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Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

RVN, 1966 -1971
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August 26, 2009

I have made changes based on emails received from January 1 through August 25th, 2009.  I was going backward and I still have additions and changes dating from September through December 2008 to make...please check back.  Thanks for your patience....Ed McCurry

Please note the following email address changes:

Fred Riddle (Mike Co. 67-68) is now at ftriddle69@sunflower.com

T.J. Patton (H&S 66-67) is now at pattonmsgtusmc@embarqmail.com

Chris Sipes (Mike Co. 68-69) is now at chris@crmsinc.org

Joseph Boydell (Mike Co. 70) is now at jboydelljr@gmail.com

Bob Matteson (Mike Co. 66-67) is now at bobmatteson@verizon.net

Bruce Bodenstein (with Motor T, 67-68) is now at bbodenstein@carolina.rr.com

Confey Maldonado (106s 70-71) is now at v1permastr51@comcast.net

Corrected Fred Tanke's data, he served in 1967, Desoto through Swift and was in 1st squad, 2nd platoon.

Corrected Dominic Duca's data.  He was wounded 10/22/1967 (I had him wounded in September). Served Jan to Oct 1967.

Please welcome Fred Permenter, served with 3rd Platoon from the end of Union II through October 1967, when he was wounded.

Please welcome Alan Cantrell, 3rd Platoon Mike Company from December 1967 through January 1969. Served with Pete Black, Bernie Shinkman, Jimmy Robertson (KIA 3 Feb 1968).

Please welcome Harry Schiltz, who served with 106s from March 1969 to March 1980.

Please welcome Donald Houser, who served with second platoon as plt. sgt from May 1970 to March 1971.

Please welcome Bill Nicholson, who served as a machine gunner with Mike Company from April to November 1967. Wounded twice.

Please welcome Bill Raley, who served with 2nd Platoon from 1970-71.

Please welcome George Shores, who served with H&S supply in 1966, during operations DeSoto I and II and Hastings.

Please welcome Leo Sanders, who served as an FO with Mike Company from 1968-69.

Please welcome Martin Windham, transferred from Lima 3/7 to Mike Company in 1970 on LZ Ross.

We have added Jimmy Robertson, KIA with Mike Company on 3 February 1968, to our Wall. Jimmy was from Chicago, Illinois.

We have added PFC John H. Brancato, KIA with Mike Company on 7 February 1968 to our  Wall.  John was from La Grange, Illinois.  With thanks to Jim Andrulewicz from Lima Company for remembering.


September 6, 2008

Please welcome Dave Magnenat to the Mike company roster.  Dave was a Corpsman with 3/5 from January 1967 to January 1968 and rotated among India, Kilo and Mike.  He was with Mike company on Operation Union.  His email is magnenatsr@yahoo.com.

Dennis Mahilo, Mike Company 2nd Platoon in 1969 has a new email address (since January). It's ssbn730@gmail.com.

Please welcome Fred Tancke, an 0311 with 2nd Platoon, Mike Company to the roster.  Fred was in country with Mike from January to October 1967. You can email Fred at tancke2@cox.net.

And please welcome Ron Nutt to the H&S Company roster.  Ron was in supply from '66 to 4/22/67, came over on the Renville.  Ron is at rpnutt@alltel.net.

Also, please welcome James Spreine to the Mike Company roster. Jim was with 1st platoon in 1966-67 and was an 0311. He can be reached at apigpen@hvalley.net.

July 4, 2008

Please welcome James Bailey to the Mike Company roster.  Jim was Alpha squad leader, 2nd platoon, June 1969 -June 1970. His email is james.bailey@equistarchem.com.

And welcome Gary ONeill to the company roster....Gary was a machine gunner in 1967, participated in Operation Union.  His email is deo1967@hotmail.com.

And welcome Howard Haney to the company roster.  Howard was an 0311, 1st squad, 1st platoon in 1967, wounded 9/4/67 on Operation Swift.  His email is haney@clearwire.net

To H&S company please welcome Billy Rutherford, who was a teletype operator from November 69 to November 70.  His email is brutherford@magiclink.com.

And William Boudreau, also with Comm section of H&S in 1969-70.  Bill is president of his local VVA chapter in Plymouth, Michigan.  His email is wboudreau@comcast.net.

Chris Hamner's new email address is chrishamner@sbcglobal.net. Mike Co. 69-70.

Please welcome four radio operators from 1966-67 to the H&S roster. Earl Boswell and Tom Otten were FAC radiomen, Bufford Grappe was a Battalion radioman and Cal Edwards was both a FAC radioman and a Bn radioman.  Cal and Tom can be reached at cal@caledwards.com, Earl at earlboswell@mailstation.com and Buford at grappeb@nsula.edu.


June 16, 2008

Please welcome Roland Monette to the H&S roster.  Roland was the S-3 Officer from September 1969 until wounded on 30 January 1970.  When he came back he was reassigned to the Regimental S-3 in AnHoa and Hill 37.  His email is rmonette@blomand.net

June 3, 2008

Please welcome Phil Long to the H&S roster.  Phil was with Motor T from October 1969 to October 1970, convoying to and from AnHoa, Liberty Bridge, Hills 65, 55 and 52 among others.

June 1, 2008 (additional)

Please welcome Ken Doerksen to the Mike Company roster.  Ken was an 0141/0311 who served with both Mike and H&S during 1970.  His last call sign was Echo5Delta. email is doerksen1@pldi.net.

Forrest Mckay, a scout from 1/67 to 1/68, has a new email address.  It's now cfmckayIII@aol.com.

We have added PFC George Dehner from Alton, IA to the H&S Wall. George was KIA on 19 October 1968 during Operation Maui Peak.  The battalion positions near Dai Hep (3) on top of the An Bang Mountain on the south bank of the Vu Gia suffered grenade and mortar attacks, killing 5 Marines.  George and 4 members of India 3/5 were those men (just added to the India site wall were LCpl Thibodeaux and PFCs Johnson, Raiolo, and Strafello).

June 1, 2008

Please welcome Gary Crittenden to the H&S Company roster.  Gary was a Sgt with Comm section in 1969-1970. His email is garycrittenden@msn.com.

Please welcome Peter Dye to the Mike Company roster.  Peter was with 3rd platoon in 1966-1967 and was wounded on Union I. His email is plumcreek@triotel.net

Please welcome James Louis Poole to the H&S roster.  James was with H&S in 1966-1967.  His name was submitted to us by mrvines@bellsouth.net.   

Please welcome Mike Botello to the H&S roster, where he served in 1970 from 2/8 until December when he transferred to FLC. His email is marinervn6971@yahoo.com.

Please welcome Kenneth McKinney to the Mike company roster, where he served in 1968-69 with 60mm mortars. Ken's first CO was Mitchell, then Capt. Pacello.  He was on Hill 1192.  His email is Wandaj9@aol.com.

Please welcome Larry Goldsmith to the H&S company roster.  Larry joined in December 1967 and was almost immediately transferred to Lima Company as an 81s FO.  His email is shadowone7814@aol.com.

Please welcome Joe Trey to the Mike Company roster.  He was with the company from 1969-71. His email address is CW4Joe@aol.com.

Steve Lovejoy's new email address is salusmc2001@yahoo.com. Steve was with Mike Company in 67-68.

Jim Breeden's new email address is jim.breeden@marriott.com. Jim was with 81s in 1967-68.

Please welcome Larry Rappe to the Mike Company roster.  Larry was with the company in 1969. His email address is larry.rappe@va.gov.

