Mike & H&S Companies 

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

Veterans of the Vietnam War
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Jim (Doc) Bachelder

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1. Mike Co. corpsmen at the BAS in AnHoa(l to r): Mike Kempel, Les Wiken, 
Jim Bachelder (front center), Mike Evans, Doug Tollefson and unknown. 
2. GySgt Washington and HM3 Bachelder on Hill 65 getting ready to go to 
DaNang (town).

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3. HM3 Jim Bachelder and unknown Marine at the end of a road sweep from 
Hill 65 to base of Hill 52. 
4. Jim Bachelder and Mike Kempel on Hill 52. Mike is still with Mike Co. 
and I am with Hill 65 BAS (rear area). 

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5. Mike Kempel (far right) with some Mike Co. Marines on Hill 52. 
6. Jim Bachelder at Hill 65 BAS doing some minor suturing as Lee watches.

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7. Mike Co. corpsmen with Doctor Mahoney(without shirt) at Hill 65 BAS. (l 
to r): unknown, Doug Tollefson and Mike Evans.
8. Mike Kempel and "Pee" at Hill 65 BAS.

(Editor notes:  1. Doug Tollefson has been found, Joe Boydell talked to him recently in Portland. 2. Mike Kempel is on Our Wall, KIA August, 1970)