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Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

Veterans of the Vietnam War
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Tom Mahlum

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tm Comes the word.jpg (8738 bytes) tm CP in the Bush.jpg (48661 bytes)

Left picture:  The command bunker

Right picture: CP group in the bush, Lt Tom Mahlum, Sgt Major Craig, Colonel Terry and others.

tm General Cuts The Cake.jpg (36619 bytes) tm Its a PARTY  194.jpg (42242 bytes)

194th Birthday at Liberty Bridge, Lt. Treadwell is cutting the cake.

tm Lt Mahlum&SgtMaj Craig.jpg (45810 bytes) tm Major left..Party Hardy(1).jpg (39221 bytes)

Lt Mahlum and Sgt Major Craig

Same group as below, without the Major, Party Hearty!

tm Pogue Lts With Maj. Saucier.jpg (27469 bytes) tm Terry.jpg (38339 bytes)

Pogue Lieutenants with Major Saucier, the S-3, Lt Mahlum in the back with squared away cover. Ed Browder is in here too.

We don't know who this is, (it's not Terry Householter) Do you?

tm Welcome To An Hoa.jpg (24356 bytes) tm Whats This.jpg (34498 bytes)

Another picture of the sign at An Hoa.

A parade in combat?  Nah, it's the Marine Corps Birthday.

tm46 Arrives_ Liberty Bridge.jpg (44685 bytes)

A CH-46 landing at Liberty Bridge.