McDowell for remembering and Pete Morales for forwarding the information.

Added PFC Charles Ford Tyson III to the Mike Company Wall. He was KIA in the Que Sons on 6/21/69 and was from Fellsmere, FL. Thanks to Grady Rainbow for remembering. 

Grady's email address has changed.  It is now e7gunny@home.com

(Editor note: Thank you all for your patience during this past month.  Other commitments stopped me from adding the mountains of material we've accumulated.  There are many more Marines to add to our rosters, plus pictures and stories galore).

March 29, 2000

We've added three names to the H&S Wall (below and on the same page as the Mike Company Wall).  These were all corpsmen on Pete Morales' 1967 roster of H&S.  Hans Haupt searched for them and found them on the Wall. He, and us, would have much preferred to find them alive.

Date of Death: September 5, 1967, HN David Phelps from Williamstown, NY and HN David Stewart from Peoria, IL; September 8, 1967 HN James Cazares from Oklahoma City, OK.  

March 28, 2000

Please welcome Paul Ballard to the H&S roster.  Paul writes in his guestbook entry, in part:"....was in-country about May or June 66-67. I have read your stories and I should not be on this board because I may have made a meal for some of you.  I was one of about ten cooks....."

March 27, 2000    

Please welcome Lynwood Scott to the H&S roster.  Scotty writes: "I was a radio operator (2531) during 1967. Anthony Russo and I were the FAC team for Lima Company on May 26, 1967 for Union II. I am trying to locate Anthony Russo and Bill Thomas. If anyone has any information, please let me know."

March 26, 2000

Chuck Cammack submitted his excellent bio, it's at the bottom of the Mike Company roster page.  Chuck was with 60mm mortars in 1968.

Please welcome Sgt. Ralph H. Baarz to the H&S roster.  Ralph was with 81s, attached to Kilo in 1966 and 1967.  Returned in time to join Hotel 2/5 for the Hue City debacle during Tet.  After a tour as an ITR instructor he came back in country in 1970 where he got wounded and lost an eye and his Marine Corps career.  Sgt. Baarz is not on line yet.  Thanks to Pete Morales and Hans Haupt for finding him.

Also please welcome Major Earl Piper to the H&S roster. After a few weeks with Kilo Company he went to the S-3 shop in November 1966 and left country in August 1967. He sends his regards to all. Again, thanks to Pete Morales for finding Major Piper. He is also not on line yet.

March 23, 2000

Please welcome two new members to the H&S Company roster.  

Jim Breeden was with 81s from October 1967 to November of 1968, attached to Kilo Company.  The email address on his guestbook entry doesn't work so I hope you see this entry, Jim, and write us please.

James Sims was with 3/5 from Februay 66 to February 67.  Jim was the S-2 until September 1966 and then took over as CO of India Company until February 1967.  After his tour with 3/5 he went to Da Nang as served as General Walt's aid.  We've add Jim's guestbook entry to the second bio page.

March 22, 2000

We've added two more names to the H&S Wall (on the same page as the Mike Co. Wall, at the bottom of the page).  LCpl Charles Butler from Silver Spring, Maryland, KIA 8/1/67, and SSgt Richard Jackson from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, KIA 9/6/67.  Thanks to Pete Morales for remembering,

Added a link to Pete Morales' home page.  Pete was with H&S in 1967 and has a roster of the company from the time, he's put half of it up already.  Way to go Pete!

March 20, 2000

Added 6 more pictures from Chris Hamner.  A sample:  Reading mail during Pipestone Canyon, An Hoa being rocketed as viewed from Hill 165, Burning out booby traps on Goi Noi.  On his picture page.

March 19, 2000

Please welcome Master Gunnery Sergeant (Ret.) Waco C. Porter to the H&S roster. He was with the S-3 shop from January 1968 to January 1969 and participated in all the operations from Houston I to Taylor Common.  All the operations in his short bio, on the second H&S bio page.

Additional info from Terry Cox, who we added two days ago to the roster. " I was in H&S co and was M co driver from about may to november I got medivaced out from outside Anhoa thanks to I think a Bouncing Betty. I was an E3, drove to Anhoa from Phu Bai in July? Not to sure but that seems about right" 

March 17, 2000

Please welcome Terry Cox to the H&S roster.  Terry was a driver, mostly with Mike Company, from May to November 1968

March 16, 2000

Please welcome James Kattau to the H&S roster.  James was a Corpsman in 1969-70, with 3/26 and with us.  