January 31, 2006

Please welcome Duane Wheat to the Mike company roster. Duane was 1st platoon in 1968, Operations Baxter Gardens, both Houstons, Allenbrook etc. Lost all his pictures in a fire.  We'll be adding his email address shortly.

Also please welcome Lawson McDaniel to the H&S company roster.  Stan was with 3rd section of 81s in 1967 and 68, eventually became ammo NCO. He joined 3/5 at Chu Lai in February, attached to Lima. For more please see his mini-bio on the bio page.

Also, fixed Michael Wears' email address.  It is michael.wears@sbcglobal.net

January 24, 2006

Please welcome Rex McBee to the H&S company roster.  He was with S-1 in 1970-71. This was his third tour.  For a listing of all his tours please see the bio page.

Also please welcome Mike Stevens to the roster. Mike was with the battalion armory, fixing small arms during 1967-68.

And welcome Glenn James (Jim) Pirkle to the Mike Company roster.  Jim was a corpsman with 3rd platoon in 1970-71. In the bush he was known as Doc "P".

Most of Jim Treadwell's pictures were taken in 1968 (not 69) per Mike Alden.

Here are a number of email address changes (these have been changed on the rosters also):

Tim Summers is at tsummers418@yahoo.com

Ryan Getz is at rudabegetz@earthlink.net

Mike Wilson is at mwilson@mariettadodge.com

Byron Hill is at byronhill@wowwah.com

September 28, 2005

We had lost touch with Colonel Gene Bowers (Ret) a while back.  We are happy to post his current email address at gandcbowers@earthlink.net.  Colonel Bowers was the S-3 for the battalion from December '67 to mid '68, then was XO for a couple of weeks.  Prior to his time with 3/5 he was the CO of Hotel 2/5 in '67 on Operations Union, Swift and Essex.

August 31, 2005

Please welcome Paul Goens to the H&S roster.  Know as Groovy he was the Supply Sergeant in late 1967 and early 1968 after transferring in from India Company. He doesn't have email yet, but will soon.

August 29, 2005

Ricardo Moya (3rd Platoon, 1967-68) has a new email address.  It's irenemoya@cox.net. Corrected information on the roster listing for Mike company also, Ricardo was a squad leader and platoon leader.

August 15, 2005

We have the following email address changes:

On the H&S roster, Keith Hansford is now at theHansfords@comcast.net

On the Mike Company roster, Travis Barlow is at Travis@haulcar.com

and Tim Summers is at twsummers787@charter.net

August 14, 2005

We are saddened to report that Edward Pralicz, member of Mike Company from 1968 to 1969, died of cancer caused by Agent Orange on August 4th, 2005.

Major Rudy Quiles, with 5th Civil Affairs Group currently in Baghdad, Iraq is looking for anyone who might have known his father, Nicasio Quiles Jr, who served with 3/5 in late 1969 or early 1970 as a Field Radio Operator.  His email is rudy.quiles@gmail.com.

Mark Daniels works for GE in Thailand and has taken many trips to Vietnam over the past few years.  He's shared a bunch of pictures he's taken of Vietnam and Laos on a picture page titled Vietnam Now.  There are 40 pictures here, of the Rockpile, Antenna Valley, Ashau Valley, Dak To, Cu Chi, the Arizona and places in Laos.

July 31, 2005

Please welcome David Friedlein to the H&S Company roster. David was a radio operator with 81s in 1967 on Hill 35.

Also, please welcome Greg Eggleston to the H&S Company roster, who transferred from India Company.  He says 1971 but I believe it would be March of '70. 

Roger Kromko, an engineer attached to both Mike and Kilo companies from 1967 to 1968 has an email address change (on the H&S Company roster about the 6th line down from the top).

Kevin Kelly has changed his email address on the Mike Company roster.  Kevin was with the company in 1967-68.

Listen up:  The Operation Hastings crew of India Company is holding their 40th reunion in Colorado Springs from July 20 to July 23, 2006 in Colorado Springs.  All 3/5 companies are invited.  Please contact TTFNS@aol.com.

JD Murray has acquired the 3/5 Wall from Curtis and has all four sections professionally attached.  This is the heavy paper Wall we produce every year in conjunction with the reunion.  JD is offering use of the Wall to anyone who wants to honor our Vietnam Heroes, the only cost is the shipping to and from his home.  Please contact JD at Rugman21@aol.com if you're interested.

Also, A gentleman going by the handle of Lightning wrote a database program a few years back that took the names on the Wall and made it searchable by last name, date of death or hometown.  He also added a field for comments so that a user could tag names and add relevant or remembrance information.  The program, named VietWar, was available for free some time back but I don't know if it's still out there.  To make a long story short I have the program and database.  I've added comment tags on all India, Mike and H&S 3/5 KIAs, some 380 plus names.  I'm making it available to anyone what wants it, I'll just email it to you.  Zipped, it's about 3 meg.  You don't need to install, just unzip all files into a new folder and it should run just fine.  Email me at hebmc@aol.com if you want it.

April 24, 2005

Please welcome Sgt M.W. Zelasco to both the H&S Company and Mike Company rosters.  Sgt Zelasco was with flames in H&S on the Renville, then Oki, then the Princeton on Float. In August 1966 Sgt Zelasco transferred to Mike Company, first squad, first platoon, until 30 January 1967, then transferred to Fox 2/5.

Please welcome Lamar Schlemmer to the H&S company roster.  Lamar was with 81s in 1969-70.

Please welcome Gary Tormala to the Mike Company roster.  Gary was with 3rd Platoon from May to December 1968.  On Doug Maier's picture page there's a picture of Maier, Thiel and Austin with an unknown.  Gary's the unknown guy in that picture.

We added the silver star citation for Dan Dennis (with thanks to his brother Rick).  This was for actions on Operation Union, May 13, 1967.

January 21, 2005

Please welcome Phil Resendez to the H&S company roster.  Phil was with the company from 1966 when it was in San Diego, came over on the USS Renville to Oki.  With BLT 3/5 on Hastings and a few others and finally to Hill 69 at Chu Lai.  Phil was the Unit Diary clerk for Capt Hans Haupt.  Late in his tour he went to Golf 2/1 and then home in April '67.

January 17, 2005

Please welcome Philip "Doc" Stern to the Mike Company roster.  Phil was a corpsman with 2nd platoon from December 1967 until he was wounded on February 6, 1968.  He was awarded a Silver Star (included on the site) for actions on that date.

Also, please welcome Larry Hebert to the Mike Company roster.  Larry served with Lima, Mike and H&S Companies from 2/67 to 3/68.

We have added Dan Dennis (KIA 5/13/67...Silver Star) to our roster so that folks who knew him may contact his brother Rick at rdennis@houston.rr.com.

Fred Riddle has a new email address at ftriddle@peoplepc.com


November 10,  2004

We are saddened to report that Tom Larson, H&S in 1968 serving as an FO with India Company, died of a heart attack on 31 October 1968.   There is a guestbook for his family at http://www.legacy.com/Link.asp?Id=GB02778019X 

We have added Lance Corporal Robert Vincent Reker to Our Wall. Robert served with Mike Company in 1969 and was KIA on 13 June 1969. His nephew Rayn sent in an article that we will be scanning and adding to the site very soon.  With thanks to Deb Reynolds for passing the info along. 

We have PFC Steven Ray Lowe to Our Wall. Steve died on May 31, 1970 as a result of burns received from a bunker fire on Hill 25. Terry Shepardson and Tom Lindsey remember Steve.  Steve was from Jacksonville, Illinois.

