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Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

Veterans of the Vietnam War
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Steve Cottrell/Frank Jurney

Most of these pictures are from Frank Jurney, a few are from Steve.

 (all but the last picture is thumbnailed, click to enlarge any one).

CottrellJurneyCallahan1.jpg (12281 bytes) CottrellJurneyCallahan2.jpg (11781 bytes) CottrellJurneyCallahan3.jpg (10575 bytes) CottrellJurneyCallahan4.jpg (18109 bytes) CottrellJurneyCallahan5.jpg (9598 bytes)

These five pictures are Michael Callahan, KIA on Essex November 8, 1967.

CottrellJurneyCallahanJurney.jpg (13416 bytes) CottrellJurneyBWFrankSteve.jpg (9034 bytes) CottrellJurneyFrankSteve.jpg (14960 bytes) CottrellJurneyDawson.jpg (9600 bytes) CottrellJurneyFrankClark.jpg (17153 bytes)

From left to right:

1. Mike Callahan and Frank Jurney

2 and 3. Frank Jurney and Steve Cottrell

4. Doc Dawson

5. Frank Clark

CottrellJurneyGoebel.jpg (20670 bytes) CottrellJurneyGoebelJeep.jpg (8682 bytes) CottrellJurneyHatfieldReynoldsJurney.jpg (13328 bytes) CottrellJurneyReilly.jpg (9110 bytes) CottrellJurneyRoger Daoust.jpg (19534 bytes)

6. Chuck Goebel

7. Chuck in a jeep

8. Hatfield, Reynolds and Jurney

9. Jurney and Reilly

10. Roger Daoust

CottrellJurneySullyGoebelCallahan.jpg (11506 bytes) CottrellJurneyTomBarnerd.jpg (22116 bytes)

11. Craig Sullivan, with Chuck Goebel and Mike Callahan behind him.

12. Tom Barnerd

13. Captain McElroy.

These next series of pictures are all of folks who are unidentified. If you remember any of them please let us know.  Thanks!

CottrellJurneySGTMAJOR.jpg (17806 bytes) CottrellJurneyUnknown.jpg (13143 bytes) CottrellJurneyUnkown1.jpg (12727 bytes) CottrellJurneyUnknown3.jpg (11771 bytes)

 a  (Gunny Marion on left, S-3 Chief)   b      c       d

CottrellJurneyUnknown4.jpg (11225 bytes) CottrellJurneyUnknown5.jpg (12130 bytes) CottrellJurneyUnknown6.jpg (9402 bytes)

                                                                    e                    f                    g

CottrellJurneyFrankJeep.jpg (10895 bytes) CottrellJurneyFretwell.jpg (11346 bytes) CottrellJurneyGoebelCKelly.jpg (15384 bytes) CottrellJurneyLeslieDaoustStarsStripesDigIn.jpg (50832 bytes)

14. Frank Jurney by his Jeep.

15. Jact Fretwell

16. Goebel, Cottrell and Kevin Kelly (picture belongs to Kevin may have been taken by Mike Callahan).

17. Saved picture from Stars and Stripes of Mike Leslie and Roger Daoust digging in.

CottrellJurneyReillyHatfield.jpg (22593 bytes) CottrellJurneySteveHaircut.jpg (26908 bytes) CottrellJurneySteveJeep.jpg (9844 bytes) CottrellJurneyUnknown7.jpg (10839 bytes)

18. Jurney, Reilly and Hatfield.

19. Steve Cottrell getting a haircut.

20. Steve Cottrell by Jeep.

21. Unknown.

CottrellJurneyUnknownMurray.jpg (13230 bytes) CottrellReillyJurney.jpg (9508 bytes) CottrellSteveAfterEssex.jpg (6039 bytes) CottrellJurneyMcElroyCorpsman.jpg (14199 bytes)

22. Unknown (maybe Lt. Hayden) with Jack Murray.

23. Reilly and Frank Jurney.

24. Steve Cottrell after Operation Essex.

25. Major McElroy at CAG HQ with maybe the CAG Senior Chief Corpsman.