Added a new story from Joe Holt on the India site. Called Joe's Hill 362, it's his memory of that part of Operation Hastings in July of 1966.  Joe has an outstanding memory and is an excellent writer. Recommended.

Updated some of the captions on Chris Hamner's pictures.  More pictures will be posted shortly.  From Chris, Jim Blankenheim and Mike Krall. (It takes me a while guys, thanks for your patience). 

March 14, 2000

Please welcome two additions the H&S roster.  A. Miller was a corpsman with 3/5 from forming at Margarita until 1967 when he transferred to 1/7.

Jimmy Bramlage was a FAC with H&S, operating with all the line companies from August of '66 to September of '67.  Jimmy was wounded on Union I.  He's looking for Gunny William (Bill) Burton. Does anyone know the gunny?  Please see Jim's bio on one of the bio pages. 

March 13, 2000

Added two Marines to Our Wall. LCpl Jeffery Alan Goss from Orem, Utah, was killed May 24, 1968 and Cpl Alan Richard Lyman on June 30, 1968.   Here is what Jim Blankenheim remembers:

" Jeff was killed trying to get one of our dead back in a J-ambush on operation allenbrook I think. The bad part was he had been carrying our code book when he jumped up to get him. We couldn't get him back until the next morning. So we weren't going anywhere till we got him back. Lyman was killed by a freak piece of shrapnel through the heart from 500 yds. away when a bomb hit a concrete bunker and ricocheted The corpsman put both hands over his heart and couldn't stop it. He died immediately. I still remember the last thing I said to him as we went out that morning. "It was nice knowin ya". We used to say it a lot in case this happened."

March 6, 2000

Added roster info for Lyle Leonard.  He was in Jim Menart's 60mm's squad and was the ammo humper on Union I, where he joined Mike Company.

March 4, 2000

Please welcome Lyle Leonard to the Mike Company roster.  Lyle was with the company in April and May of 1967, participating in Operations Union I and Union II.  He was wounded on 26 May 1967.

March 2, 2000

Please welcome Jim Blankenheim to the H&S roster.  Jim was a FAC, attached to India for the last half of his tour from late 1968 to early 1969.  For the first half he was with Mike. We've added his guestbook entry as a bio on one of the bio pages.  Since Jim spent much of his time with India he's also on the India company roster. 

February 29, 2000

Please welcome Peter Oliver to the H&S roster.  Peter was one of the original 3/5 Marines, coming over on the Renville to Oki  and the Princeton  to Subic.  Eventually he transferred over to 1/5 and left country in August 1967.  Added his bio on one of the biography pages (they're in semi alphabetical order).

February 28, 2000

Please welcome Tony Covelli to the H&S roster.  Tony was with Headquarters Company, 5th Marines from May 66 to February 67 and went into the bush with the battalion on Operation Colorado. 

On the India site we've posted another good Private Holt story for you all.   "Burnin' Shitters"...although a more apt title might be How Not To.

February 26, 2000

Added 9 pictures to a new page for Chris Hamner (moved the previously posted picture there too).  A rainbow over Goi Noi Island, Waiting for Chow in An Hoa, Liberty Road  watch, among many others....lots of folks.  

February 25, 2000

Please welcome two more recruits to Mike Company's roster.

Carlos Septien was with Mike Company when it first entered In Country, on Operations Deckhouse I and II, Prairie, and was wounded on Hastings.  He came back to Chu Lai after recovering from his wounds.  Added bio info at the bottom of the roster page.

Herb Butcher was with Mike Company from January to November 1969.  He's looking for SSgt Paine or Payne who was with the company in '69.  (Ed. note: I will be posting one of Chris Hamner's pictures soon that has Herb in it).

Added LCpl William David Hegwood from  Charlotte, NC to Our Wall. He was KIA on 6/22/69.  Thanks to Chris Hamner for remembering.

Added additional roster info for Chris Hamner and a bio.  Also added additional bio info for Doc Wilken, added to the roster yesterday.

