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Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

Veterans of the Vietnam War
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Fred Riddle


Scenes from mortars, operations, firebases...captions added

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1. Operation Swift the morning after the attack on the hill.

2. Haivan Pass Fire Mission to stop sniper fire from across the Pass.

3. May-June 1968 Op.

4. Fred Riddle resting before going out on that Op.

5. Fred Riddle resting on the Op.

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6. Digging an emplacement for 81s during the May-June 1968 Op.

7. Fred Riddle on Operation Adair.

8. NVA soldier killed while attacking the HQ perimeter in May-June 1968.

9. Fred Riddle

10. Operation Swift (dead NVA soldier next to a bomb crater where the headquarters was during the battle on the hill).

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11. Mortar Base of operations above Haivan Pass.

12. Fire mission to stop sniper fire.

13. Mortar Base of ops above Haivan Pass.

14. Another fire mission to stop sniper fire.

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15. On HaivanPass, 2nd from right is Fred's radio operator.

16. Road Sweep off Highway 1.

17. Friend from North Carolina.

18. May 68 on Mameluke Thrust.


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19. Two 81s crewmen on HaivanPass.

20. Haivan Pass Fire Mission, second from right is Cruz, Fred's replacement as FO later on.

21. On Swift, checking NVA graves outside the perimeter, in order to get a body count.

22. a VC suspect on Allenbrook.

Riddle23cooksresupplyconvoy.jpg (16981 bytes) Riddle24NVAcapturedSwift.jpg (33036 bytes) Riddle25Cochise.jpg (20037 bytes) Riddle26RoadSecurity.jpg (25875 bytes)

23. A couple of cook buddies from BLT, on convoy back from Haivan to DaNang.

24. Wounded NVA prisoner on Swift.

25. On Cochise.

26. Road and bridge security on an Ontos. 3rd from right is Fred's friend Bahma, from Boston.

Riddle27wVNfriendonBridgeSecurity.jpg (16768 bytes) Riddle28Cochise.jpg (22147 bytes) Riddle29SweepOnHwy1.jpg (21155 bytes)

27. With vietnamese friend on bridge and road security.

28. Operation Cochise.

29. Sweep off Highway 1.