Please welcome Bob Aloiso to the Mike Company roster.  Bob was a corpsman in 2nd platoon, found recently by Mike Alden.  He served from 1968 to April 1969.

Also, please welcome Larry Honan to the Mike Company roster.  Larry was with first platoon from 1967 to 1968 and was wounded on 3 February 1968. He served on Operations Essex, Auburn and the Tet Offensive.

Jim Cravey (Mike Co '66-67) has a new email address.  It's now jdcusmc@gvtc.com 

Terry Cox (H&S '68) has a new email address. It's now usmcm151@peoplepc.com 

Also, Steve Eik (H&S '69) has a new email address at jessicaeik@bellsouth.net

Happy Birthday, Marines!

August 28, 2004

Please welcome Marcus (Mark) Sykora to the Mike Company roster.  Mark served with the company in 1966 and 1967, WIA on 14 May 1967 on Operation Union for which he received a Silver Star...also posted here.

We have posted two other Silver Stars for members of Mike Company.  To Lieutenant John Fretwell, on May 25, 1967 on Operation Union.   To Sergeant Ricky Almanza, Platoon Sergeant, posthumously on September 3, 1968.

August 25, 2004

We've posted two pictures from Michael Connell, 1969-70.  They are of Dan Wheeler, Jimmy Pitts, Donoho, Lindsay and Connell. On his picture page.

We've posted 16 pictures from Hans Haupt, kindly forwarded by his widow Arlene. Most are uncaptioned but they are from 1966 where Hans was the H&S company commander.  Those folks identified are Doc Gatenby in Chu Lai; Gy Sgt Chapman, Capt. Chalmers, Lt. Toth, Cpl. Moll. On his picture page.

August 23, 2004

Please welcome Lou Caruso to the H&S company roster.  Lou was in 'nam from 70-71, first with Charlie 1/5 out of An Hoa, then with 3/5's CUPP company, where he was wounded on Hill 25 (between Hills 52 and 65 along rte 4 and the Song Vu Gia) in June of '70.  Came back and was a cook on Hill 65 before he rotated.

Please welcome Tom Hogan to the Mike company roster. Tom was with 3rd Platoon from March 1968 to March 1969.

George Blankenship has a new email address, it's now gbforklift@nc.rr.com

Bruce Jones has a new email address, it's now TWOBJSJ@peoplepc.com 

Also, Sam Lowery wrote us asking if anyone knew his uncle, Max Lowery.  Sam knows he was with 5th Marines, probably in '67 and would like to learn more about his uncle's service.  Unfortunately Max died in 2002 from Agent Orange related lymphoma.  Sam can be reached at sjlowery@cmsenergy.com . Incidentally Sam was a corporal with Weapons company 1/7 from 1992-1997.

August 10, 2004

Please welcome Walter (Skip) Herman to the H&S company roster.  Skip was a radioman for 81s from 67-68, from Operations Union II through Swift and Tet.  He was attached to India mostly.

Also please welcome Terry Shepardson (Shep) to the H&S Company roster. He was an 0351 from January to May 1970, where he was wounded in a bunker fire on Hill 25. 

And please welcome Henry (Roby) Wood to the H&S Company roster.  Roby was with 1/3 briefly early in 1969 but then came to 3/5 81s.  Served as an FO with Lima Company in 1969 and 1970, then was a section leader in June and July of 1970 on Hill 52. (Webmaster note: Roby was my section leader on 52, and a damned good one. I resurrected four pictures of him taken there and have put them on my picture page)

Added a couple of pictures of vietnamese scrip from Tony Goodrich.  The scrip was signed front and back by members of 1st Platoon around the time of Operation Durham Peak, August 1969.  On his picture page.

Posted 8 pictures from Robert Dumas, Mike Company 1969-70.  Scenes from around An Hoa, the German Hospital, the QueSons, a Platoon inspection, and a couple of pictures of Mike Kempel (KIA August '70) with a couple of unidentified Marines.  On his picture page.

August 2, 2004

Please welcome Tony Butts to the Mike Company roster. He was with 2nd squad, 1st Platoon from 1968 to July 1969.  He was on Hill 332.

Also please welcome Bill Kent to the Mike Company roster.  Bill was the 3rd Platoon operating as a radioman from November 1966 to December 1967 and participated on Operations Union I, II and Swift. Wounded twice. 

Got Ryan Getz' middle initial wrong on the roster initially.  It is L.

August 1, 2004

Richard Reed, added to the roster two weeks ago, was with 1st squad, 1st Platoon, from June 1968 to July of 1969.

Please welcome Tom Wiseman to the Mike roster.  Tom was with 2nd squad, 1st Platoon in 1969. He was on Hill 332 and Taylor Common.

July 16, 2004

We have a number of Marines added to our rosters, for both Mike and H&S.  Please welcome:

To the Mike Company roster:

1. James Dean Huggins who was in 3rd platoon in 1969, wounded on 6/7/69, the same day 3 Mike Company Marines were KIA.

2. Ryan Getz, who was in 2nd Platoon in 1968-69, his first tour.  His second tour was with CAP 2-2-2 out of Hoi An.

3. Michael Alden, who was with 1st squad, 1st Platoon from May 1968 to May 1969. He was a machine gunner.

4. Richard Reed, sent to us by Michael Alden.  More information to follow.

5. Donald Nickerson, who was with company from November 1967 to 3/29/1968.

To the H&S Company roster:

1. Dale Dilling, who was the Platoon Sgt for Comm Platoon from 1989 to 1993.  He remembers during a later tour in Camp Lejeune, when Pendleton Marines came for training, being in a bar downtown and hearing the cry "Get Some" and smiled, knowing the 5th Marines were in town.  He says also that it was the only battalion that had a one day class on the history of the Regiment and the Battalion when you first joined.

2. Ralph Hazen, with the company in 1969-70.

3. Lee Clubb, with the company to September 1966.  See his bio on the first bio page.

4. James Maedgen, who was with 106s from December 1967 to July 1968.

We also have the following email address changes:

Jim Cravey is now at jimcravey@cableone.net 

Wayne Bannister is at seventh_chld@webtv.net 

TJ Patton is at PattonMSGTUSMC@earthlink.net.   (TJ thought we hadn't added him to the roster,  I found him on the H&S roster about a third of the way down, we added him a couple of years ago).

Tim Summers is at tnriverrat@charter.net

Also, Del Vecchio (I'm sure I've got his name spelled wrong) was at the reunion in May. He was the combat correspondent/photographer who showed some of his pictures at a table.  A lot of you all expressed an interest in purchasing some of his pictures.  He's willing to sell them to you at cost.  Here's what he says about it: The 12x18 prints you saw are reasonably nice for people to hang or display somewhere, normally a photo place charges $20+ for those, but I can get them made for $10, plus whatever shipping is.  (Have to roll
those up in tubes for mailing, probably another $5-8).  I am NOT in the business of selling pictures for profit, at least not to other vets, but am happy to get them made for those who want them. 
For those of you who haven't seen them, I'll have some web views of them on the site in the near future.  Del's email address is techconsultserv@juno.com 

There are a bunch of pictures that I'm in the process of getting on the site.  Among others, contributions from Robert Dumas, Michael Wears, Tony Goodrich and Tom Lindsay will be up as soon as I get some free time to do the work.  

Thanks for your patience folks....more material to come.