February 24, 2000

Added a picture from Mike Krall, of Curt Munson, the 81s FO in '70 for Mike Company. On his picture page.

Added two pictures of mine (McCurry) and one of Mike Krall's on my picture page.  A before and after set, Iwakuni and Hill 52, plus a picture taken on FSB Ross with me and Dan Dunsmore.

February 23, 2000

Please welcome two members of Mike Company to the roster.  Chris Hamner was in second platoon in 1969, in the same fireteam as Dennis Mahilo, Rick Lankalis, and Chris Belmont.  Dennis and Chris Belmont are on our roster, how's that for fireteam representation!  We've posted a picture of the four of them that Chris sent in. Welcome Chris!

Les "Doc" Wilken was a corpsman with Mike Company in 1970 and knew Mike Kempel on our Wall.  Please see his bio at the bottom of the roster page.  Welcome Doc!

Posted the ninth story by Mike McFerrin, Blocking Force, the story of a patrol trying to move rapidly, at night, to reach a position by dawn so as to act as a blocking force.  The route taken was one that had been used by a day patrol, therefore known to the enemy.  This is the same patrol, in October of 1968 where David Waggoner was wounded and eventually medevaced back to the World.

February 22, 2000

Please welcome Mike Krall to the H&S Company roster.  Mike was with H&S as a radio operator for the 81s FO, Curt Munson, mostly operating with Mike Company in 1970.  Also added a picture from Mike, of the 3/5 HQ sign (maybe at AnHoa) in 1970.  He's got his own picture page because there are a lot more coming.  (Editor note:  Mike Krall and I went through radio school in San Diego and were stationed with H&HS1, 1st MAW (Rear) in Iwakuni together before volunteering for a split tour to the Nam together with Thomas (Mike) Morin, who we're still looking for...Ed McCurry).

Added a picture from Chuck Greene, in Police uniform. On his picture page.

February 21, 2000

Added 26 pictures from Ed Harper, who was a squad leader with 81s (H&S), from '70-71.  Hills 52 and 37, including air strikes,  LZ Ryder, many of the bush in the QueSons (checkout the hasty gun pit), Lots of people. On his picture page. (Editor note: I mistakenly included Ed's picture page with Mike Co pictures instead of H&S Co. pictures.)

February 17, 2000

Please welcome Ron Chalmers to the H&S roster.  Ron was the Comm Officer for the Battalion in 1966, through Operation Hastings on until December then transferred to 1st Division Comm Company.  We've also added his bio, adapted from a guest book entry, to one of the biography pages.

February 16, 2000

Added four fairly recent pictures from Mike McFerrin, with his wife, kids, and at an advisor team reunion.

February 13, 2000

We have added PFC James William Blake of Mike Company to Our Wall.  Jim was KIA on August 3, 1969.  He was from Sandusky, Ohio and a friend of Dennis Mahilo (on our roster), who was in the rear recovering from a foot injury and waiting for Jim, as they were supposed to go on R&R together.  Dennis had to go to Graves Registration in Da Nang and identify the body.  Thanks for remembering, Dennis.

February 12, 2000

As many of you know, Pat Burns, a former Company Commander of Mike Company in '68 and '69, died in January of 1999.  We had a memorial site for him, for his family and for us.  Because my ISP disappeared it has not been available for some time.  I am slowly migrating the material on that site on to here, where Captain Burns belongs, with his men.  The first material to be transferred is a number of pictures, of him, of various people like Lt. Williams, Tom Mahlum, Jim Treadwell, Dean Halton and SSgt Wagner, of the area around Liberty Bridge, among others.  On his picture page.  

February 11, 2000

Added more to Donald Weger's bio and changed his email address on the Mike Company roster page.  Donald was a good friend of John Kirchner, on Our Wall and with a tribute page on this site.  

February 10, 2000

We've added Donald Weger to Mike Company's roster.  Donald was in the Weapon's platoon, 60 mike mikes, from December '68 to December '69.  Please see his bio entry, copied from his guestbook entry.  Welcome Marine!

Added a book review of William Myers new book, Honor the Warrior.  The review is by the well known author of Marine History, George Clark.  Billy Myers has helped us with material for this web page in the past  and we provided Denny Dinota's citation, which he was missing.  Just another example of Marines helping each other.  Please read the review.

