Mike & H&S Companies 

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

Veterans of the Vietnam War
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Chris Hamner

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ch_Alligator Lake.jpg (26873 bytes) ch_An Hoa being rocketed..jpg (21826 bytes) ch_Bunker watch at An Hoa..jpg (40611 bytes) 

From left to right:

1. Alligator Lake.

2. An Hoa being rocketed.  View from Hill 165.

3. Bunkers on the outskirts of An Hoa.

ch_Burn out the boobys. Gagnon..jpg (27531 bytes) ch_ch46s.jpg (30791 bytes) ch_Reading Mail.jpg (32133 bytes)

From left to right:

1. Gagnon shows off while burning out booby traps on Goi Noi.

2. Mike Company rear area with choppers coming in.

3. Reading mail on Goi Noi during Pipestone Canyon.


A rainbow over Go Noi Island..jpg (20950 bytes) ch_Gooksore.jpg (47543 bytes) ch_Bangalore Torpedoes found on Go Noi Island_ May 1969.jpg (63832 bytes) ch_Lankalis cleaning Old Betsy. Eventually she was mine..jpg (34866 bytes)

From left to right

1. A rainbow over Goi Noi Island.

2.  Gooksores, everyone had one!  This one belongs to Dennis Mahilo!

3. Bangalore Torpedoes, Goi Noi Island, May 1969

4. Rick Lankalis cleaning an M14 (Old Betsy), Eventually she was mine.

ch_Liberty Road watch.jpg (35908 bytes) ch_Mike2Bravo.jpg (27608 bytes) ch_The LT.jpg (31940 bytes) ch_The tower in An Hoa.jpg (15748 bytes)

5. Liberty Road watch.  Like the Mike flag?  The Que Son Mountain range in the background.

6. Mike2Bravo.  Standing, Porter ?, Fred Wheeler, Craig ?, Derrick "The Stock" Stockhausen, squatting, ?, Gagnon.

7. The LT! Lt. Threadwell.

8. The tower in An Hoa.

WaitingForChow.jpg (32461 bytes) CH_Fearless.jpg (36193 bytes)

9. Waiting for chow in An Hoa, Paul Brunick, Herb Butcher, Dennis Mahilo, Rick Lankalis, and ? (Pittsburgh....You'ns!!!)

10. From left to right: Dennis Mahilo, Rick Lankalis, Chris Hamner and Chris Belmont, (3 of the 4 members of this fireteam are on the roster)