February 23, 2004

Douglas Bradburry, with S-2 from 1969-71, has a new email address.  It is now dbradburry@comcast.net

February 21, 2004

Please welcome Dave Kurz to the Mike Company roster.  Dave was with 1st Platoon, radioman, from 69-70, WIA on 6/22/70.  He was on Hills 37, 52, 65, 10 and 27.

February 19, 2004

We have posted 2 poems from Robert Dumas (Mike 69-70).  Along Life's Road and Shadows may be found on Poems page.  They are excellent.

February 16, 2004

Please welcome Robert F. Dumas to the Mike Company roster.  Robert was with the company from 4 July 1969 to June 30, 1970.  He was in second squad first platoon and became the second squad radio operator until he left 'nam.

Please welcome Joe Hunt to the roster.  Joe was with Mike Company from late 1967 to early 1968. He remembers John Denava (KIA 1/15/68) on Our Wall.

Also please welcome Joseph Walters to the Mike Company roster.  Joe was the Platoon Commander for 2nd Platoon and was wounded and eventually lost a leg on September 11, 1968.  For an outstanding view of the actions of that day please see Mike McFerrin's writeup on Debbe Reynold's site at www.combatwife.net/11sept68composite.htm This is a work in progress. A lot of Marines lost their lives on that day and Mike had a view from the left flank with 3rd platoon who was providing a base of fire, while 1st platoon on the near right went into the paddy to try and rescue 2nd platoon.  One of our recent additions to the roster, BJ Jones, received a bullet in the spine during that rescue attempt. 

Debbe Reynolds also has an outstanding memorial page built in honor of Hans Haupt.  You may find it at www.combatwife.net/memhaupt.htm.

Brad Reynolds had surgery a couple of days ago to remove what was feared to be a cancerous tumor in his lung.  We are extremely pleased to report that it was NOT cancerous.  It's going to take him a while but he will recover.  Deb Reynolds has been out of touch during this period but will be back on line in a few days.  



January 22, 2004

In honor and in memory of Hans Haupt (1/26/1933-1/7/2004), and of the 10 Marines who lost their lives on that day in 1966, JD Murray submits his analysis of the attack on the 1st Platoon of Mike Company, December 14, 1966, on Hill 71, near Chu Lai.  It includes a map, background of what the company had been doing since August of 1966, a description of what occurred and list of sources.  The names of nine of our  fallen brothers are presented, we are still trying to identify who was the tenth.  On this page: Hill 71

January 19, 2004

Posted two pictures from Tony Goodrich (69-70). In the Arizona in late summer or early fall 1969. One picture has Tony, Jim Cloherty, Frank Sonnema and Tom Wityak.  The other is Frank Sonnema setting up an M-60 gun position on a hill and possibly Newbold setting up a claymore at the bottom of the hill. On Tony's picture page.

We've posted some research by JD Murray on Operation Cortez, December 5-12, 1966 in the Que Son Valley.  19 graphics (maps and AARs) shown chronologically.  Mike and Kilo companies were the two companies in the Operation. at http://www.securenet.net/3rdbn5th/cortez.htm 

January 16, 2004

Posted six pictures from Bernard Dunn, 1970-71.  They are of him in An Hoa, in the Arizona and at LZ Ross.  There's a picture of the document he received to allow him to keep a captured NVA flag and a Stars & Stripes article dated 11/6/1970 that discusses Mike Company's 4 day patrol and discovery of an NVA hospital.  On his picture page.

January 15, 2004

The obituary for  Hans Haupt is in the Napa News today, Thursday, January 15. This is the link  http://www.napanews.com, click on the obituaries link. Hans is on the first page, click at the bottom of the writeup on that page for a complete obituary.  I have copied it and will post it on the site this weekend.

January 10, 2004

We have added Donald Coleman Crotts to Our Wall. Donald was KIA on June 13, 1968 and was an 0311 Corporal.  He was from Blacksburg, South Carolina.

Corrected the date for Alan Lyman's date of death to June 13, 1968.

Corrected the link to Debbe Reynolds' site.  It is at http://www.combatwife.net 

January 9, 2004

Jake Dillon has a new email address.  It is now jdillon@kywirelesscollc.com 

Dennis Mahilo has a new email address it is now Denron@Peoplepc.com

We are greatly saddened to report that Hans Haupt, H&S Company Commander in 1966, died of heart failure last Wednesday, January 7.  He was at his computer communicating with his Marine friends when he died, peacefully.  Graveside services with military honors will be held at Tulocay cemetery in Napa, California on January 22nd (if the 22nd is not available they will be held on the 23rd). The family requests that in lieu of flowers that donations in Hans name be made to the American Heart Association or your choice of charity.  More info will be provided as it comes in. 


January 4, 2004

Please welcome William D. Sokolosky (Ski) to the Mike Company roster.  Ski was in 1st Platoon from May 1969 to April 1970 and would like to correspond with all his old friends.  Please see his guestbook entry also.

December 31, 2003

Please welcome Bernard Dunn to the Mike Company roster.  Bernard was a machine gunner with 3rd squad, 3rd Platoon in 1970 - 71.


December 26, 2003

Please welcome Chris Sipes to the Mike Company roster. Chris was a machine gunner with the company from September 1968 to March 1969 and then transferred to a CAP unit.

Also, Terry Cox (H&S 1968), has a new email address.  It is m151@earthlink.net 

November 16, 2003

Posted 26 pictures from Jerry Dillon.  Jerry was the company clerk in 1967-68. The pictures of people are of him, Bernie Lavoie, Carroll, the Company Gunny,  1st Sgt. Manus, Daoust, Gary Guthridge, Frank Jurney, Gordon Seablom, John Molloy, Jones, White and the Company Office in '67, the Compay Shower in the same year and a layout of Miss April 1967.  With apologies to Jerry for taking so long to post his fine pics. 

November 10, 2003

Today is the 228th Anniversary of the Birth of the Marine Corps.

Please welcome John Young to the Mike Company roster.  John was with 1st Platoon from February 1970 until he was wounded on 22 June 1970.

Added picture from Tom Uebel, taken on a mountain top in October 1970.  On the various picture page.

Fixed the spelling on a couple of Marines on Randy Pelt's picture page.  They are Wiebengay and Devendo. 

C. Howdyshell, who was with 2nd LAAM in 1967, is looking for a buddy who was a radio operator with Mike Company around the time of Operation Swift (Sept. 1967) name of Mark Swartz. Howdy can reached at frhowce@ngic.army.mil

Dan Fraley, who is the director of Veteran's Affairs for Bucks County, Pennsylvania is looking for Richard Gresko, who served with H&S 3/5 in 1970-71. Dan can be reached at dhfraley@co.bucks.pa.us He is also looking for PFC Galindo, PFC Waterman, L/Cpl Hughes and Capt. Joseph Sloan.  All these folks were transferred to CUPP Platoon in '71. 

October 24, 2003

Please welcome Elvin Bruce Jones to the Mike Company roster.  Bruce was with 3/27 and transferred in August 1968 to the company. He was with 1st Platoon, 1st Squad and was wounded on 11 September 68 on Operation Mameluke Thrust, hit by a sniper in an ambush.

October 22, 2003

Please welcome Gary Wieczorek to the Mike Company roster.  Gary was in 2nd squad, 2nd Platoon from November 1967 to November 1968.  We have also posted Gary's Bronze Star Citation awarded for actions occurring on 7 February 1968.

Please welcome Al Marflak to the Mike Company roster.  Al was a Corpsman with company in 1966 during Operation Hastings.

