Mike & H&S Companies 

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

Veterans of the Vietnam War
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Steve Weltzbarker

sw_DocW1stplt.jpg (13843 bytes) sw_DocWAnHoa.jpg (8497 bytes) sw_DocWMax1.jpg (24737 bytes)

1. Doc Weltzbarker / Oct 68 / 1st plt / in the mountains,
and after a re-supply drop.

2. Doc Weltzbarker / Aug 68 / tower at An Hoa after 30-days
with Mike-1st plt, wearing a borrowed camo-shirt / photo
taken by Cpl Bechaud (Houston, Tx)

3. Doc Weltzbarker now with 3rd plt, and nicknamed "Whiskey"
by Ssgt F.S. Blackman / Fire-Support-Base Maxwell / am sitting
on freshly-dug hole because we were receiving daily-routine
incoming mortars. Am proudly wearing a cross worn by my
brother when he served with the Air Force (aircraft-ordinance)
in Pleku and Ben Hoa 65-67.

sw_DocWMax2.jpg (29644 bytes) sw_DocWOp68.jpg (13649 bytes)

4. Doc Whiskey on FSB Maxwell after company's return from Hill 332,
photo by Meeks.

5. Doc Weltzbarker / 1st plt / Sept 68 / foothills near An Hoa after
all-night patrol in rice-fields. Photo taken by Doc Aluisio (Aurora,