Mike & H&S Companies 

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

Veterans of the Vietnam War
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Ed Harper

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Hill 52


Eh14_Hill52(3).jpg (25408 bytes) Eh18_6onHill52.jpg (30840 bytes) Eh21_AirStrike52.jpg (31253 bytes) Eh25_Hill52East.jpg (30400 bytes)

All on Hill 52, From Left:

1.  Preacher (with Mike Company), Ed Harper, Larry Mitchell

2. With cigarette: Sgt Luther, Gonzalez (with pack on back), Conrad (back to camera with pack), "Brains" (behind Gonzalez)

3. Air Strike at the base of Charlie Ridge...towards the Northeast.

4. Looking east toward Hill 65....reports that Charlie had built up bunkers over 3 nights, we mortared.

Eh26_Strike52.jpg (32448 bytes) Eh27_Bronco52.jpg (21780 bytes) Eh29_Strike52East.jpg (28697 bytes) Eh32_Resupply52.jpg (38865 bytes) Eh36_Pretchit52.jpg (39677 bytes)

5. More strikes toward Charlie Ridge.

6. Bronco flying and striking area from where the Hill got hit the previous night.

7. More strikes east of the Hill.

8. Resupply on Hill 52 by CH46.  Check out the mortar bunker complex.

9 Pretchit? in front of 81s gunpit.

Hill 37

Eh31_Hill37.jpg (17589 bytes) Eh34_ViewHill37.jpg (34753 bytes) Eh35_Strike37.jpg (43972 bytes)

1. View of Hill 37, near Dai Loc.

2. View from Hill 37. The area was surrounded by vils.

3. Distant view of air strike.

Que Sons/Ryder/Bush

Eh1_QueSons.jpg (35387 bytes) Eh20_JohnsonQueSons.jpg (41701 bytes) Eh22_HastyGunPit.jpg (40855 bytes) Eh23_TopofMt.jpg (35945 bytes)

1. Ed Harper in Que Sons.

2. Marion Johnson in Que Sons.

3. Hasty 81s gun pit built in the bush, Que Sons.  A good view of all the work that needed doing.

4. Top of a mountain in the Que Sons.

 Eh33_QueSonsNorth.jpg (22246 bytes) Eh4_ChillyintheBush.jpg (51765 bytes) Eh9_Ryder.jpg (19224 bytes)

5. Looking north from the Que Sons.

6. Rest stop....eating in the bush (Que Sons)...picture of "Brains" lower left.

7. Ed Harper and Brother Wax (Marion Johnson) on LZ Ryder, in front of an underground bunker (in Que Sons).


Eh10_GonzalezConrad.jpg (21054 bytes) Eh17_GunTeam.jpg (29096 bytes) Eh24_SSgtGreen.jpg (28865 bytes) Eh3_Tank.jpg (29745 bytes)

1. Left front: Gonzalez;  right front: Conrad;  left back: Clarence Lackey; right back: name not remembered.

2. Ed Harper's gun team: left to right, Vic Holdman, Larry Mitchell, Gonzalez, Smitty and Chico.

3. SSgt Green.

4. Ed Harper in front of tank at Hill 37.

Eh37_JohnsonSon.jpg (39440 bytes) Eh7_3Marines.jpg (24166 bytes) Eh8_5Marines.jpg (35699 bytes)

5. Marion Johnson and adopted child.

6. Marion Johnson on left, unremembered name in middle, Larry Mitchell reclining.

7. From left: Brother Wax (Marion Johnson), Brother Bing, "Brains", Crazy Burt?, Name unkown on right (rumored to be a CID agent).