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Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

Veterans of the Vietnam War
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Doug Maier

dm_chinookMaxwell.jpg (13290 bytes) DM_Glick1.jpg (16281 bytes) dm_inDanang.jpg (5547 bytes) dm_infrontofpozMaxwell.jpg (11043 bytes)

From Left:

1. Chinook on Maxwell, 1968.

2. PFC Glick.

3. Doug Maier, DaNang area, coming back from the USS Repose.

4. Picture taken from Doug's position on Maxwell.

dm_inthebush.jpg (16757 bytes) dm_litoMonsoon.jpg (7661 bytes) dm_MaxwellPoz.jpg (18141 bytes) dm_ontheRepose.jpg (4429 bytes)

5. In the bush.

6. Doug Maier, in a Monsoon.

7. Doug Maier, in front of his position on Maxwell.

8. Doug Maier on the USS Repose.

maier 35.jpg (23610 bytes) maier_thiel austin39.jpg (12196 bytes) maier1.jpg (14038 bytes) maier7_thiel.jpg (17807 bytes)

9. In the bush, again.

10. Thiel, Austin and unknown, at an An Hoa line bunker.

11. Doug, now, in serious mode.

12. Thiel.

dm_lifesaver.jpg (11911 bytes) dm_spotterplane.jpg (11316 bytes) dm_elephantgrass.jpg (31163 bytes)


13. A Lifesaver

14. Spotter plane at An Hoa. (Is this an OV-10?)

15. Real elephant grass.

Doug AnHoa tower.jpg (15444 bytes) Doug M40 M16 rounds.jpg (26931 bytes) doug_austin-anhoa.jpg (17202 bytes) doug_C130 AnHoa.jpg (12809 bytes)

16. Doug at the tower at An Hoa after returning from the USS Repose

17. Which round would you rather get hit by?  M-40 (blooper) or a 5.56mm (M-16)?

18. Austin at An Hoa.

19. C-130 taking off from An Hoa, hoping Charlie is asleep.

Doug_Pappy on 6x.jpg (17751 bytes) doug_sniper LtMoore HillBilly Evans.jpg (18874 bytes) Doug_USS Sanctuary.jpg (7768 bytes)

20. On a Six by, Pappy on the left.

21. Somewhat fuzzy picture of the Sniper, Lt. Moore, HillBilly and maybe Evans (from left to right).

22. The USS Sanctuary (hospital ship). Picture taken from the USS Repose. Both ships would leave the harbor every evening so Charlie couldn't get them and then slip back in early in the morning.