Please welcome Melvin Oakes to the Mike Company roster.  Melvin was with the 1st Platoon during the early part of 1968.  He was wounded in May of 1968 and transferred to Camp Smith in Hawaii in June.

Also please welcome Ed Allen to the Mike Company roster.  Ed joined Mike Company in early 1966 at Pendleton.  He was an 0341 assigned to 60mm mortars and also did some radio operator work at the CP and was a "mule" drive too.  Ed stayed with the company until November or December 1966 when he transferred to H&S 1/5.

We are adding Paul LaTender, posthumously, to the Mike Company roster. Paul was with the company in 1968 to 1969.  He died December 2, 1992 at the age of 43.  Ironically he was approved for Agent Orange benefits after he died.  With thanks to Fernando Rodriguez and Debbie Reynold for forwarding the information to us.  We have Paul's sister's phone number for anyone who knew him that would wish to speak to her.  Please write the webmaster.

Recapping what I wrote on September 12 (below): "Back in 1970 the Mike Company CO,Randy Pelt, wrote up Doc Kempel (KIA) and Joe Boydell (WIA) for a silver star and bronze star respectively.  The paperwork got lost somewhere in the pipeline.  Randy found that out a couple of years and ago and went about the laborious process of researching, finding folks who were witnesses and resubmitting the paperwork" Both awards were approved on July 18, 2003.  The citations for Michael Kempel's Silver Star and Joe Boydell's Bronze Star are posted on the site, click the underlined names to jump there.  Note: Both awards were for actions on August 27, 1970.  When reading the citations the point man referred to who was killed on that date is Dan Bennett.  Michael was killed going to his aid and Joe was wounded going to both their aid.

There are a number of email address changes to report:

Steve Haygood/Walker (Mike Co) is now at stevehaygood@hotmail.com  

Joe Smith (Mike Co) is at tunnelrat68@aol.com.

Bob Farmer (H&S Co) is now at FarmerRD@i-mef.usmc.mil


September 16, 2003

J.D. Murray wrote down his memories of Lieutenant Joe Mirgeaux, a testimonial for a Marine severely wounded on Operation Hastings in July 1966 and who died of his wounds in 1988.  J.D. served with Joe at OCS, Basic School, with 3/5 at Pendleton in the Philippines, on float as the SLF, on Operations Deckhouse II, Nathan Hale and Hastings.   

September 13, 2003

Turk Wears identified the unknown Marine in one of the pictures on the "various" picture page.  This is the one that came from a guy from Golf 2/7 and the Marine wears a helmet that says "Stop! Don't shoot, I'm short".  Turk says the Marine is Gary Wells on patrol in February or March of 1968 and he was real short at that time. 

September 12, 2003

Lt. Joe Mirgeaux was grievously wounded on Operation Hastings in July 1966. He lived in pain and suffering, under constant medical care for the rest of his life. In October 1988 he died as a direct result of his wounds.  A concerted effort to have him added to the Wall in Washington, DC is in progress.  In the meantime, in an effort to honor his sacrifice we have added him to Our Wall.  

Please welcome Michael (Terrible Turk) Wears to the Mike Company roster. Turk was with 2nd Platoon from September 1967 to May 1968.  A brief bio is included on the second bio page.

We have new email addresses for Hans Haupt (hshaupt@earthlink.net) and Jim Blankenheim (pablanke@facstaff.wisc.edu).

We have a new email address for Denny Dinota's daughter, should you wish to write her please contact us.

Back in 1970 the Mike Company CO,Randy Pelt, wrote up Doc Kempel (KIA) and Joe Boydell (WIA) for a silver star and bronze star respectively.  The paperwork got lost somewhere in the pipeline.  Randy found that out a couple of years and ago and went about the laborious process of researching, finding folks who were witnesses and resubmitting the paperwork.  Both awards were just approved.  Great job, Randy! 

Steve Smith, father of the current Scout/Sniper Platoon CO for 3/5, wrote us recently and informed us that 3/5 would be coming home and arriving at Camp Pendleton between September 5 and 14.  They may be home already.  Fantastic job they did. 

August 5, 2003

Posted a poem by Tanya Johnson, a tribute to her father, Charlie Johnson, Vietnam Veteran.  In the Bits and Pieces section of this site. Click here.

August 2, 2003

Please welcome Michael Connell to the Mike Company roster.  Mike transferred in from Bravo 1/26 in March 1970 and served with 1st platoon, Donoho's squad until September 1970.   Mike remembers Chuck Bennett as being a good guy and an excellent squad leader (see the July 24th entry).  Being a short timer, he relates that he and Frank Sonnema were held back on Hill 37 on the op in which Dan Bennett and Doc Kempel were killed. 

August 1, 2003

Corrected Don Lavetter's name on the H&S roster.  Don was a wireman who was converted to a radio operator when he reached AnHoa.  His new email address is dontfg1@cox.net.

July 28, 2003

Does anyone have an H&S roster for the period May, June, or July 1966?  Oral Collyott is looking for a guy named Bingham in H&S for that period.

Fixed a couple of errors I made in identifying Dan Bennett (below).  He was 2nd Platoon and was KIA in August 1970 (I had him in 1st Plt and October '70).

Craig Sullivan has a new email address.  It's sarge356768@yahoo.com

With thanks to Dave Burnham, we've posted his Navy Commendation Citation, awarded for actions on May 8, 1968 during Operation Houston.

With thanks to Deb Reynolds for sharing, we've posted the Navy Commendation Citation for Gordon Seablom, awarded for actions on June 2, 1967 during Operation Union II; and the Bronze Star, awarded for actions on May 14, 1967 during Operation Union.

July 24, 2003

Please welcome Dave Burnham to the H&S Company roster.  Dave was a FAC with Kilo and Mike in 1967-1968.

We've added PFC Terry Lyle Booth to Our Wall.  Tony Goodrich remembers Terry walking point and tripping a booby trap that killed him and wounded several other Marines.  Terry was from Clairton, PA and died on 10/15/69. Tony remembers talking to him a few nights before he was KIA, Terry was new in country.  Also remembers him being a good Marine and good man, even though new. 

Tony also found out that Chuck Bennett, 2nd Platoon of Mike Company, 1969-70, died of an infection in 1995.  Chuck was brother to Dan Bennett, 2nd Platoon, KIA October 1970.  We added Chuck to the roster.

Finally, we are saddened to report that Doctor Victor Westphall died 22 July, 2003. Dr. Westphall built the first Memorial to Vietnam Veterans at Angel Fire, New Mexico. He had lost his son, a Marine Lt., to an ambush in 1968 in Vietnam.  

July 19, 2003

Please welcome Robert Powell to the Mike Company roster.  Robert was with 3rd squad, 3rd Platoon from late 1965 to November 1966 when he was wounded. After 40 days in the hospital he came back to Mike Co until March or April '67 when he was transferred to Hotel 2/5.  

Put a piece in Bits and Pieces, submitted by JD Murray.  Did you know that Chesty Puller commanded 3/5 for a day, and that Lew Walt was the battalion commander right after him.  It was during the Cape Gloucester campaign.  Read about it here.

Posted a picture  on India's site, from Forrest Knisely who was with HMM 364 in 1965 - 66.  This was taken on May 31, 1966 in PI, ashore from the USS Princeton and he's trying to identify a friend of his, ground element Marine, maybe 3/5. Forrest's email is lobousmc44@yahoo.com 

July 6, 2003

Please welcome Curtis Walker to the H&S roster.  Curtis was Comm Platoon NCO and was an FO's radioman with 81s serving with Mike Company, from June 1968 to July 1969.

