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Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

Veterans of the Vietnam War
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Nicholson.jpg (5672 bytes) Nick of Bowers, Mecurio, Corpsman.jpg (4701 bytes) Nick of Leonard.jpg (9778 bytes)

From left to right:

1. Nick

2. Corporal Bowers on left, Ron Mecurio (sp) in back, unidentified Corpsman (maybe Doc Griggs, with cigarette) on the right. 1st Platoon, maybe on Hill 52 in 1967.

3. Corporal Leonard from West Virginia on a Hill a couple of clicks from from Hill 52 in June 1967.

Nick of Little KIA Essex on right.jpg (9974 bytes) Nick of Sakora and Draper.jpg (5200 bytes) Nick of Vil at Hill 69.jpg (8783 bytes)

4. Left picture, on right is William Little, KIA on Essex in November 1967.

5. On the left is Sakora, can't remember his first name.  He was WIA on Operation Swift. On the right is Woody Draper, WIA on Operation Union I, I believe. This was at Hill 69, North of Chu Lai, December 1966.

6. Vil at the base of Hill 69

Nick and Little.jpg (8776 bytes) Nick Melendez Fisher.jpg (14086 bytes) Nick of Craig Sullivan.jpg (7727 bytes) Nick of Melendez and Overpeck.jpg (11990 bytes)

7. William Little and Nick (w/ the knife)

8. Melendez (sp) on left and Thomas Fisher on far right (Second from left is Pete Schrader..with etool and bill on cover turned up...KIA on 9 Nov 67, Steve Wallace's best friend, he was the 1st platoon's radio operator).

9. Sergeant Craig Sullivan

10. Melendez on left and James Overpeck kneeling with tray, who was KIA on Operation Swift.  Picture taken in June 1966