Mike & H&S Companies 

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

Veterans of the Vietnam War
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quiin and hignight 310 aug 68.jpg (17840 bytes) quinn and and lemonade tony summer 68.jpg (42205 bytes) quinn gunners and grunts summer 68.jpg (42339 bytes) quinn hignight sept 68 quantico.jpg (45689 bytes)

From left to right:

1. Jim Quinn and Dirty Dan Hignight, Hill 310, August 1968.

2. Jim and "Lemonade Tony", Summer '68.

3. Gunners & Grunts Mike 3/5, Summer '68
"Clem" w/M16 pointing at "Luke"'s head; "Mouse" on Luke's left; Sqd. Ldr. Mike Payne kneeling at Luke's right side; Bob Mock standing, head turned to his right w/dog tags and big belly; names of others escaped me, but I'll never forget them. (In the middle with the sig, holding the M-14, is Fate Warren, just added to the roster...2/14/02)

4. Jim Quinn and Dan Hignight with pistol and head sticking in the tunnel, September 1968.  This picture may be hanging in the lobby of the main building at Quantico.

quinn hignight summer 68.jpg (27033 bytes) quinn joe walters 2nd plt co summer 68.jpg (45067 bytes) quinn of eddie pacheco guns summer 68.jpg (33110 bytes) 

5. Dan Highnight, summer 1968.

6. 2nd platoon commander Joe Walters, summer 1968.

7. Eddie Pacheco, guns, summer 1968.

quinn walters hignight 310 aug 68.jpg (17768 bytes) quinn.jpg (23105 bytes) quinn co capt frank pacello in front of flag aug 68 hill 310.jpg (11387 bytes) quinn 51 cal nva machine gun capt. by hignight on 310.jpg (39984 bytes)

8. Jim Quinn, Joe Walters and Dan Hignight, August 68. Joe was WIA a few weeks later.

9. Jim Quinn, September 1968.

10. Captain Frank Pacello (in front of flag) August 1968, Hill 310.

11. .51cal Machine Gun captured on Hill 310 by Dan Hignight.