Please welcome Lola Pyle to the Mike Company roster, under her husband's name, Chris Pyle, who was KIA on Pipestone Canyon on 5/28/69.  Anyone who knew her husband is welcome to correspond with her.

New message board is up at www.bulletinboards.com/view.  Type in 3rdbn5th at the login screen.

June 26, 2003

Amended my account of Denny's funeral services.  Folks were kind enough to point out some errors I had made and provide additional detail.

Tom Keith, a radio technician with H&S in 1970, has a new email address.  It's tkeith@wi.rr.com

June 25, 2003

Posted an account of the funeral services for Denny Dinota, June 18, 2003, which I was honored to attend. 

June 17, 2003

This is from a local newspaper, The Daily News, in Jacksonville, the obit notice on Denny.

Dennis Thomas Dinota, 61, of Jacksonville, died June 15 at Onslow Memorial Hospital. 
A funeral will be held at 11 a.m. Wednesday at Jones Funeral Home in Jacksonville with the Rev. Norman Aycock officiating. 
Burial with full military honors will follow at Coastal Carolina State Veterans Cemetery.
He was a private investigator.  He served with the US Marine Corps and was a veteran and had two tours of duty in Vietnam.  He was awarded the Silver Star, the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart.
He is survived by his daughter, Mackie Katharine Fretwell of Beaufort, SC; a son, Michael Dinota of Cape May, NJ; and two sisters, Maureen Evans of Rockledge, Fla, and Maggie Dobbs of Ocala, Fla; and five granddaughters.
The family will receive friends from 10 to 11 a.m. Wednesday at the funeral home. 

June 16, 2003

Denny Dinota died last night at 2320.  That's all I know for the time being, details will be provided.  He will be missed....I feel like someone just kicked me in the stomach.  

1031 update:  Viewing and gravesite services will be in Jacksonville, NC on Wednesday.  More details to come.

1848 update:  Letter from J.R. McElroy follows:

For all,

         Our beloved fellow Marine and grunt Denny passed away in the late evening on 15 June 2003. He passed peacefully and in no pain as the result of rapidly spreading cancer. He is now with thousands of his fellow Marines from throughout the history of our Corps.
         Jones Funeral Home,Jacksonville,NC is in charge of funeral details. Visitation is from 10-11a.m.,Wednesday 18 June 2003 followed by burial at 11a.m., Wednesday 18 June 2003 at North Carolina Veterans Cemetary, just off LeJeune Blvd.[Hwy 24] by the main gate to Camp Johnson [Camp LeJeune complex].
         For those desiring to express condolences to the next of kin, the names and addresses will be provided later.
         Bill Vandergriff and I will attend the services.
         It is requested that Debbi and Brad, and Curtis use their computer lists to notify all of Denny's death. Thanks.

         J.R. McElroy        

June 14, 2003

This is from Dave Lytle, a good friend of Denny's:

Update. He has been moved to Onslow county hospital as his tumor is now pressing on his vein and the doc says he'll be lucky to make it till Monday. Mackie his daughter called this morning and said they have him on an oxygen mask and have put the morphine on the iv drip. He is not in pain and has been sleeping peacefully.

 She says to say thanks for all the prayers.

Also, Mackie (Denny's daughter) wrote a message in the guestbook yesterday. His email is still active (dinota@earthlink.net) and she has read messages to him.


June 11, 2003

Please welcome Michael P. Elias to the Mike Company roster.  Mike was with the company in 1965 prior to transferring to Bravo 1/4.

Also, please welcome Thomas Abendroth to the H&S Company roster.  Tom was with 81s from 1968 to 1969 (January) and was the radio operator, to the section attached to India Company.  With thanks to Tom Larson (new email tclarson@cox.net) for finding him.

Denny Dinota has been moved to a nursing home, we don't know which one yet.  He's been reported as being in good spirits.

June 9, 2003

Please welcome Dan Dempsey to the H&S roster.  Dan was the S-3 Alpha from 1966 to 1967.

June 8, 2003

Please welcome Jim (Doc) Bryant to the Mike Company roster.  Doc was a corpsman with 3rd Platoon from July to September 1969 when he was wounded on Hill 65.  He spent a few days with 2nd Platoon to replace a Doc who'd been wounded by a booby trap. He was with the company for Durham Peak.

We are saddened to report that Denny Dinota is very ill. From what I understand he has lung cancer that has metastasized to his bone marrow and liver. He's a very private person and not much on beating his breast and bemoaning his fate and doesn't want phone calls and flowers.  But I'm thinking a card or two can't hurt so if you all want to write him you can send a card or letter to Onslow Memorial Hospital, 317 Western Boulevard, Jacksonville, NC 28541.  He's in room 323.  If you don't know him then take a look at a couple of things he wrote about, one recently, about being asked to speak at Mess Nights.  He's one of the real good guys and a hell of a Marine.  

June 6, 2003

George Blankenship has a new email address.  It is gbforklift@earthlink.net 

For reunion pictures please visit www.usmcvietvet.org

Received the following letter from Steve Smith, father of Andrew Smith, Scout/Sniper Platoon Commander for 3/5:

A quick note to say that the H&S, 3/5 Marines are doing OK. Andrew has made sparse connection with us but says they are now stationary in a town Southwest of Baghdad and are assigned duties that really do not fall to the Marines. Namely, policing and rebuilding. Ah, winning the hearts and minds of the people, remember? He confirmed that 3/5 saw furious action during the three weeks of the hottest part of the war. They cleared portions of Baghdad and were as far North as Samara for a while. 3/5 has taken casualties but Andrew says the Scout Snipers have not lost anyone. Right now, they do not know when they will pull out to go back "to the world" but the latest rumors have it in late July.

They are pleased with and thankful for the support they have gotten, especially from fellow 3/5 Marines. I will post info as I get it, and will certainly let you guys know when they ship out for Camp Pendleton. Maybe some of you who reside in Southern California can be there for there homecoming. I know my family will be there for sure. We all know how important homecomings are, for most of us didn't get one!!
Semper Fi
Steve Smith 



May 13, 2003

Please welcome George Autobee to the Mike Company roster.  George was point with 2nd platoon from June 1968 until he was wounded.  After returning to the company he was with 60mm mortars.  George was one of the guys mentioned in the recent Vietnam Magazine article on the fight at Hill 310.

In two days the all hands reunion will take place in La Grange, Georgia.  We wish those of you who are going the best of times.  I've been to the last three and they were all great.   In June, veterans of the Hastings Operation will be holding a reunion in Las Vegas.  Hosted by India Company vets, all Hastings vets are welcome.  Please see the particulars on the India site.

May 5, 2003

We are sad to report that Gunnery Sergeant Fred Blackman, who was the 1st Platoon Sergeant in late 1968 and early 1969, died of a heart attack May 21, 1997. Debbe Reynolds will be building a memorial page for Freddie when she returns from the reunion.  In the meantime if any of you knew him and would like to contribute your memories of him for the benefit of his widow, friends and family, please do so.  We will collect them and post them on a page here and on Debbe Reynold's fine site.

The following was written recently by Mike McFerrin, who was the Right Guide under Gunny Blackman for a good period of time.  This man ranks at the top of my list of people I knew and served with during my two years in Vietnam.  That list scores bravery, bush knowledge, strategy, tactics, and concern for his Marines in combat as equal components.  I spent a great deal of time and effort trying to become as good as he was.  Anything that I became and any Marine lives I saved, including my own, were the direct result of his extraordinary skills and tutoring.