February 9, 2000

Added two more pictures from Jerry Lomax, both with stories attached.  One is of Doc Bowen, who is on our wall.  The other is around a Roman Catholic Church on Highway 1.

February 8, 2000

We've added LCpl William Thomas Buckles to Our Wall. He was KIA on February 6, 1968, during TET.  With thanks to William Myers and Debbe Reynolds for forwarding his name to us.  He was awarded a Silver Star.

We are pleased to add a bio for Colonel Rexroad, at the bottom of the roster page. The Colonel was the Battalion CO from March to July of 1968.  He's also a mustang, having enlisted in 1951.

February 7, 2000

Added four more pictures from Jerry Lomax.   Stories attached to them, recommended reading.  Includes Phu Bai, and an ambush by claymore. 

February 4, 2000

Added a bio for Ed Harper, who was with 81s in '69-70.  It's in the form of a letter to me as we were there at the same time (I was with 81s also). 

Thanks to John Harris for forwarding a speech given last Veteran's Day by Phil Gioia.  Among other things it compares veterans of World War II and Vietnam.  It's a long speech but you may find it intriguing. Phil Gioia is ex-Mayor of the Town of Corte Madera, and CEO of a local high-technology firm. He graduated from the Virginia Military Institute in 1967, and served two combat tours in Vietnam in airborne infantry, air cavalry, and special operations units. He was awarded two awards of the Silver Star and two awards of the Purple Heart. 


February 3, 2000

Lots of pictures added:

4 from Joe Boydell, in uniform, with wife and with family.  Incidentally, Doug Tollefson has been found!

8 from Jim Bachelder, around Hills 65 and 32 (52?), in 69-70.  Lots of people, some need identifying.

2 more from Jerry Lomax, one with tank and the other with elephant grass...good stories with both pictures.


February 1, 2000

John Harris from Lima Company wrote a couple of remembrances of two of his friends who were with Mike Company and we've posted them under the Memorial section.  Gordon Toal lost his life after coming back home, he was a cop and died in an accident, with his boots on.  Bill Mortiboy was a friend from ITR and John thought he had died on Operation Hastings while with Mike Company.  However his date of death is 1 April 1967.  Does anyone else remember Bill?

Debbe Reynolds built a fine web site, a tribute to her husband, Brad. We encourage you to visit at http://usmcwife.bizland.com/ and sign her guestbook. Also added it to our links.

January28, 2000

Please welcome Ed Harper to the H&S roster.  Ed was with 81s from February of '70 to February of '71, call sign Whiskey One (Editor note:  I was Whiskey Two at the same time, I'm tickled pink to see Ed here).  Ed was a gunner then a squad leader then went through F.O. training.

Fixed the Table of Contents...it now works.

January 26, 2000

This is a request received by a friend of a former Mike Company Marine, message follows:

"I've been trying to find a member of m/3/5 for close to 25 years...he served in nam in the late 60s and his name is/was mike waggoner (not positive of the spelling of his last name) i do know he was wounded in action and was separated from the marines at camp lejuene in early 70s.... if you have any info on him... or know him... could you put us in contact?.. my name is DeVault...i was with HqCo, 2nd Marines when i knew him.... been wanting to touch base with him for a long time...Thanks" ManxMagnet@aol.com  is Devault's email address.

January 23, 2000

Added three pictures from Jim Bisesi on his picture page.  Jim was the adjutant for 3/5 in 1968.

January 21, 2000

Please welcome Joseph Boydell to the Mike Company roster.  Joe was a corpsman with Mike from March to December of '70, then transferred to 11th, then 1st Motors before leaving country in April of '71.  His first tour was on the Repose, all of 1969.

January 20, 2000

Added another picture from Gary Bolen.   Gary and Bill Craig with mohawks! On his picture page.

January 18, 2000

Frank Ambrose has rewritten and extended his bio information.  It's about halfway down on the roster page. Frank was a machine gunner with Mike Company in 1967 and 1968.  Thanks Frank.

January 17, 2000

Please welcome Cpl Donald Meador to the Mike Company roster.  Don was with second fireteam, alpha squad, first platoon from September 69 to February of 70.

We've added Cpl Daniel Murphy Bennet to Our Wall.  Dan was KIA on August 27, 1970, in the same action that Doc Kempel was killed.

