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Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

Veterans of the Vietnam War
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Stan Watson

Watson81sPlatoon1966.jpg (30421 bytes) WatsonBlackiePhotographer.jpg (13825 bytes) WatsonMtFuji1966.jpg (9919 bytes) WatsonUnknown.jpg (21218 bytes) WatsonDaNangCinema.jpg (14509 bytes)

1. 81s Platoon, the original.

2. Card given by Blackie the photographer on Okinawa.

3. Mt. Fuji, Japan, 1966...12 days cold weather training (read about it in Jim Kirschke's book Not Going Home Alone..Jim was the platoon commander).

4. Training at Camp Schwab. Kneeling me & okinawa woman- who sold us whiskey in the field, to keep us warm, we were cold at that time. Left to Right standing LCpl Thibault- WIA in nam in the ass --mentioned in Lt Kirschke's book. ---next-????-- next to him is Cpl Asocar- highly mentioned as best FO in 81s 3/5 by the Lt- in his book, Asocar always stayed in trouble, keeping the same rank. Next to him is Gysgt rockwell- also mention highly as best Sgt that knew his shit, when it came to running 81s 1st section.

4a. Picture of a Da Nang movie theater.

Watson81sJunkinsWatsonArculettaCampSchwab.jpg (11998 bytes) WatsonDeckhouse1April662nd.jpg (15038 bytes) WatsonDeckhouseI.jpg (11343 bytes) WatsonDeckhouseIApril66.jpg (14092 bytes)

5. 81s at Camp Schwab, Okinawa, 1966.  Sitting is Junkins, left to right are Stan Watson, PFC Arculetta and unidentified.

6, 7 and 8.  Three scenes from Deckouse I, April 1966, Search and Destroy Operation off the USS Princeton.

WatsonDaNang1966.jpg (19007 bytes) WatsonDaNangAmbassadorresidence1966.jpg (24679 bytes) WatsonDaNangCenter1966.jpg (11913 bytes) WatsonRestaurantDaNang.jpg (37509 bytes) WatsonCatholicChurchinDanang1966.jpg (14634 bytes)

9, 10, 11, 12, 13:  All are of DaNang, 1966.

9. In town; 10. Where the Ambassador stayed when visiting; 11. Center of town, 12. Restaurant, where mostly officers ate; 13. Catholic Church.

WatsonFarmOnOp6766.jpg (19531 bytes) WatsonGravesite2.jpg (11842 bytes) WatsonGravesiteNearDaNang.jpg (16010 bytes)

14. Farm on an Op.

15. Gravesite near DaNang

16. Near DaNang.

WatsonKitchelJunkinsWatsonKissner.jpg (15137 bytes) WatsonSwanKisnerRockwellJunkinsHaneyJanezickMore.jpg (20316 bytes)

17. USS Westcounty going to Mt. Fuji from Okinawa. Left to right: PFC Kitchel, PFC Junkins, Corporal Watson, PFC Kissner.

18. Same ship, same time.

Kneeling, left to right:  LCpl Swan (KIA), Kissner, Gunny Rockwell.

Standing left to right: PFC Junkins, PFC Haney, PFC Janezick, PFC Brown, Cpl Forbes, Cpl Wilder, LCPL Thibault, PFC Archulleta. April 1966