April 24, 2003

The current issue of Vietnam magazine's cover story (June 2003 issue) is a firsthand account of the fight at Hill 310 in August 1968. The author is Lt. Col. Jack Wells (Ret.) who was an arty FO, mostly with Bravo 1/7 at the time.  Half of the article is about Mike Company's attack on the hill (followed by an account of Lima's attack, then Bravo and Delta 1/7).  Lots of guys on our roster are named or quoted in the article.  Jim Quinn, Dan Hignight, Mike Brown, Capt. Pacello, George Autobee, Joseph Walters, Eugene Whitbeck, Jim Blankenheim, Bob Bryja and Rocco Giambrocco were all either quoted or their actions described.  At some point, probably in a couple of months the article will be available on line at www.thehistorynet.com (right now the April issue is featured).  

April 5, 2003

Here's a link provided by Hans Haupt on the death of Major Nave, XO of 3/5 during the current war.  http://www.wzzm13.com/newsdefaultmail.asp?cmd=view&articleid=6355; with thanks Deb Reynolds for forwarding it.

We have added William Daulton to Our Wall.  William was from Medora, Indiana and was KIA on October 24, 1970. With thanks to Tom Wityak from remembering him. William came to 3/5 from 7th Marines. 

Please welcome Robert Barrier to the H&S roster.  He was the 106s CO in 1963-64 prior to the deployment of 3/5 overseas and the redesignation to one of the 9th Marines' battalions.  

We are also honored to add Robert's father, Charles Barrier to the H&S roster.  Charles was with Weapons Company, 3/5, in 1942 at Guadalcanal.  

Also please welcome Chuck Killian to the H&S roster.  Chuck was with 81s from November 1966 to December 1967.

Larry Nunez (Mike Co, 1967) has his own email address now.  It's lbnunez1@aol.com 

Tom Wityak has identified one of the men in his pictures as Corporal James Laughter, an American Indian. On his picture page.

After speaking to Weapons Company 3/6 on Mess Night a few months ago, Denny Dinota was invited to do the same at H&S 3/6's Mess Night late last month. Here is the gist of what he said. (click on the underlined words)

We've posted the Bronze Star Citation for Sergeant Leslie Thompson for actions during Operation Mameluke Thrust on 11 September 1968.  (Sergeant Thompson was awared a Silver Star on 3 March 69...already posted..., and was KIA on 5 March 69)

Webmaster note: It has been a long period between updates on this and India's websites and much material has been accumulated during that time.  It will slowly be added and I'll be switching back and forth between the company sites in turn to do that.  I thank you all for your patience.  

I had a strange reaction on the start of the war in Iraq and the first Marine casualties were announced.  I got depressed and couldn't watch any of the news, nor could I sleep without nightmares.  Thought I was the lone ranger but I've mentioned it to a couple of 3/5 friends and found they had similar though not identical reactions.  Well, I'm snapping out of it now, can watch the news with particular attention to mention of 5th Marines and the rest of 1st Herd.  I watch it grimly, but with pride in the way the troops are conducting themselves (there's a video clip on the net on 3/5, I think Sully sent me the link but I've lost it).  

March 19, 2003

The War has started.  Some of you saw an interview with some 1st Mar Div Marines this morning and caught the unit designation of "L" 3/5 on one of the vehicles.   So the legacy lives on and once again 3/5 is called on to step into the breach.   Since India is still an active company there has been a substantial amount of correspondence between members of that company and folks on the India roster.  I trust some of you wrote the H&S guys at the address listed on the February 8 entry.  Steve Smith informed me that they spent a good couple of weeks in mid February without being able to receive mail but that was fixed in late February.   The die being cast all we can do now is wish them Godspeed, luck and good hunting. 

February 22, 2003

Please welcome Don Goulet to the Mike Company roster.  Don was with 3rd Squad, 3rd Platoon from September 1966 to 4 September, 1967.

Added additional info on Troy Odom (added yesterday).  Troy was in 1st Platoon and he was an 8541 (ScoutSniper) and 0311.  He transferred from Charlie 1/26 when that battalion left 'nam.

February 21, 2003

Please welcome Troy Odom to the Mike Company roster.  Troy was with the company in 1969 - 1970.  With thanks to Carlos Delgado for finding him.

Also, please welcome Roy Youngblood to the Mike Company roster.  Roy was a Corpsman with India in 1966 but while in transit from Hawaii to Oki he was transferred to Mike.  He remembers being with two platoons, the 2nd and 3rd. During the mass transfers between 3/5 and 2/5, he was one of the guys that was transferred.  Also, for actions on July 18 and 22, 1966, on Operation Hastings, Roy was awarded a Silver Star.  That citation is posted here.

Please welcome Tom Cormier to the H&S Company roster.  Tom was with 106s from January 1969 to February 1970 and was an A-gunner. He also participated in patrols and ops during that period (he remembers Pipestone Canyon).  

There have been numerous email changes.  The following have just been made:

Byron Hill is now at hill.byron@att.net; H Benler is now at hbenler@cox.net; Craig Sullivan is now at Sullivanc@vnet.net;  and I fixed Chuck Greene's email address which is acso585@pacbell.net

JD Murray informed us that HQ USMC and Historical and Museums Branch now has Battalion Command Chronologies, with some AARs attached, available on CD (this is now the only way to get these, they no longer provide paper copies).  I have added a new page with JD's information and the letter from HQ USMC with instructions on how to order. Click here to go that page : Military Records. There are 108 CDs available.  The main one that is relevant to 3/5 is CD #49 (it has command chronologies from 1966 to 1971 for 2/5 and 3/5 plus extra stuff).  

February 8, 2003

Please welcome Colin Hitchman to the Mike Company roster.  Colin was a corpsman with the company during Operation Hastings.  With thanks to Joe Holt for finding him.

Also to correct and add information on Ralph Ausura.  Ralph died on December 26, 1990 (not '93 as I originally had it).  Ralph also had been awarded a Bronze Star dated November 8, 1967.

Received a letter from Steve Smith (101st Airborne, 1969-70).  Steve's son, Lieutenant Andrew Smith, is the Scout/Sniper Platoon Commander in H&S 3/5.  On February 6 (two days ago), H&S 3/5 deployed from Camp Pendleton to Kuwait.  He thinks (as do I) that it would be a nice touch to drop a note or two of encouragement (Steve's words) to those guys out there.  Provide something that we never got.  What will happen is that Andrew will be alerted that letters will be coming and he'll distribute them out to his Marines.  Andrew's address is:

LT Andrew D. Smith USMC

SSP, H&S Co., 3rd BN, 5th MAR

UIC 39749

FPO AP 96426-9749

Thanks guys.  If you'll drop me a quick note at hebmc@aol.com if you've written I'd really appreciate it. 

February 5, 2003

Please welcome Mickey Finn to the Mike Company roster.  Mickey was the 3rd Platoon Sergeant from December 1965 to March 1967.  On a second tour from November 1969-November 1970 he was Company Gunny then First Sgt for Kilo 3/5 under Lt. Nappi. He retired in 1986 as a Sergeant Major.

Captain Pat Burn's (CO of Mike in late '68, early '69) family came across some more of Pat's pictures and sent them in. We've posted them on his picture page.