January 15, 2000

We are honored to introduce Don Rexroad to the H&S roster.  Colonel Rexroad was the Battalion Commander in 1968 immediately after Col. Rockey.  Welcome!

Added two more names to Our Wall. 

Thanks to John Harris from Lima for remembering Cpl William Shelton Mortiboy from Overland Park, Kansas, KIA April 1, 1967.

Thanks to Joe (Doc) Boydell for remembering HMS Michael Richard Kempel from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, KIA on August 27, 1970.

Still have more material to be added, done shortly.


January 13, 2000

Added an email address for Dan Hignight, on the H&S roster.

Joe Holt identified Carl Matlock in Gary Bolen's '66 Christmas picture.

There will be new material shortly, pictures from Jim Bisesi and more from Gary Bolen plus some remembrances of a couple of our fallen brothers.  Stay tuned and thanks for your patience.

January 10, 2000

Please welcome Ken Warren to the H&S roster.  Ken was with 81s in 1970 and 1971. Besides spending time in the pits Ken also went on a lot of road sweeps.

January 9, 2000

Added a story from Mike McFerrin, called One Way Out of the Bush. A powerful look at the incidents of self wounding, the rationale behind it, how they turned out and an apology.  If you ever attempted or thought about it you owe it to yourself to read this, I guarantee you will   not regret it.

Rearranged the biography section on the H&S roster page.  They're now broken down into two alphabetically arranged sub pages to the roster.  Added an extended biography entry from Dave Heafner, who retired as a Master Sergeant in 1985.  Well worth reading and thanks to Dave for providing it. At the bottom of the first bio page.

Please welcome Kirk Lyon to the Mike Company roster. Kirk was a machine gunner in 70 and 71 with the Company.

Please welcome Dan Hignight to the H&S roster.  Dan was an S-2 H&S scout with 3/5 in 1968.

January 7, 2000

Gary Bolen sent in six pictures.  You'll find Romball, Jim Danner, Bill Craig, Ron Czupek and Travis Barlow among others. On his picture page.  Thanks Gary.

January 6, 2000

Cpl. Earl Gerheim was a Marine combat correspondent who spent much time in the bush with Kilo Company and a few times with Mike Company also.  He was kind enough to forward five of his stories, written at the time, four of which were published.  One was written on Op. Mameluke Thrust, another on Allenbrook. In the history section under Earl Gerheim's page. Thank you, Earl! 

Please welcome Martin (Skip) Pickens to the H&S roster.  Skip was a FAC (Forward Air Controller) and the Battalion COs radio operator while with 3/5 (one of his four tours in country).

Please welcome Travis Barlow to the Mike Company roster. Travis was a Sergeant with Mike Co. in 1966-67 and was recruited by Rick Golbeck.

January 4, 2000

Please welcome Dave Heafner to the H&S roster.  Dave was the battalion embark NCO in preparation for the move out of country, 70-71.  The battalion left in March and he was reassigned to FLC.  Dave's first tour was with the 1st MP battalion, 5/66 to 1/68.  We've also added a brief bio of Dave's time with 3/5 on the roster page.

January 2, 2000 (HAPPY NEW YEAR!)

We're pleased to add two new members to the Mike Company Roster:

Paul Malboeuf of Kilo Company ran across Donald Baima of Mike, who was an M-60 machinegunner from December of 1966 to January 1968.  If you'd like to write him please forward your mail through Paul at bpmals@prodigy.net.

Joe Smith found us. He was with the company from March to August of 1968 until he was wounded twice on Allenbrook.  He was with 3rd squad, 3rd platoons.  Welcome, Marines!

Added Wallace Johnson to Our Wall.  He was the senior corpsman to Mike Company on March 25, 1968 when the man in front of him tripped a booby trap, killing him.  With thanks to Earl Gerheim, a Combat Correspondent with Kilo mostly, some with Mike, for remembering. 

Added a story from Mike McFerrin, Sandbagging, on the merits of not being where you're supposed to be.  Also, Paul O'Connell has memories of the same type.   Both are in the History section.

Added a link to the USMC helicopter site, Popasmoke.  In their combat photo section they have pictures of AnHoa and Operation Taylor Common.  On the links page.