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Veterans of the Vietnam War
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2nd Platoon in 1968, does anyone recognize anyone here?

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From Top left to Bottom right:

Picture 1 is of Capt Burns (Company CO) and his Command Element while 
on Patrol out of An Hoa in early 1969
 Picture 2 is of PFC Zukoff (or something close to that - It has been 
a while!) What I do remember is that he was "MAGIC" with a M-79 
grenade launcher. He could put a round anywhere you wanted him to, 
just by using "Kentucky windage". Awesome!
 Picture 3 has Chris Belmont and then Christianson (I think, I can't 
recall for sure, sorry) both awesome Fire Team Leaders and ultimately 
Squad Leaders; #3 unknown; Herb Butcher - my Radio Operator; and on the 
far right me (2/Lt Jim Treadwell - Second Platoon Commander).
 Picture 4 is a close up of Herb Butcher my radio operator on a break 
while patrolling. He did great service humping that radio!
 Picture 5 is of the Second Platoon Barber, Richard Lankalis, giving 
me a high and tight in the bush! Notice he did not trim my mustache!
 Picture 6 is of several of us LT's on liberty in DaNang. I am second 
in from the right. Don't know what the official reason was for us 
being there!
 Picture 7 Richard Lankalis and Christianson (?) and an unknown Marine 
toting an M-14. Very unusual to have an M14 along, but very handy for 
long ranges. This weapon was called "Old Betsy" stayed with the 
platoon for a long while and is in other pictures on the Mike Website.
 Picture 8- Yes, this really is a formal inspection for the Second 
Platoon. Not personnel, but weapons! I am the Inspecting Officer and 
I spent the whole time listening for the sound of incoming mortars. We 
were not out there very long!!!