February 3, 2003

Please welcome Bob Coffey to the H&S roster.  Bob was with Motor T (see his guestbook entry) on Operation Hastings in 1966 (the trucks were left on the ship and he and others were manning the CP perimeter).  Wounded on 29 July, 1966 this is the first time he's talked or heard from anyone from the battalion since then.

For reunion information for next May, please visit www.usmcvietvet.org 

February 2, 2003

Please welcome David May to the H&S roster (he was known as Larry David Mawhorter then).  David was with 81s in 1966-67.

Also, please welcome Ed Hetherington to the H&S roster.  Ed was with Comm Platoon in 1966 and worked with Corporal Norman Weinrebe and PFC Ronald Brissette.

We've posted another Navy Commendation Medal citation.  This one is for Everett (Doc) Wood, awarded for actions on Operation Houston, 10 May 1968.

We've also started posting Navy Achievement Medals.  The first one is for Terry Otell, awarded for actions on 7 February 1968.

January 21, 2003

Please welcome John Siger to the H&S Company roster. John was with the Battalion from October 21, 1967 to November 9, 1968.  He started with 106s until February 1967, then with Supply until June, transferred to Lima until August and back to supply until November.

Also please welcome Terry Trahey to the H&S Company roster. Terry was the S-2 Intel Chief under Captain Sims from June 1966 to April 1967. This was his second of 3 tours, the first with 3/9 and the last tour around Dai Loc.  See his guestbook entry for a lot more detail.

Billy Myers has identified 3 Corpsmen who were awarded the Silver Star posthumously who served with the Regiment.  We do not know which Battalion and Company they served with.  If you remember any of these men please let us know. 

HM3 Donald A. Kirkham, KIA 2/1/68 from multiple fragmentation wounds. He was from Brookfield, Wisconsin;

HM2 Andrew C. Rackow, KIA 8/6/68 from small arms fire.  He was from University Park, Colorado;

HM2 Donald E. Schon, KIA 5/26/67 from small arms fire.  He was from Portland, Oregon. 

Also, I fixed Gary Mosley's email address on the H&S roster. 

January 15, 2003

Please welcome Jerry Dillon to the Mike Company roster.  Jerry was a clerk with the company November 1966 to December 1967 (along with John Malloy).  He also carried a radio for Gunny Dinota on Operation Union.

Also, Joe Jardina, added yesterday, was the corpsman for 81s.

January 14, 2003

Please welcome Jery Farrell to the Mike Company roster. Jery was with 3rd platoon from February 25th, 1970 to February 20th, 1971.

And, please welcome Jim Bilyeu to the Mike Company roster.  Jim was in 1st platoon from September 1968 to September 1969.

Also, please welcome Joseph Jardina to the H&S roster.  Joe was a corpsman with the battalion on Hastings (as soon as we find out which line company he was with we'll put him on that roster).

And, please welcome Wayne Campbell to the H&S roster.  Wayne was with 106s from 1969 to 1971, on Hills 55, 65, 52 and 37.  Mostly he was attached to Mike and Kilo Companies.

Finally, please welcome Frank Price to the H&S roster.  Frank was a Forward Air Controller with the battalion from 1966 to 1967.  He also did a second tour in 1968 and spent 10 years in the Corps.

December 16, 2002

Please welcome James Mitchell to the Mike Company roster.  Captain Mitchell was the Mike Company CO in late 1967 and early 1968.  He transferred over to India Company in early '68 and became their CO.

Please welcome Joe Toluse to the H&S Company roster. Joe was in the Comm section from the end of 1969 to the first part of 1970 at An Hoa.  He transferred in from Echo 2/3 when 3rd Marines left country.

Also please welcome Gary Mosley, who was with H&S Co from January to October 1966.

Chuck Cammack has a new email address: it's cammack@everestkc.net 

Under the Bits and Pieces section we've posted a remembrance from Denny Dinota (Mike Co 1967) of a talk he gave recently to current Marines from Weapons Company 3/6 at their Mess Night. Don't miss it.  Find it here

December 5, 2002

Please welcome to the Mike Company roster:

1. Michael L. Hayden who was a 2nd Lieutenant with Mike Company in 1967, 2nd Platoon.  He transferred over from India Company.  This is the Lt. Hayden was mistakenly identified as being KIA in 1968...wrong one, that Lt. Hayden was with 1/9.

2. Dominic (Nick) Duca who was an M60 gunner with 2nd Platoon from January to September 1967, wounded on Swift.

3. Tom Lindsay, who was with company in 1970.

4. Dexter Pratchard, who an 0351 but served as an 0311 with 3rd squad, 3rd Platoon from July 1967 to August 1968.

5. Kenneth Ekstrom, who was with the company from April to July, 1966.

Please welcome to the H&S Company roster:

1. Norman Weinrebe, who was a radio relay operator in the Comm Platoon under Capt. Chalmers.   He participated in Operations Deckhouse I and II and Hastings. On the USS Alamo.

2. Douglas Bradburry, who was an 0231 with S-2 from December 1969 to January 1971.

3. Forrest McKay, who served as an S-2 Scout from January 1967 to January 1968 (flew out the day Tet started).  Worked mostly with Mike Company. (Capt. McElroy pinned the nickname Mac on him that stuck during his whole tour).

4. Pete Burr, who joined the company in March of 1970 after 3/26 went home. Comm Platoon, served as the radio operator for the Battalion CO for a time.

5. Bob Bailey, who was in Comm Platoon, 1969-1970.  First tour was with 1/3.

6. Roger Reitmaier, who was an arty FO (Fox 2/11) from September 1967 to October 1968.  Attached to many companies, but mostly with Mike Company.  Was also Arty LNO with H&S during that time period.

Roger Wineriter (Mike Company) has a new email address:  It is emailbobw@earthlink.net

We have added the following names to Our Wall

1. Lance Corporal Syres Matteson Brown who was from Midland, Michigan. KIA on June 4, 1970. (Thanks to Tom Lindsay for remembering).

2. PFC Ramon Pena Cancel who was from East Gary, Indiana. He was KIA on June 18, 1968.

3. Lance Corporal Blake Edward Aston who was from Dallas, Texas.  He was KIA on September 28, 1970.  (Thanks to Tom Lindsay for remembering).

4. PFC Peter Joseph McCoy who was from Berkely, Missouri.  He was KIA on May 23, 1970.  (Thanks to Tom Linday for remembering).

5. Private John George Komers who was from El Monte, California.  He was KIA on May 24, 1968.

6. PFC Melvin Divens who was from Chicago, Illinois.  He was KIA on May 24, 1968.

7. Staff Sergeant German Antonio Santiago who was from Hato Rey, Puerto Rico. He was KIA on May 24, 1968.

8. PFC Kenneth Ward Harris who was from Grays Knob, Kentucky.  He was KIA on November 9, 1967.

9. PFC James William Powell, Jr who was from Washington, D.C.  He was KIA on December 12, 1967.

10. PFC Michael Nissenbaum who was from Toledo, Ohio.  He was KIA on December 14, 1967.

11. PFC Robert H. McWilliams, Jr who was from Canton Pennsylvania.  He was KIA on December 29, 1967.

12. Lance Corporal Vincent Douglas Westberry who was from Los Angeles, California. He was KIA on March 10, 1968.

13. Lance Corporal Roger Tilton Nelson who was from Gadsden, Alabama.  He was KIA on March 15, 1968.

14. PFC Robert Alan La Fountain who was from Rouses Point, New York.  He was KIA on March 28, 1968.